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Here goes a post which I wanted to blog about since last year (2011).
Reason for not blogging earlier : Shit happens after I left Klang & so I was totally in a miserable state. SORRY.
However,  I am so going to express my love to them here. Call me cheesy or what. 
I don't care because they are a part of my life that I cherish the most.

Even if it's just for merely few months, I will never forget how wonderful my life was with them around -
The awesome M2 peeps @ Taylor's College (SAM).

First of all, a group picture of all the beautiful people in ze class :

This is the LINK to my first blog post about them. - A trip to Genting & Malacca.  
FYI, I literally uploaded all the memorable-crazy-abnormal-cool-silly-yet-awesome pictures instead of the normal ones in this blog post.
Therefore, for all the humans who are involved, please don't put the blame on my cruelty.
I know you guys miss those times ;) ;)


Starting off with the joker Nathan Tan Joon Xian sleeping like a baby @ Genting's trip.

The another joker Nazli Hamdi running towards us and oh, half of Guo Liang @ Malacca's trip. 

The dudes.
(From left to right) 
UP : Amrul-JoonXian-Nazli-ChenShen
DOWN : Kenneth-Alvin-Anthony

 And then, here's some screen shots taken last time because I know I'll never find such an interesting bunch anymore :

 There's a time that we chat almost every night in MSN. 
Our conversations can go really crazy & don't make sense like this :O

Can ooVoo some more, even though we meet like everyday? Except weekends of course.

An example of two humans got frapped  at a time.
FYI, it's very common if you're in this class. HEEE.

Me - JoonXian - Rabecca- Anthony - Kenneth
Apparently I still remember Joon likes this photo alot because he feels like Lee Min Ho.
This reminds me of our mad love for City Hunter during that period.
Passing HDD around & discussing how good looking Lee Min Ho is. 
Good times, indeed :D
The two lovey-dovey brothers in our class. 
Joon Xian & Anthony.

Another shot of the superstars enjoying Baskin Robbins ice cream on the 31st. 
Awwwww so sweeet.

 All time favourite for everyone :D

Below are some of the camwhore shots in class using Ipad / Iphone / DSLR / Blaaaa.
Because we're awesome like this!
Stole some of the pictures from Anthony/ Rabecca.

4 in 1!

Fav partner in class - Rabecca Tan!
Lazing together, taking pictures together, gossiping about the lecturers together :D

Jaclyn - Smiling - Nadzmi 
Attention to Nadzmi's expression, thanks. 

UP : Class rep Alvin Wong taking photo of Yong Xiang.
DOWN : The twins. Nadzmi  & Nazli.


Oh well. It seems like the dudes in our class had a really good time TOGETHER.  

No doubt, we still can take pictures #likeaboss no matter where we are.

Smiling - Alvin - Jaclyn - Kenneth acting like pigs.

A very classic shot of Kenneth & Anthony w/ my lovely teddies

And here goes my closest buddy in the class! :D
Buddies to be exact.

Kenneth Choong Kam Cheung Choong on my left.
Jaclyn Tan Babu on my right. 

Somehow I think these two humans dislike taking pictures with me. FACE PROBLEM #justsaying 
Because I can hardly find their pictures to upload here .__.

Anyway, this doesn't mean that they are not important to me rawr! *peace*

Dear Jac & Ken, 
To be frank, I am really glad that we still hang out together whenever I go back to Klang.
Both of you never fail to make me laugh like a mad woman.
Babu, We share the love to our awesome TVB dramas.
I appreciate those moments when we're together 
& also, I'm thankful for taking me as your veryveryvery close friend?
I know, we can be like damn crazy & excited at times talking about those HongKong actors & actress and ter-ignored Kenneth Choong. Oops.

Sorry Ken, you're quite important also la okay :3
Thank you so much for everything, such as 
- Being our driver to send us here & there.
- Stressing out always to find a parking spot w/ the impatient- Jaclyn's loud complaint. HAHAHA.
- Representing us to ask the sissy staff over & over again for direction.
Just kidding. You know it best :D I really appreciate a lot of things okay :)
I don't think I have to repeat them all over again.
Once again, thanks a lot for this scrapbook.

Here are some pictures of them , one in a million :

Not this one. Heeee.

Smiling - Kenneth

The three of us! :D

Retarded Kenneth wants to kiss a fake cow. Despo!

Okay this is the last one!

Till then, I want to wish all of them :
I will never forget you guys & I hope someday we'll meet again!
This post is a lil long- winded but I know I would want to recall all these memories again in future :)

P.S : Smiling is obviously not a name but I really like it when they address me this way :)

A picture that I took long time ago but too shy to upload it :3