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Back in action!

Hello lovelies, I'm back :)
A quick update here from my Instagram photos again. *grins* 
No worries, I've more time to blog now. So, more posts coming up soon!

1. First of all, I'm really excited because I'd registered for a half year korean course w/ DoreenLee yesterday. Although it's just the beginner level, but I hope I'm able to cope with it :)

It's like a dream come true, whee~!

2. Yes, I survived the one hell of a hectic week filled w/ assignments & tests.So much burden lifted now. 
Here's the cover page for my 6k+ words Research Report which tortured me for 7 damn weeks.

Good use of my company's name : Winter Hearts and Twinkle, right right? 

3. And finally, I've more time for dancing sessions now! I'm back to Girls' Generation feverrr. 
To-dance-list : Twinkle, The Boys, Mr.Taxi.  

Once again, thanks to DoreenLee for this poster! 

4. Well, I'm obviously starting to pamper myself already ,after the stressful moments. 
Bought a number of Groupon vouchers & I'm ready to enjoy & spend! Been very addicted to vouchers website recently especially Groupon because it offers great deals for yummy noms in Kuching!

5. Watched Men In Black 3 as well. Rated 7/10. 
Just realized movies in 2012 are mostly about aliens or the world is going to end like The Darkest Hour, Battleship. No? 

Precious enjoying life moments!

8. Bought the Magic too! Was influenced by bloggers like QiuQiu & Xiaxue. Since I've the extra MPH voucher (not the 1 Malaysia voucher) so yeah! I've so many books to read now, awesome life I have.
And see! I'm becoming prettier also!

This picture was taken with Classic Toy , which makes me undeniably fair and pretty. 
 So it's not the Vincci in reality, oops. Why oh why..

6. And I came across some blogs and found out that there's a Mickey Mouse exhibition thingy going on in Mid Valley which is freaking awesome. And there're new malls like Setia City Mall also.  How on earth can I miss all these! .__.

7. Anyway, I'm happy for the upcoming week! Will be celebrating Hari Gawai for the first time in my life.
Indeed, we, from West M'sia usually don't celebrate this festival. But it's a public holiday here - only in Sarawak! 

That's all for now. 
Have a nice day! xoxo.