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#1 Thankyou CityHunter

Hello everyone :) A quick update from me again since I'm.bored I've so many to share, teehee. Of all the super-super-super-BFF/ BU Gang/ Babes/ Classmates/ Relatives/ Club/ Idols/ Family that I appreciate so much much X 333 times, I would thank the CityHunter first! *blush*

Thankyou LeeMinHo
Well, I'm just in the mood now, peace ^^v
City Hunter brought to you by : Lee Min Ho, Park Min Young, Goo Hara, Lee Joon Hyuk, Hwang Sun Hee.


Awesome story line, awesome actors & actress, awesome original sound tracks, awesome action, everything.just.too.awesome :'D Trust me. It's definitely not those typical korean drama where there's common scenes like crying over split milk because of the triangle love & blaaa.

Rated 4.95/5

-0.025 because the ending was quite..... unexpected. Maybe because the whole drama was too awesome.
-0.025 because the blood seems fake. HAHAHAHA quite funny too. Not a major problem right since they aren't St.John members :)

It's still awesome overall. Honestly, besides the actors & actress, I need to salute the director as well as the humans who worked hard behind the scene :') *respect*
Words are hard to describe how much I love this drama , wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

His smile can turn my frown upside down.

He's the second guy that I crazy of, after RaymondLam. FYI, I would probably just scream & yell randomly whenever I watch Lamfung's drama or MusicVideo. My readers knew that perhaps :3 RaymondLam is my first love after all, I wouldn't dump him aside *blink blink*

Anyways,I'm totally obsessed with actor LeeMinHo after watching CityHunter :D D:
I adore his look, his height, his dope acting skills, his fashion sense, his hairstyle & everything.
I thank him for being so awesome yet made my night almost, everyday :) (:

Well, many may have the common perception, where admiring them are just an annoying act, fantasizing around, useless effort & celebrities probably wouldn't even give a damn to you & blaaa. Of course, I know everyone has different point of view.

For me, I.D.O.L.S are my source of happiness, my inspiration, my motivation.
Subsequently, I may not be a 24/7 loyal fans to them, I may not understand the whole picture of their lives, I may not know their true colors but I look up to them in the spotlight, seeing them as role. As long as I'm HAPPY with it, who cares? If you do, eff off.

Come to think about it, wouldn't it be absurd & ridiculous if you hate people for obsessing with the person that made them smile? :O :O :O As long as I don't commit suicide or any abnormal situation because of them geez. #justsaying

The heart has reasons that reasons could not understand :)

So to my fellow readers, by any case if you've extra time or holidays or sem break, it's a MUST to watch this drama. *It's an order! Lol just kidding*

Just a post to share with you guys and I'd feel extremely happy if you love the drama too :) I'll then introduce you all the superb addictive korean songs!
*hint hint* to those who thank me, I'm happy teehee!
Thanks a million to my m2 classmates Tan Joon Xian & Rabecca Tan & Kenneth Choong for introducing & passing me the HDD & recommending the OSTs too. *bows*

P.S : Ohya,
this post was inspired by my favourite one & only kpop star - Girls Generation, too! I promise, one day I would conquer korean language, I WILL.

LeeMinHo's favourite colour is monotone colour. If you get what I mean :)