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Back in action!

Hello lovelies, I'm back :)
A quick update here from my Instagram photos again. *grins* 
No worries, I've more time to blog now. So, more posts coming up soon!

1. First of all, I'm really excited because I'd registered for a half year korean course w/ DoreenLee yesterday. Although it's just the beginner level, but I hope I'm able to cope with it :)

It's like a dream come true, whee~!

Busy mode : ON

May is a freaking freaking busy month for me.
Assignments due on next week. Mid semester test coming up after that.
One miserable word - STRESS
I'm still able to cope with it  :)

More iPhone Photography Apps!

Current lock screen wallpaper for my iPhone to match the Baby-Pink cover.
App : Photo in Word
Love this app but I'm too artistic to design a nice, interesting photo, NOT.

The Hippocratic Crush !

Learn to live with gratitude. it shouldn't take a life-altering event to appreciate our assets & the advantage of the opportunities we are presented with each day. Life is not a privilege, it shouldn't be taken for granted, it's a gift.