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Take a break :3

Boooyah! Oh well oh well, I realize it seems impossible for me to blog & share my gratitude to
My super-crazy-BFF /My super-hilarious-BU gang /My super-vain-Babes /My super-outgoing-classmates during this period ; since I've so many to do currently.
FYI, assignments are on their way to meet me one by one! Hell yeah :/

Literally, every loved ones been asking how's life here, in Kuching.
It wasn't as easy as expected of course. I'm only human (:
Anyways, no worries, I'm still doing well ! *coughs* I'M LOH WINZHI.
I shall update soon about my current life alrightyyy, humans :D Yes, SOON.
At least, I tried something new ; I knew I'm growing stronger in some way.

Don't put a price tag on your dreams ; Staying true to what you believe is what ultimately bring rewards in life.

Live.with.gratitude ; Take.a.break ; Never.give.up :)

I'm a girl with wild dreams. I've my passion. I think big, I dream high.
Perhaps, sometimes I would be in doubt because I'd always want to make a difference.
Or I should say I've dreams that people think it's not achievable, which is abnormal

Impossible in an opinion, not a fact.
All I have to do is wake up every morning, appreciate my life and be persistent in accomplishing my goal. It's all about having faith :)


Watch me shine.