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Turning opposition into drive (:




Credits to Elise Wen's facebook (:

Sorry I've no time to blog a mandarin post recently. Yes, FYI it takes me a very very long time geez.

Thank God X 336741274 times life had been so much better in these two days.
Less fucked up moments, less tears, less emo hour :')

Thankyouverymuchtomyself because I procrastinate my blog posts as well. I've two drafts on going now, like finally.
Smurf you readers, smurf you babu & m2 classmates, smurf you my BFF Lemon & Bluee, smurf you Klang usual gang/ friends, smurf you current classmates as well, smurf every single humans who treated me right.
Smurf you too, but you changed.
Yes I've alot to share in my space right here :3
Somehow Miss Vincci's mid semester test is the upcoming week ohfml.

Like usual, preparations at the eleventh hour and no time to blog geez.
Seriously I'm so getting used to my style after 17 years of living *blush*
Till then, more updates after the week ;)
15 mins over! Gotta tuned on my NERD MODE ohkthxbai.

Tia, my favourite girl *hugs*
Had second class phototaking session today , but I guess I won't have the time to blog about it rawr.

Smurfily xoxo,