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So goodbye ♥

Greetings readers ;)
I knew that my blog is dead, literally. I've been MIA for so many days.
Well, it's only 14 days actually, just in case if you miss me, teehee.
Tell me you do,bleh! Still, I feel kinda guilty for not updating that often anymore *hides*

As I mentioned in previous previous posts (Click Here) / for your information,
I'm currently in Swinburne Uni, Sarawak campus pursuing my business studies via JPA scholarship. Blaaaa Kuching is my place from now on,rawr ; but I hate cats wth.
So, I'm gonna be here for four miserable years :O

Reminiscing ;

Like usual, time flies.
At the starting point, it seemed like I've so much to do, but so little time, I was lost.
Two months ago, Dilemma, it was all complicated ; as I'll be leaving so many great things behind after the decision.
One month ago, I'd thought to make the best out of my remaining time. I'd planned to work on part time jobs, so that I can earn as much as possible.
Few weeks ago, the fear is striking in and out, reminding myself courage is the power to let go of all the familiar .

Well, it didn't turn out how it supposed to be, plan phailed literally ; ALWAYS ;p
However, it had been a freaking-super-very-extremely-awesome-awesome-awesome-month I had. Lol no joke, not exaggerating this time!
As I can say, life's so so good. *thumbs up*
Indeed, life gets better when you’re around the right people. *wink wink*
Thank God because year 2011 been pretty kind to me :') No regrets living as a human lol !

I.smiled.everyday ;
*Put your hands in the air & say YEAH YEAH YEAH! *
Okay, lets get back to topic before I tuned into hyper mode again, oops.

Booo! Hugs and kisses to all of you, xoxo.

I cherish the 377648721359823853 memorable moments I had with all the precious ones. The memories with them shall remain in my heart always ;)

My super-crazy-BFF Bestie LemonQian & BlueeGal,
My super-hilarious-BU gang WilliamChiam ,JasonLoo, VincentChee, Wanxiang, ClaudeLew, CassandraJingWen & omg so many more.
My super-vain-Babes - VivianTan, JieYingLim & Ivan Ang,
My super-outgoing-classmates - The M2 peeps,
My super-cute-relatives & cousins sekalian,
My super-dope-club Taylor'sDanceClub,
My super-super-super-cool LeeMinHo via CityHunter drama LOL ,
and lastly my family-who-super-love-me.

Special shout out to Jeffry.H.K.Ong - He's the only not-so-real-brother I have, and always will be :) I hope you don't forget me though. So sorry because I wasn't able to hang out with you before leaving. You're still the special kaig0r in my heart, know? Though we seldom contact each other anymore. Heehs :) No idea why you suddenly came to my mind :S

No worries. I'll never ever forget all of you, teeheee.
Feel free to call/chat/skype with me anytime you want :) (:
Skype username : smilingeyes1510

This would be how I never realized how much I would mean to people in general. I'm touched :')
I'm thankful enough to all the great friends,classmates, relatives, family & idols & who ever be with me through all these great moments *bows*
Again, I'm sorry for not sparing some time to THANK ALL OF YOU because I'd been busy packing, arranging my schedule & get everything done to fly over.

And so, it's quite impossible for me to fit my gratitude to everyone in one single blogpost, so stay tuned !
I'm grateful for everything & I'll be thanking you guys one by one after this, happy? :)
Also, to write this piece down so that I could remind myself in future, I'd truly lived before, with the presence of awesome people around! *hint hint*

The future is scary, but you can't keep running back to the past because it is familiar.

To be continue.
'So goodbye, don't cry and smile :) '

With love,

We ignore each other & try to pretend the other person doesn't exist, but deep down we know it wasn't supposed to end like this.Thank you too?