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Rewind ;


Apparently I was too bored and started to view all the pictures taken since years ago. 
And they remind me of all the sweet memories I had, the moments shared with the great friends.*winks* 
Somehow I'm glad for the fact that I used to be a very active blogger. 

Not like I'm inactive now but... but I'm.just.a.little.too.busy.heh? *slams forehead*    
Reminiscing the past, reading those blog posts, I'm able to recall how happy I was, how significant the friends were, to me. It feels like I've truly lived before :') At the very least, I don't regret anything, at all. 

The ones who love you, will never leave.
Never settle for anything less than what you deserve.
You only live once - Steve Jobs.

As humans grow up, we tend to face more & more shits, obstacles, challenges, bitches, haters, fakers in life. Obviously I'm a human, okay so I'm one of them geez. 
Fortunately, I'm not living a miserable life for now, I don't feel like it's the end of the world, I don't think I'm the world-most-pathetic-person ;
I may be very depressed but yet there are times that I'm still happy of meeting new humans & being able to try new stuffs. It's after all, part of growing up (: 
Still, I miss those times 

Lower secondary school times. -SMK Shahbandaraya w/ the BFF - LemonQian & BlueeGal.

Upper secondary school times - SMK Batu Unjur, where I met all kinds of interesting humans there : 
Jieying Lim, Low Kaili , William Chiam, Jason Loo, Shienrun Wong, Lee Yik Soon, Yap Wan Xiang, Song Wei Jian, Melanie Lim, Ng May Yee, Loh Chin Hern, Lupchung, Ooi Kheng Li, Ivan Ang, Tidus, Tee Hong Yeu & of course Aaron Teh + Yeo Sau Pang, juniors like Yaya Lee & many many more. 
No idea why but it's fun to type their full name here. *hides*.

From a newbie in a brand new environment, till getting know perverts like YikSoon Lee who sneaks into girls toilet ( refers to the third picture above) , and being known as smelly eyes due to some stupid reasons lol , *bang wall* then responsible for the St.John Ambulance's new division, & finally facing exam stress - SPM.  

Not forgetting to mention that the most important one who stays by my side almost, all the time - LemonQian. In general, we stick together like twins till the day we graduated lol, in class, having lunch, attending tuition classes, St.John trainings, First Aid exams & etc. Conclusion : When you see Loh Winzhi, you see Teh Wei Qian & vice versa. *peace*

Awesome tuition mates, Era Tinta tuition centre, it's more like our second home. 
Spot my babe, Pikachuu Vivian Tan who looks damn cute beside me! (right)
Ohya, couldn't find any picture with my daddy Cassandra Cjw ._. 
& Even when we're far apart, our love for Bluee Gal never fades. 

Random events, outings, trips, camps w/ them. 

Best of the best, xoxo. 

Till then, I'm gonna end this post with all the related links wheeeeeeeeeeeee.
Ohya! Please don't mind cause I know my writing is a little bit farnyyyy last time, so many errors lol. 

Becoming a Batu Unjur-ian 2009.
Becoming Batu Unjur-ian 2010.
St.John's foot drill competition.
St.John's Youth Camp 2010.
ET Mega Seminar.

I love you guys, always will (:    
P.S : Lets get into the Christmas spirit HOHOHO! Watched Arthur's Christmas. It was good! Rated 8/10. 

With love,