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A journey to be remembered

As mentioned in the previous post, I've finally ended my Foundation studies,
but I'm starting to miss it already! ∩( ・ω・)∩
It's like X 10000 better than my previous sem. Fortunately!
I'm proud to say that I enjoyed my this semester pretty much *wide smile*
Guess I've adapted myself to this place & manged to blend in well with the humans here whee (゜゜)~

In brief, I'm very thankful that I've great course  mates, great lecturers &
indeed, making my second semester memorable. THANK YOU, PEOPLE!
I truly appreciate all the good things that happened and those kind-hearted humans around me :)

Of Tray Cafe!

Greetings readers :)

I'm back to my blogging life! Officially ended my Foundation studies and now, it's time to ENJOY!
Apparently I have not much time to blog because I was too busy packing my stuffs.
No worries, will blog more often from now on :)