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Finally, you're here.

HELLO EVERYONE. *waves hard*
Like finally, I'm here, back to my baby blog again.
I'm so sorry for the long-term-hibernation. As you can see, I've changed my layout !! 
It may be nothing to you, but trust me, it caused me headache for like one whole freaking month. No joke.

Oh well, I seriously think that I can show off a lil part of my talent here
because I'm so damn proud of myself  T.T 
Anyway, I really hope you guys like it. Or else I'll kill myself. Just kidding, hee.

Back to topic.
And so I'm going to blog about Girls' Generation.
I don't care this happened one month ago or what. Because Vincci hearts them to the max.

*tears of joy*

No doubt, it was one heavenly memorable Friday for all of us, specifically Girls' Generation's fans.
You can't imagine how long I yelled & jumped & ran around my house when the news was confirmed.
(by Jeffry Ong HK, typical sones).
Also, I thank him very much for picking me up to KL!
Waited for more than 5 hours @ KLCC.
Consider myself as one of the luckiest fan because I wasn't standing outside for THAT long.
Instead, I went into KLCC to shop, walk, eat in order to kill time. #likeaboss.
And I managed to stand at the first row of the free zone, w/ Yik Soon Lee. 
Smart people, can't blame. *peace*
Till then, let the pictures do the talking :

 In the afternoon , 1pm and it's so crowded already. *faints*

 Camwhore is a MUST to kill ma boredom.

After 2 hours, went back into KLCC to get my cravings fixed. GongCha bubble tea!

 Continue to camwhore. Bought a fan with my beautiful Yuri face on it, cost me RM40. Crazy.

 Evening time - 5pm. 
Waited for so damn long outside the area (beside the road) because of those security guards pfft.

Yours truly with a happy smiling ghostly face. 
Was quite blissful to be at the first row BUT I felt super duper regret at the same time. 

 Therefore, no nice or clear pictures of SNSD taken. 
I was quite far away, though I can see their figures clearly. *cries*

Presenting the-Yuri-wannabe : Henry Loh.

 It's almost impossible to take picture with Girls' Generation members. So this is what we did.

 I'll definitely wait for them to come again! I WANT TO MEET MY SEXY YURI !

Some so called IU fans attended too!- Jason Loo.

 Another not-Girls' Generation's-fan - Yik Soon Lee. 
Say HI to Maye behind who tried to avoid me. *evil laughs*

LRT station was like a HELL to us. So freaking hot, stuffy and crowded. 
Still camwhore w/ Jason Loo :P

And I stole some photos from them, oops :

 Tired to the max but still , I'm happy to meet them :D
Last but not least, I sincerely hope that they will come to Malaysia again. I don't mind paying rm123456 for the tickets rawr. #SNSDfever.

That's all for now. 
I've lots assignment works waiting for me. (the-same-old-excuse)
Stay tuned! I'll update as frequent as possible.
Have a nice day people.