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Get happier :D

Good day readers :) 

Despite of my so-long-to-do-list, I'm still here to update my blog. Guess I deserve a round of applause.
For those who noticed self-flattering words which are heavily used in the few latest blog posts.
Well, I'm proud to announce that I'm a little more optimistic and cheerful recently. *peace*
In fact, I'm starting to love myself more & of course more love for the human beings who treat me right.

To keep it simple : I can't say how thankful I am for every, everything I have.
I've been repeating it again & again in Twitter & my followers are probably like :
Meh. Okay I get it. You said it like 1000 times already.  Just my imagination, I hope.

BFF :)

FYI, I was inspired to upload all these old days photos which I've not posted them here before simply because I miss all of them.

Received a phone call from Lemon Qian earlier, realizing that we've been missing out each other, a lot.
Of course I'm also happy when my best male buddy William Chiam came to told me that he can still remember my face although we didn't meet for so many months. 
His message just popped out like this, so sudden!  I find this quite hilarious HAHAHA. 
And when those M2 course mates who chat with me once in a while & etc etc etc.

These are the little things that make my day 
Trust me, it matters to know that there're a bunch of humans are always with you
even though you are far apart from them.
And yes, the good news is :
I'm going back to Klang in mid July, which is about 1 month + from now. 

Memories :

Seriously, I've no idea why I look so damn fair in these photos. I don't like it because I look like a zombie, seriously. Even filters can't help. So I shall just crop it to :

Like this. Much better.

Special shout out to one of ze BFF : Lim Jia Wei a.k.a Bluee Gal 

I hope you're doing fine over there in Kampar! 
Make sure you take good care yourself over there and don't you dare to forget me. *evil laughs*
Okay I've to admit it, I miss you!

P.S : Photobombed by Yik Soon Lee, spot it.

'A peace sign + :o lips + closing eyes' is like the best pose ever when I don't look *ahem* 

Yours truly & Jying Lim babe.
P.S : I told ya!

Fine. If you really want to see my scary face. Here it is. 

Ending the post with a picture of  my babe, Vivian Tan & I !