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Hello hello!

Hello hello you shining readers!
Miss crazyemotionalstupiddumbprettycutesexy Vincci is back :DD
*coughs* Lol just for fun. Heehs.
A delighted post this time, since I'm in the mood right now!
I hate it when my blog full of emotional stuffs, teehee.

So, basically I had lots of fun in my so-called-holidays.
Too busy to have fun therefore no time for ma blog. *flips hair*
So, here's the delayed-not-so-long-ago post.
Semua syok sendiri punye pictures. Enjoy scrolling again!

Here's my babes! Like finally we're able to meet up after 1734141 days planning LOL.
P.S : Thankyou very much to our FFK queen -VivianTan (most left) :P

Babe Vivian, yours truly & babe Jieying!

Heehee just kidding we still love you very muchhhiee

Another sexay babe here, Jieying Lim. Hohoho I miss them so muchhieee.
*small eyes means sexy ; sexy means small eyes* HAHAHAHA WTH!

Chilling in Express Cafe.....'s WASHROOM. LOL!

So, Take 1.

Take 2 & so on. Teehee :D

Obviously, the most photogenic queeeen, pattern more than badminton, tsk tsk.

Not to miss out another sister here, Ivan Ang. Fly us all way long to ss15 Snowflakes , Chatime. HAHAHAHAHA. Thankyouuuuu & sorry bro!
Quite a nice guy, according to my sisters :P

Running out of time because of my curfew. Still, taking pictures non stop in Chatime heheheh.We're just too adorable *blush*

Okayokay.Last picture & ciaoz! Had a gossip,camwhore,crazy session with 'em.
Love them so much, xoxo.

Had another gathering with my 5-Berlian then 4-Baiduri-buddies too! Yes, I'm that busy u.u
Again, fly all the way to the biggest Pasar Malam in Klang with WilliamChiam, JasonLoo, Minghui, Elaine & her sis.

Fly all the way back again with him to meet the Baidurians.
Yes, as if we're really FLYING, hohoho.

Jason Loo! My best joker ever.Imagine that I kept laughing all the way to & fro in his car.
HAHAHAHAHA THANKYOU. I'll miss him :')

Loves mayeeee's DSLR, so dope so dopeee.

Posing #likeaboss, oops, who cares ? :P

Another joker, Henry Loh posing with my bag, tsk tsk ;P

Obviously, it fits the owner best HAHAHAHAAHAHHAAHA :D ;P

Okay,this is what happens when two jokers meet, literally.

Hardly imagine we're doing all these in a public cafe LOL!

Baby please don't goooooooooooo!
*Should've push him down!, geez*

Group picture. Wanxiangs Sones, JasonLoo, YiksoonLee, Sc Tang, Henry Loh(showingoffhisipad) & my babe JieyingLim!
Minus Sephender & Aaron aka my two sons & our photographer NgMayYee D:

A special solo pic for her. Heehee thankyou girl :)
Pictures above are credited to NgMayYee with her DSLR. Heehs.

That's all for now. Happy happy weekends (ago) with all the awesome humans around.
Happy happy post for them too :DD
Glad that I've number of true friends that I can count on in my life. Thank you all :')

A guy that couldn't even handle a friendship well, doesn't worth to be a friend, nor worth the time.
Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind - Twitter #ohteenquotes

P.S : Realized that my blog is overstuffed with camwhore pictures, oops sorry.
Forgivable right, yeah yeah yeah! ;P
Sorry, a little too hyper teeeheee.

The End.