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A little not over it.


Judge nothing, you'll be happy , Forgive everything, you'll be happier ; 
Love everything, you'll be happiest (: 

Of course, words are often easier said than done. Normality strikes at times. 
How could you just keep quiet when people tend to accuse you like nobody business, being stereotyped as a West M'sian, hate you for everything, blame you for anything. Oh well (: 

Highlights of the week!

It had been a really long week for me indeed, SHIT HAPPENS, heehs.
Perhaps it's part of a growing up process after my birthday :S
Anyways, I wasn't THAT miserable, Thank God. *cheers* 
Thanks to them as well : 

Birthday dinner wowowow.

Ohhai it's me again! Yes I'm doing another birthday post, even after so long heehee! as usual 
My celebration is all good, #likeaboss as I can say! TeetotheHee.

Big big thanks to the lovely classmates because I know it's definitely not a cheap dinner oops :O 
Yet, all of them celebrate one day before because it is fully booked on the Saturday.
I love that restaurant lots because I finally get the chance to eat my yam cake yummy yummy. My favourite! Been searching that for so long! :D 

I'm glad & thankful for those who attended the dinner and its okay for those who couldn't make it since they have flights on that day. At least, I'm not #foreveralone on my birthday :') *cheers
It was a very happy night ^-^ Get to sing & sing & sing until everyone became dead tired.

Happier when I receive gifts from them.-Those who accompanied me all these months (: - My doink gang! 
I love the accessories lots till I tried to mix & match with the best outfit immediately and planned to put it on the next Monday, which is tomorrow! HAHAHA. EPIC.

For them *hearts*
Below is a password-protected post. 
So sorry I couldn't write in paragraphs because the system does not allow me to do so. It's a little long anyway, heehs.  ._. 

Lots of loves from Ms.Vincci.

Have I Told You Lately.

Part II from the previous post (Click Here) , heh. #justsaying.

Sometimes you never realize how much you like someone, until you watch them liking someone else

 I Love You, I Want You,  I Need You, I Miss you,Still waiting ☹

18th Birthday!


15.10.2011 - It's my birthday & I know it (:
Time flies. It had been 2 months+ living in a whole new environment, and honestly,
I still don't get used to it. I'm proud of myself for being strong though.
Birthday doesn't seem to be different from the other days here. Guess I'm the only one who is able to make myself happy ;) - SmilingEyes.
Ohmygod why my birthday post seems so emo oneeeeeeee D:

Thank God I had a HAPPY birthday. Oh well, I pamper myself from time to time in the case of shopping, relaxing, watching dramas, enjoying life #likeaboss. *winks*
Still,big thanks to my current classmates too who held a simple celebration for me.
I love to sing with them especially my fav singer Jessica Wang & Chung Wuizz! 
And so, I had fun, I hope you guys enjoyed too.
Thank you everyone! Thanks for the presents as well including Doreen,Michelle,Jess,Chung,Elise & Christopher Wong. *bows*

♥ ♥ ♥ 

People refer depression of being away from home and family as homesick.
Somehow I guess I'm likely stroked by friend-sick, no joke.

No doubt, I feel blissful each and every time I think of the awesome humans around me.
I miss their laughter, the joy and memories we shared together. Indeed, life gets better when you're around with the right people.
On the contrary, life'd been tougher than you could think of when you're all alone. 
However, it's a relief to know that their heart remains even though now they're now 123456789 miles away from me :') I'm not that emotional, I'm just too touched I guess T___T HAHA.

Warning : This part sounds stupid ; so stupid, literally.

♥ ♥ My bestie Bluee Gal called me in the afternoon &; for no reason I cried lol. She knows that everyone are waiting to be the last one to wish so she gave up ahaha. As usual, she's still that naive & sweet ; she even planned to fly here at first. Teehee!

♥ ♥  Till then, I cried again when SillyAaron called me at 11.30p.m. He's super smart because he called 30 mins earlier so that he could talk to me & also be the last one. Pro max. 

♥ ♥  Lastly, bestie LemonQian called & guess what, I cried like a baby. *hides* We recalled lots & lots of joyous moments we spent all these years, together.
For now, we've our own problems, we couldn't share them always anymore, we miss each other so, but the only reminder for both of us is to- Stay strong, keep going no matter what.

15 years best friend & still counting. 
Need words to say how much I miss 'em? I know right, *facepalm for crying on my own birthday*

On the other hand, I've really cool, handsome,  hilarious,  lame,cute boy-friends too.

First of all, I'm quite touched because Mr.ShienrunWong called to wish me during midnight. I don't want to say this but, I kinda miss those times when he bullying & teasing me non stop gah, like seriously :O

Next, take a look at my twin sisters of the day. Big thanks to Wanxiang, Yiksoon, JasonLoo, HenryLoh, Ah min aa's proud work. Initially I was confused when I see my pretty sweet face all over my homepage, end up I burst into laughter lol. They even thank humans who wished me, can so cute meh guys? Still, thanks guys :)

Not forgetting my all-time-best-male-friend too Mr.WilliamChiam,I know you miss me very X123  much (:

No exception to those who wished me on my birthday (: So,

Thanks to M2 - especially babu Jaclyn Tan, Amrul, Kenneth Choong who texted me at 12.00a.m, is it a coincidence or what? Of course the others as well, Anthony "superstar" who called &  Nadzmi, Rabecca, Joon, Alvin & blaaa. I miss them very much (: Best classmates ever.

Specially thanks to JingWen Daddy too, the last one who text me. I know you waited for , very very long. HAHA. Kamsahamnida, & saranghaeyo ! *hugs*

And and, all the humans who wished me in Facebook, Twitter & blaaa, I appreciate your wishes much, that's why I reply 'em  Anyways, I'm finally legal to hit the club now!
Hints to my babes VivianTan, Jieying & Ivan Ang! Teehee ;D  

I'll be back in early December, will stay in Klang around 1 month +. So no worries alright (:
Since most of the humans been asking, because of my present.
I'LL BE WAITING THEN. Please make sure you guys double up the present since it's around Christmas, my favourite festive season. *grins* HAHAHA. Just kidding :D

Perhaps, typing all these & long winded thanking part seems useless to the others, but it matters to me. No cake for this year, no bestie's hug & kisses, no parents around, no relatives' & cousins' warmth, just wanted to say that the flooding wishes, brighten my mood, made my day as well. Loves.


With love,

Love, no more.

Oh nana.

Just a short & simple update here (:
First of all, Thank God my mid-sem-test is OVER. *cheers
I survived.
And I salute myself for being so lucky to have menstrual cramp, back pain, headache, slight fever, & now serious flu + sore throat this whole week. PERFECT TIMING, as I can say.

Again, since I'm #foreveralone here, I've to stand strong no matter how weak I am.
Guess nobody will even realize if I faint in my room. Lol #justsaying but it's true :P
And so, I did my best :') No regrets.
Hope to achieve the best for all subjects of course. God bless.

Alright, I'm really sick so that's all for this post.
No worries, I'll be in the crazy mode next week since it's my birthday week lalalalalala ~ sing a happy song. I hope.

P.S : I'm glad that at least something remains, I used to love my birthday a lot. Remember? No specific reason though, oh well.

Stay tuned, xoxo.

R.I.P. Steve Jobs

Just feel like updating this post, though I still have one more subject to go on Sat (:
I still could remember the one & only human who I blog about his death was Micheal Jackson.
Yes, again. Things can just happen in a blink of eye.
FYI, our class just studied about his backgrounds & history for the Innovation & Change subject one week ago & now.... :/

P.S : My very first attempt to put myself as wallpaper. Thanks to DoreenLee gah.

I don't really know what to say but, thanks for everything, Steve Jobs.
I love my iPhone, a lot. I love you too :')
Without you, without your invention, life would have been so bored.
I've no idea why but I was quite depressed when I saw my CNN notification early in the morning, end up realizing that the Sigh.

You left your mark on our desks, on our ears and in our hands. Thank you for bringing the future. - Twitter DamnItsTrue

On the other hand, I was really inspired by his speech, where the video link I shared on my facebook :

Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything – all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.

Don’t settle. Keep looking.
No one wants to die. At yet, no one escapes it.
Death is life’s change agent.
Right now, the change is you. Your time is limited so don’t live it living someone else’s life. -Steve Jobs

You're just amazing. You'll be missed. Indeed you'll always be remembered.
Rest in peace, Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

Guess most of the bloggers blogged about Steve Jobs to gain traffic lol which is so damn lame? (According to some tweets) , somehow I would like to convey my condolences to all sincerely :') May God bless him and perhaps he left us for a better place? *fingers crossed*