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Take a break!

Hello people!

I'm here to update about my life with all the self capture shots (with the same top obviously) 
to reduce my guiltiness for not blogging. 
My life has been revolving around assignments and presentations only, 
so I'm sure you would prefer to see my pictures rather than pictures of papers, books, etc! *hides*

No pain, no gain.

Mr. Doom - My new handy drive!

So here comes tight schedule and rush hour for this semester, AGAIN.
And so this is another post to maybe, whine a little and also as an important reminder for myself.
You may choose to close this window now. 

Get happier :D

Good day readers :) 

Despite of my so-long-to-do-list, I'm still here to update my blog. Guess I deserve a round of applause.
For those who noticed self-flattering words which are heavily used in the few latest blog posts.
Well, I'm proud to announce that I'm a little more optimistic and cheerful recently. *peace*
In fact, I'm starting to love myself more & of course more love for the human beings who treat me right.

Useless updates.

Wow. It's June already!
Ohmygod time flies! Half of the year gone just like that! Okay please forgive my sakainess.

What youth want: New Experience!

First of all, allow me to define youth, according to my dictionary :
*ahem, a huge dictionary I have*

So what's on your mind when you think of your needs/ wants as a youth?

The Getaway!

So, here's the postponed blog post for the getaway that I mentioned previously.

As you know, I was hooked on to assignments & stress last few weeks. Fortunately, 
I had the chance to go for a short trip ; to take a break at least.
Short trip is short. Only 2 days @ Lundu, Sarawak.
Yet, it was an awesome one w/ lots of beautiful memories! :D