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Of Tray Cafe!

Greetings readers :)

I'm back to my blogging life! Officially ended my Foundation studies and now, it's time to ENJOY!
Apparently I have not much time to blog because I was too busy packing my stuffs.
No worries, will blog more often from now on :)

Well, back to topic.
As shown above, I will do a quick update about Tray Cafe, a fine dining restaurant in Kuching.
Went there to rest and relax after all the stressful moments, whee!
It was my first time there and fell in love with the place at first instance.
Love the ambiance, the waitress, the songs, and most importantly, the FOOD.

The environment is so cozy with the 70s / 80s romantic songs! 
I chose to sit on a super comfortable couch with few pillowswhich is next to this wall ! 
I love the idea of how customers can choose to write whatever they want to on the board : wishes, autographs and instantly became part of the decoration.

My drink of the day : OREO CRUSH!
It was recommended by the staff! So, it seems like they know me well ! :D

Here's a free cocktail drink because it's MEN's NIGHT, not ladies night wth.
It tastes super weird and so I shall stick to my Oreo Crush drink.
Anyway, here's some self-captured shots with the cocktail since it looks pretty 'decent'.  

And here comes the FOOD !

Here's the yummy yummy GARLIC BREAD!
Only 2 pieces here because the other two has became the victim of humans. *evil laughs*

My dinner of the day : FISH AND CHIPS!
, since it is also recommended by the waitress. It looks pretty normal here but wait, 

it is NOT when you compare it with a human size.
It's a VERY VERY VERY LARGE PORTION with number of fries underneath.
The fish itself, is bigger than my face. How is it possible, I thought my face is quite big already -.-

Presenting the best seller of Tray Cafe : LAMB CHOP!
Okay it's so tempting that I am starting to feel hungry while blogging about this. 
Even so, I failed to finish my dishes for the night.

And so, I decided to write something on the board too.
Was provided chalks with different colours but I chose pink and blue!
Tadaaaa! Here's my so called 'art work' :

Quite meaningless since I've no talent in drawing anything cute or what so ever. 
Also, I guess nobody will know what is the meaning of 'potate', 
so I shall keep it to limited humans only.
In fact, this word does not exist wtf :3 

Tray Cafe 
45 Jalan Padungan,
93100 Kuching, Sarawak.

to all my readers who read my blog and to Tray Cafe! 
I'm back in Klang, finally!
Can't wait to meet ALL my beloved friends, gangs and eat ALL the good noms.
Stay tuned, xoxo,

P.S : Feel like working again back in Klang since I've the urge to get a semi conventional camera. Came to a point realize that iPhone pictures quality is mehhhhh. Any recommendations?