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Take a break!

Hello people!

I'm here to update about my life with all the self capture shots (with the same top obviously) 
to reduce my guiltiness for not blogging. 
My life has been revolving around assignments and presentations only, 
so I'm sure you would prefer to see my pictures rather than pictures of papers, books, etc! *hides*

Haters gonna hate ; Potatoes gonna potate!
Here's the original photo which I don't mind sharing at all, lol there are some actually prefer the original one. Speechless for those who think that editing photo is like faking your beauty. 

That Woman  by Baek Ji Young

I'm finally done with ALL the tests & presentations! Finals coming up real soon.
And of course, I'm still undergoing those stressful moments but as usual, 
songs are my source of encouragement! 
Recently I've been listening to slow Korean songs when I'm too burdened by my work.
Sometimes I really can feel those goosebumps and the emotions conveyed in the songs,
in which you can't find this in English pop songs or what so ever.

And again, I've been very thankful for all the good people around, good things that happened in my life.
Although I've been very busy with all the course work, I'm still happy to have good food like McDonalds, support & encouragement especially from the course mates, and so forth. 
Can't wait for outings after the final exam!
Here's a note I got from one of my friend, Shaney before my English presentation : 

Tell me how not to love them now!

Here's the closer shot of Swarovski Wolf Teeth Necklace that I promised earlier :

Pretty duck face
Watched Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter last few days. 
It was quite an interesting story line. Rated 7/10. 
The fact is no matter how many vampire movies I watch, 
Kate Beckinsale in Underworld is the BEST. 
Nothing can beat Underworld, 
Twilight is like Meh of the Meh. Sorry Twilight fans. HAHA.

In case you're wondering who is Kate Beckinsale, these are a few screen shots from the movie : 

In any case, I only start to love vampires and lycans because of Underworld. 
(Initially I was thinking like wtf,  humans sucking blood? disgusting. )
Kate Beckinsale is cool yet hot, pretty, sexy in the movie.  
And after watching Underworld : The Awakening few months back, 
I was amazed, impressed, enlightened, (any word you can think of) and I watched everything from :

Underworld (2003)
Underworld: Evolution (2006)
Underworld : Rise of the Lycans (2009)
Underworld : Awakening (2012)

It's one of the best sequel movies like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings. Highly recommended!
So I heard people say Kristen Steward is cool? 
Kate Beckinsale is way way X 1000 times cooler than her, for me at least.

P.S : It's ridiculous but I got the wolf teeth necklace is to show my love towards Kate Beckinsale lol wtf.

Signing off now.
Thanks for reading, love!