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A journey to be remembered

As mentioned in the previous post, I've finally ended my Foundation studies,
but I'm starting to miss it already! ∩( ・ω・)∩
It's like X 10000 better than my previous sem. Fortunately!
I'm proud to say that I enjoyed my this semester pretty much *wide smile*
Guess I've adapted myself to this place & manged to blend in well with the humans here whee (゜゜)~

In brief, I'm very thankful that I've great course  mates, great lecturers &
indeed, making my second semester memorable. THANK YOU, PEOPLE!
I truly appreciate all the good things that happened and those kind-hearted humans around me :)

A class will not be complete without a class rep, says Ms.Vincci.
Presenting Erwin Harris, the most outgoing, friendly, sporting dude in the class.
Not forgetting to mention he has the most hair colours too. Because he dyes it like every month!

Presenting the pretty girls next! *blush*

 From left : Yours truly, Vanessa, Sarah & Shaney.

Okay sorry for being thick faced.
FYI, I was in the same class with Sarah & Shaney during MPW course (M'sian Studies & Moral)
and I'm glad that our fate continues HAHAHA, as we get closer this semester.
Same goes to Peggy & Queenie, but I forgot to snap a pic w/ them :3

All the pictures here were taken on Sarah's birthday celebration in advance.
Credit goes to those who own the pictures :
Ding Dong Lee, Fabian Chai, Vick (my lecturer), Erwin & so forth.

A group picture of everyone who came for Sarah's birthday celebration!
Except Daryl Chia who snapped this picture, and well, thank you for inviting us! (/ロ゜)/
Because the cake is yums! 
So, in case if you're wondering who's Daryl. This is his so called handsome face. Okay just kidding.
As usual, there's always the one guy in class who craps a lot and talks nonsense to the lecturer,
so he is the one, hee!
Look who's having the exact pose / angle / smile now?! Rawr. 
Well, he always sweet talk to girls that they're pretty, this and that. Excluding me of course. Okay.jpg
Anyways, my name is Genius Loh in his phone contacts.
I'm quite happy because there's someone actually thinks that I'm a GENIUS !!! :D :D
Okay maybe this is just another method of sweet talking. Meh.

 Okay this is another picture of Erwin & I WITHOUT ANY DISTRACTION

Another shot of Shaney & I !

From left : Yours truly, Shaney, Erwin & Sarah

In case if you didn't realize, this post mostly consists of only these few faces because 
these are the only humans who are willing to take excessive self capture shots! *smirk*
Especially our class rep!


But of course, there are also other interesting course mates like Evelyn (the one who's making the I-don't-know-what-face with me!) , Eric, Matthew, Andy, Vivian, Chun San and many more! 
I might as well post our class name list here -.-

Shaney & Vanessa.  ヽ(^o^)丿

These two interesting pretty girls had been a great accompany of yours truly ;
to enjoy, to gossip, to laugh throughout the semester :)
Shaney likes to joke around but the class rep bullies her all the time
Vanessa has a very special character though she worries a lot! Still love both of them anyways!
Hope to hang out with them even though we might not be in the same class anymore TT

 Of formal look during Marketing Presentation

I still can remember how we flooded each presenter with lotsa question especially Ding Dong Lee(left)
So called BOOM BOOM BOOM. If you get what I meannnnnn.
In short, Foundation studies is pretty challenging and it's not as easy as what people think.

Ain't going to post it here but I was too happy earlier and I uploaded my results to Instagram.
Also, CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who got what their own desired results too!

Ending this post with my #OOTD and some selca w/ my signature smile & duck face wtf.
Didn't dare to place them at the beginning of the post in case my course mates close this window before reading the whole post. HAHAHA.
Till then, let's enjoy this holiday and move on to Degree next! 
See you guys soon, xoxo.