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Colorful Easter!

Just a short update here to share my vain pictures taken during Easter Day.
Not a human who celebrates Easter, so it's never too late for this post :D
Once again, I'm sorry for all the postponed blog post since I took a long time to deal with the blog template previously. *puppy eyes*

FYI, the colorful decorations of Easter Day theme @ The Spring, Kuching amazed me much!
Initially I wanted to put on a bunny outfit & act cute & take tonnes of pictures but too bad, I don't have one. I'm cute enough tho.
Anyway, I'm happy with all the shots taken!
Oh, if you're sick of my face already, you shall stop scrolling. *hides*

DSLR belongs to lovely Phang ZhengSen
My-so-called-photographer-of-the-day : Daniel Sineros


Ohya! Poser-of-the-day : Yours truly, Loh Winzhi

Testing shots.

Oops. This is the real Smiling Eyes behind the scenes. HAHAHA.
*image ruined*

Vincci in Wonderland.

Not forgetting my favorite peace sign!

Even the ants made of balloons are cute right!

Lastly, do check out the ABOUT section of my blog or Click Here, because I've updated it wheee!
P.S : I accidentally deleted ALL the blog links. So people, feel free to leave a comment with your URL for relinks. Apparently I can only remember maye's blog URL. #foreveralone.
Will be back soon, ciao!