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No pain, no gain.

Mr. Doom - My new handy drive!

So here comes tight schedule and rush hour for this semester, AGAIN.
And so this is another post to maybe, whine a little and also as an important reminder for myself.
You may choose to close this window now. 

I really pin high hopes for this final exam and I'm going to fight for it.
I've learned my lesson from last semester, 
in which I should not trust others in assignments matters, HAHAHA.
Just kidding. I know my expectations far exceeded normality sometimes, so can't blame :)

I've been pretty inactive in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram recently.
Well, I still try to keep myself updated as frequent as possible, especially during toilet break wtf.
And very less self capture shots taken recently because
I don't even bother to dress up when my nerd mode is ON.
I can go to class in the morning without combing my hair. Seriously.

It's pretty hard for me to balance between my studies and blog and etc.
I'm really sorry to announce that my blog will be pretty boring for the next 3 weeks.
I bet you guys will miss me much. *hides*

I'm also thankful for my results of all subjects except law.
Not forgetting to thank my beautiful course mates who helped me out in the research report. 
Appreciate them much, I'm really happy in this semester :)
Till then, I'll work harder to achieve better.

P.S : Got my law results today and it's the lowest compared to my results for other subjects. *breakdown*  Anyways, decided to go all out in my finals. Hwaiting! 

Facts about me :
I set really high expectations for myself and so, I don't usually compare my marks with others. 
As long as my score is higher than what I expected, I'm happy and vice versa :)