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Dilemma D:

Sweet holidays are coming to an end whereas a new semester is about to begin. 
Was in a dilemma whether to opt for Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) or 
should I just stick with Bachelor of Commerce (Management) which was offered by the government.
Whether to go through all the hassle sending in letter to the government for appeal and so forth.
FYI, I have to decide before the second semester starts as subjects in our first semester are the same.

Livin' the life!

Good day readers,

And so, here's a post w/ pictures taken by my baby camera - Canon S95, as mentioned in the previous post - *wink wink*
Anyway, it's more like spamming pictures of myself so I'd consider 'VINCCI' as my post title wtf.

Pretty satisfied with the pictures taken at night ^^v  Except that I forgot to charge my camera & battery flat.
And now, I can finally upload all my images in larger pixels but still look pretty! Lesser noise I mean, hee.
All pictures in this post are taken by S95 and not edited except where mentioned.  :

Here's me using my iPhone to do self capture w/ my signature pose. 
Attention to all the sparkling lights, not edited one!

Did some make up and I just realized putting on lipstick DOES make a difference.
I usually don't because it will be gone after some time. Not sure I ate everything or what. *slams forehead*

Yours truly in camera version.

iPhone version. *hint hint*
Looking good still but spot the difference of picture quality!

Dinner of the day @ Spoon Cafe.
The Nasi Lemak is YUMS , important because there isn't many 'mamak stall' here. Maybe just, 1 or 2.

Plus, the new cafe is only a minute's walk from my place! I'm so happy T.T
Not forgetting to mention the FIRST SAKAE SUSHI is opening here soon, like finally! *tears of joy*

Pretty red stuffs ♡

Greetings readers,

Hope y'all are enjoying the Raya Holidays! Before I proceed to the rest of my blog post, 
here's a little sale notice of my PRELOVED RED PUMPS.

Well, personally I believe fashion is so much fun when you mix and match. 
Therefore, red pumps is a MUST have if you want to spice up the outfit of the day! :D

Bits and Pieces in Kuching

Time flies. 
It had been more than one year after me leaving my hometown, Klang to further my studies here.
Indeed, it was an important decision ; the ability to change my whole life journey, I believe.
I'm glad that I ain't regret of anything at all, despite of not achieving much here, besides academically. 

A day @ Universal Studios S'pore!

During one of the weekends in August, I went to Singapore with my family for a short getaway.
Unfortunately, I did not get to snap many photos as I left my camera in Kuching and so I've to depend on my iPhone all times. Besides, my dad walked so fast that I can hardly follow him, not to mention taking pictures.

Part II : Friendship Never End

Warning : Lengthy post ahead. You've been warned!

Good day all,

Time flies. I'm now in Kuching already but here's an update for my lovely readers :) 
Well, I must admit that I did not meet a number of my usual gangs this time. I'm sorry, people!
FYI, I was really busy doing a photo book for my best friend, Lemon Qian during this period.
Even my parents were asking why am I always at home .___.

Back to topic.
Apparently, my best friend's birthday is on 5th of March HAHAHA.
But it's like a norm for me to give a be-late-late-lated birthday gift every year because 
I'll make sure that my present is ALWAYS THE BEST for heryes even best-er than her boyfriend's gift.
I must say I did a great job every year, no joke! *wink* 

15 years best friend! So most of the gift-able items have already been gifted lol.
This year, I bought a really nice and elegant purple clover's necklace for her. 
No pictures because I bought it online and pos-laju-ed to her right away. What a good friend :D 
She love it very much because it's MY gift *flips hair*

Friendship never end

Greetings readers!

FYI, I've been trying to enjoy as much as possible before I start my hectic life again. 
Still alive anyway. *winks*
Apparently I find it quite hard to update my blog so often because I'm always so busy. Okay maybe lazy.
Lazying around, eat, sleep and repeat. That's what a lazy person do. I'm the best example.

So here's an update for you guys with the three faces over and over again.