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More iPhone Photography Apps!

Current lock screen wallpaper for my iPhone to match the Baby-Pink cover.
App : Photo in Word
Love this app but I'm too artistic to design a nice, interesting photo, NOT.

There are too many photography apps available in iPhone and that's the reason blogger like me is not using my own lousy camera anymore. 
Although iPhone front camera is suckish too but no worries, we have awesome filters and effects !
Certainly ain't any expert in Photoshop to utilize those tools so yeah.  
FYI, my iPhone now has more than 30 Photography apps. *winz*

Okay, I have to admit that Instagram is getting into the trend recently. 
It's pretty interesting since the people who I follow are like 90% pretty girls. No joke.
The remaining 10% would be like Elecoldxhot members, friends & etc.
I have been posting quite a number of self shots too, to get occupied when I'm too bored.
Follow me @smilingeyes1510

From a useless wire to a wonderful gift :) 
A photo of the heart shaped wire filtered using Instagram effects.
Not bad but I do use a number of applications all these while to make more awesome pictures. 
I know I know. It's not me actually. It's the filters that wonders. 
Photo App : Instagram

A very awesome shot taken for the same heart shaped wire. Yes it was sprayed into red colour!
What more to say. It's my love :) (:
Photo App : GifRus -Pic in Pic ; Phonto.
There's a default word -Return for this app but I don't want to make it sound like, Hey, return my loveSo I added the words using Phonto to cover it. #likealousai

Next, a picture of yours truly and the chubby-cutie-vain-babe, Vivian Xiaoyi.
To be frank, I miss her so muchhhh. Miss hanging out with her because she's crazy like me.
I miss Klang. I miss Chatime, Snowflakes, BahKutTeh, Cupcake, Sashimi & the list goes on...
I miss my besties Lemon Qian & Bluee Gal.
I miss the gangs that I used to hang out with.
Ain't going back anytime soon though. Hope they're doing well, xx.
Photo App : Line Camera. 
I love the cute stickers and fonts inside!

And I guess everyone would know about the mini album Twinkle by TaeTiSeo.
'Baby Steps' is recommended too. It's a very lovely song.
Personally love TaeYeon the most among TTS, her voice is irresistible.
And so I just can't stop playing it all day long.
Before doing my report, doing my report, and after doing my report, EVERYDAY
Yes I'm stuck with assignments right now. 
Photo App : Line Camera & Pilxromatic

It's also useful to snap your outfit of the day w/ iPhone.
But I've only one woody full length mirror in hostel. Oh well.

Wearing white knitted top, brown pants w/ my fedora.
Accidentally ter-filter too much until my pants doesn't look like it's brown.
Photo App : Mei Tu Xiu Xiu,  Pixlromatic
Pixlromatic is quite a good app for all the lighting effects.

Of all Photography Apps, my personal favourite would be GifRus.
I found out this app by the intention of making a GIF initially - The animated twitter display picture.

GifRus is pretty useful because it's all in one, including
filters, lighting effects, borders AND combine your photos / make it into a square shape.
(So that you don't have to crop your pretty pictures in Instagram)
These are some of the photos I edited using GifRus.

Bought Urban Decay Naked II using my pay while I was working in Klang.
FYI, I rarely spend on make up, cosmetics and etc because I'm beautiful the way I am, I'm not a make up expert. Trying to improve my skills though.
Anyways, the colours in the palette are so yummmmehhhh.  No joke.
It's worth buying. No regrets :D

Since I'm using such a good quality *ahem* palette, I bought along this genie bottle too. *winks*
It's called Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, to ensure vibrant, cease-free and long lasting eye shadows!
I'm certainly not the type who would bring out my make up pouch and touch up from time to time.
I usually just let them fade slowly, too lazy to bother. 
So it's also worth buying. Plus, I bought them during Sephora Spree in US, so mine would be slightly cheaper than the price in M'sia :D

Picture taken today w/ my Burberry sweater & Swarovski wolf teeth necklace!
The sweater given by This Is Labs.
The wolf teeth necklace is bought to express my love towards Kate Beckinsale (Underworld).
Love it since the design is unique and cool. Will take a closer shot next time :)
Photo App : Picture Magic - Color Splash

I love you, May. 
Everything's starting to fall back into place in this month, and I'm happy about it.
Off to continue my assignment and a short trip tomorrow! Wheeeeeeeeeeee.

P.S : I earn for most of the things that I own - SherLin. 
With allowances from parents and government, who would actually work in Klang & also in Kuching? ME. Going to cash out my earnings in Churp Churp again! Peace out. 

Stay tuned.