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X'mas 2011.

Christmas spells out love, hope, and joy (:
I love Christmas & my idea of Christmas is pretty simple - Loving others.
I believe the peace on earth will come to stay, when we live Christmas everyday in our heart. 

According to Justin Bieber, Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year :

Two-hands-up-100% AGREE.
After all, it's my favourite festive season, yes not even the love for Chinese New Year. 
FYI, I'm totally obsessed with all the Christmas decorations, I can go crazy when I see angels, snowflakes, ornaments & blaaa around.
And so, I'll most probably do something meaningful or pamper myself like a princess for every Christmas. #BecauseIcanlovemyself.
Well,  2011's Christmas was... one of the most special Christmas that I ever had, in a way HAHAHA.

On the 24th of December (Eve), I was dying to go to Sunway Pyramid.
Yes after years of parents' curfew, seriously I was desperate like hell lol.  
Somehow outing plan with the my both besties FAILED UNEXPECTEDLY due to certain reasons wth ._. 
Pretty disappointed of course. Imagine me dolled up & dressed myself but end up waiting in my room for 2323 minutes *emo till die* 

Anyways, at least, I went to my bestie LemonQian's house.
Because I believe it's better to rot in pairs. HAHA. 
Literally she was in her pyjamas so no pictures for the day. Sad case.
Oh well, people usually have turkeys, log cakes, pasta for Christmas eve dinner and mine was.... awesome.

Korean noodles made by LemonQian at 10pm lol. It wasn't that bad, since I was super duper hungry that night. Thankiu bestie T.T *hugs*

Apart from that, I show my appreciation to the the loved ones by giving them presents during Christmas, though I'm not rich enough to buy RM123456789 worth of presents. It's the thought that counts, right right.

Presents for my besties, LemonQian & Bluee Gal.
 Presents for my precious ones (: 
Oh oh, the Lee-Min-Ho mug is MINE. Yes I bought it for myself. sad case lol ._. 
Wait, I can haz presents too! Although they're supposed to be my birthday presents. Oh well.

Proven to be #foreveralone, so no presents for Christmas. *okay.jpg*
Haha oops just kidding. I love my friends (:

P.S : Specially thanks to Lemon Qian for the oversized pencil case & to babu Jaclyn Tan & Kenneth Choong for the book. So damn touched T_T 

Not forgetting to mention that the year-end-sales in shopping malls are freaking awesomeeee.
Apparently I shopped like crazy, again to pamper myself & for CNY *wide smile*

Shop till you drop!

Manicure for Christmas whee! #selfpampertime.

In conclusion, I spent money like water in December bwahahaha. 
I'm gonna starve myself until I get my CNY angpaos next year hee. #justsaying.

I've never felt love like this 

I'm a happy girl in December. Thanks for being so nice to me :')
Love it when my year 2011 can end this way (: 
There's nothing else much that I can ask for. #blissfulness

Thanks BlueeGal for the souvenir too- a simple & nice bracelet from Thailand. Love it.

I did not party crazily during Christmas,didn't even put on my Christmas hat, neither received tonnes of presents, &  but at least, I had fun! compared to the miserable tears last year dafuq. 
I'm still excited for the next Christmas and it's gonna be more & more meaningful to me (:
Cheers to all of us who enjoyed Christmas, even if you're alone at home lol.

New year post coming up next. 
Stay tuned. 

With love,