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Busy mode : ON

May is a freaking freaking busy month for me.
Assignments due on next week. Mid semester test coming up after that.
One miserable word - STRESS
I'm still able to cope with it  :)

Promised to pamper myself after these two weeks. *wink wink* 

Had a really wonderful weekend last week to Union Yes Retreat @ Lundu.  ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ┌(˘⌣˘)ʃ
(A random place for getaways in Sarawak)
Supposed to blog about it this week but I gotta rush my assignments. Back to reality after the fun .___.


P.S : Updated the featured posts slideshow in my blog, just in case if you didn't notice :D 
And I came across the Airplanes like shooting stars post & recalled that April wasn't a good month for me in year 2011 too.
Coincidence or wert? .-.

Will be back soon. Miss me! (˘⌣˘)