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The Hippocratic Crush !

Learn to live with gratitude. it shouldn't take a life-altering event to appreciate our assets & the advantage of the opportunities we are presented with each day. Life is not a privilege, it shouldn't be taken for granted, it's a gift.

This is a post about my thoughts, my feelings, my sentimentalism throughout the whole freaking month of April. In Mandarin, it's called 感触
I'm really really glad that it's May now because April sucks to the core, it really was, for me.
Well, I wouldn't want to remember all those shits that happened and type it here.
All I know is, nothing goes right, everything went wrong. 
Fortunately, it's all over now. 
Well, I will most definitely want to stay with my positiveness to keep great things coming :D


And I came to a point to realize that it's really scary to see life is depleting every second.
You probably wouldn't know how it feels until you've experience it, when you're close to death.
And The Hippocratic Crush - On call 36 小时 reminds me of how fragile life could be. 
I know I'm a little outdated, but I usually watch drama only when ALL the episodes are aired. Oh well.
So, this is it! 

Dramas about doctors are quite common among Hong Kong dramas but
this is definitely in my top list of TVB dramas.
Everything is great. The story line, scenes, cast, theme songs are all awesome.
I strongly recommend you to watch this drama if you're bored or finding somewhere to rot & etc.
I'm also glad that the new bunch of actors & actress are improving so well, especially these 2 humans :

What surprised me was this drama is not just like any other doctor-like-dramas.
It actually makes me feel more interested towards neurology. Okay I'm a business student.
Besides, I learn quite a lot from this drama too. Life lessons.
The drama displayed how humans usually react towards the obstacles in life and most importantly it taught us to appreciate life instead of wasting every day just like that.
Because life is unpredictable. Unexpected events can happen in just, a blink of an eye.
Well, I love how meaningful the dialogues were too.

并非每个人早上出门后, 都能确保自己晚上能安全到家,可知道那些不能回家的人,是带着多少遗憾离开这个世界的,你四肢健全,有自由选择自己想做的事, 世上已有很多人一辈子也羡慕不来.

没人知道生命的长短, 即使我们是医生,也不能保证自己长命百岁,

Been to hospital twice, beginning & the end of the month.
No worries. I am perfectly fine now!
Can camho, can dance, can swim. can play basketball, still so smart like usual. *face palm*

& from MissyCheerio's blog :
It's worth to read :)

When you lose, don’t lose the lesson. - Dalai Lama
I've lost someone who was really dear to me. I took her death really badly, so much that I went straight into depression for a good half a year and recovered thanks to the boyfriend. I used to build myself up with anger suppressed so much that all I did was walk away from bad situations. And when I said my final goodbye, I realized how anger can really blind you. I promised myself to never stay angry because it would blur my vision of the truth. I knew the importance of putting myself in others shoes even if she’s been mean to me all my life. The greatest power and weakness of mankind, forgiveness. You’ll be surprised how many people hold grudges and bring it all the way down six feet under. Let go of anger; it is an acid that burns away the delicate layers of your happiness.

That's all for now.
I am looking forward to a better month! Cheers to May!