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A little of everything.

Warning : This post is complicated. It consists of few subheadings, different mode for the pictures & blaaa. lol, so that it seems more organized. Anyway, lengthy post ahead!

Life in Kuching

Smiley part :)
Greetings everyone!
Well, it's only 2 weeks but I feel like I spent half a year here already ohemgeez. No idea why :/
Apparently, I'm happy with myself. I'm proud to be, me.

Of all the previous lessons in life, I'd turn out to be a stronger human.
Of all the love & care by the loved ones - friends, relatives etc, I'd make sure I live well so that I don't disappoint them.
Of all the support & way of educated by the family especially my parents and , I'd be a very independent girl indeed.
The list goes on & on.
I should stop complimenting myself lol. Not that thick-faced though. *blush*

Anyways, it wasn't only for myself, it's for all of them who stayed by my side all these while.
Still, I'm thankful for all the opportunities that present in my lifetime.
I'm pretty sure this is one of them too ; although leaving my own comfort zone isn't really a willing thing to do.
Not-so-smiley-part :/

Of course, life turns upside down at times, too.
Sometimes, I do feel lonely, depressed, emotional or whatever :( emotions you could think of lol.

#1 On the first day in Kuching, I swear my fingers suffered like phuck. Believe it or not, it's actually the most painful day that 'they' had in my 17+ years life time. I never ever felt that helpless before, no joke.
#2 Plus, watching all the classmates having fun, the usual gang having gatherings, all without Ms.Smiling is quite a sad thing too :'(
#3 Yet, meeting those so-not-friendly humans here also get on my nerves. Again, I swear I smiled to every living humans in my hostel (the same floor) when I pass by them for 1234 times but they don't even give a damn, wtf.
#4 I superbly HATE people honking at me. It's quite understand-able to honk when I'm driving. BUT why on earth I get honked everyday when I'm WALKING along the read. Guys in Kuching, can be so disrespectful meh?! Effoff.
#5 During night time, the worst feeling is thinking about those paranormal stuffs and I don't even dare to walk to the washroom at midnight. FYI, I don't have a room mate yet.
#6 Apart from that, I've to say FML because the washroom is so far away from my room! :( I've to walk through the creepy hallways ALL THE TIME.
Bathing ALONE where the other 2o washrooms are empty. Err I'm not saying that I want to bath with other humans lol. One more thing, I got frightened easily by the humans who popped out randomly.

With all these mini heart attacks from time to time, I Ms.LohWinzhi shall proclaim that my lifespan could be shorten 3 years. Oops, just kidding.
However, it's pretty amazing because I'm still on happy-go-lucky mode most of the time ; even though I've millions of reasons to frown.

#1 I'm satisfied when I get to eat yummy food.
#2 I'm happy when I go for shopping leaving all the books behind.
#3 I'm delighted when I randomly heard Justin Bieber's / Girls Generations' songs in the mall.
#4 I'm happy when people treat me right, when the service is good.
#5 I feel superb after reading those self-improvement books. Yes I go to MPH to read a new passage everyday.
#6 I feel great when I dress up myself decently HAHAHAHA.
#7 I feel secured listening to those Korean OSTs.
#8 I feel insane when I get to see Wilber Pan in person! Dayummmn.
Of course, I did almost everything ALONE. It's not a problem for me anyway :)

I'm pretty amused by myself because I feel happy easily, like really really happy wth.
Ohya! Most importantly, I get extremely extremely hyped when people love CityHunter & LeeMinHo after I recommending them. *wide smileeeee*
However, I still need to thank my parents because this is the way I grew up, myself. Teehee.
I still could remember I walked into Restoran Imperial alone to have dimsum for breakfast when I was a small kid & the waiters looked at me like I'm an alien lol.

As far as I concerned, I don't really get the so called 'home sickness' but I.MISS.THE.FOOD.IN.OUR.AREA.LIKE.CRAZY, oops.
As usual. I pamper myself much ; although I'm #foreveralone here.

All-Kuching-Production except the Sabi Wasabi's salmon sashimi. Just, compare the difference! tsk tsk. Worst sashimi in the world. Ihatesushiking

So, life here is so far so good. It would be better, I hope *winks*
And to be honest, during the hard times where I barely get over everything on my own.
I think of him

Because there's one line by LeeMinHo aka LeeYoonSung in City Hunter stating that : "You've worked hard :) "
It's very simple but I've no idea why but it stays in my mind whenever I feel that everything I do isn't enough, to be the best. Hwaiting!

Officially a Foundation in Business student

Till then, I shall update about fugly pictures of myself & my current classmates.
I took a big heart of courage to not wear specs around all the time.
So, that's the best part about being here I guess :)
Because the humans saw my freaking ugly face since the first day HAHAHA.

FYI, I couldn't live without specs + without make up in KL.
Because my eyebags + dark eye circles looks like phuckk especially when I didn't get enough sleep. Ohya, and I've phobia for the contact lenses remember? *face palm*

So, to all the kind souls outside, do get used to my naked face without specs since yours truly is not that ladylike to make up every single day lol.
Thanks to Geum Jandi, heehs. Somehow she made me realize, even such a popular actress can haz eye bags and why am I so overwhelmed because of the little tiny part below my eyes ; not like I'm some famous humans in the Earth right ;P
I shall stay the way I am. *grins*

Pictures do the talking :

You couldn't imagine, HOW MUCH I MISS MCD OH GOD.
Me wantz hotcakes, hash browns, mc chicken, choc sundae, mc shaker fries ; kill me thanks.

This outing is meant to take pictures for the class magazine. Just the 6 of us.
I'm not in the photographing team but I've dope skills! HAHAHAHA.

They brought me to the riverfront or whateveristhatcalled. Oh well, as long as I can take nice pictures of the scenery & myself I'm happy LOL.

Out of no where somebody decided to take the little kiddy 'boat' to cross the river, teehee ;D Because.we.can.

Random? D:

At the other side of the river already yeay! *peace*

One of the dude in the photographing team. Seemingly professional hurhur :3

Introducing the super-friendly-and-socializing girl - Doreen, thank God she dragged me out that day. Or else I would be rotting & emo in the hostel for 1234 hours :/

Dor freaked us out because she thought it was a SNAKE from far lol.

Yes. I love to take pictures of other humans without them noticing ;P

Yours truly & Michelle.
Ignore the fugly - f**king/freaking ugly eyebags & dark eye circles & naked face thankyou.

Again, yours truly & Dor dor doreeen :D

Ohhai ! I can take nice pictures too okayyy, besides camwhoring. *waves*

Ohyeah. I'm good at modelling also. *blush* Spotlights all on me, oopsie.
Okay you may doubt the model statement FML.

Too shy to stand there alone. So, here I am.
P.S : Sign of the day ^^V

Again, they brought me to this unknown place which the drinks have really weird names.

If you get what I meant.

Back to Swinburne uni. Out of nowhere some human popped out random ideas again, drove all the way up up up to the top of the building :DD *faints*

They claimed that we always look like couples who quarreled with each other LOL.

Yes. They have to get used to my syok-sendiri style indeed, even if I'm exhausted.
Shooo shooo away his hand!

Enjoying the view from the top of the building! :DD

Phototaking process. I lol-ed at Michelle's pose.
Ohya! In case if you didn't realize, we're meant to take pictures of the view in the city, NOT ourselves HAHAHA.

Guess what, we even lay on the grass to take nice pictures .-.
This isn't the nice one anyway.

The dudes in the outing. *not interested tone*

Back to me. me. me. me. me. Camwhore- #mystyle!
Last minute plan. No make up, no nothing :)

Yeeeeeeeehaaaa! Girls power! :DD Okay it's the girls.

Second take ! Miss Vincci, Miss Doreen & Miss Michelle. *peace

Vincci's dorm

Last but not least, I shall post a few pictures of my room since there're so many humans curious about it.
I decorated my room like a pinky princess room & paste all the friends' pictures over.




Always and forever love :)

Spot you! Teehee ;D

Words of courage on my wall.
Just in case, when everything doesn't fall into place.

P.S : This post is freaking long I know. I'm sorry if you got bored.
I truly appreciate those who read everything *bows* Just a space to express myself, right? :)

Remember your abc's. Always Be Confident ; even if you don't feel confident, act confident and no one will know the difference.

The End.