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Hello hello!

Hello hello you shining readers!
Miss crazyemotionalstupiddumbprettycutesexy Vincci is back :DD
*coughs* Lol just for fun. Heehs.
A delighted post this time, since I'm in the mood right now!
I hate it when my blog full of emotional stuffs, teehee.

So, basically I had lots of fun in my so-called-holidays.
Too busy to have fun therefore no time for ma blog. *flips hair*
So, here's the delayed-not-so-long-ago post.
Semua syok sendiri punye pictures. Enjoy scrolling again!

Here's my babes! Like finally we're able to meet up after 1734141 days planning LOL.
P.S : Thankyou very much to our FFK queen -VivianTan (most left) :P

Babe Vivian, yours truly & babe Jieying!

Heehee just kidding we still love you very muchhhiee

Another sexay babe here, Jieying Lim. Hohoho I miss them so muchhieee.
*small eyes means sexy ; sexy means small eyes* HAHAHAHA WTH!

Chilling in Express Cafe.....'s WASHROOM. LOL!

So, Take 1.

Take 2 & so on. Teehee :D

Obviously, the most photogenic queeeen, pattern more than badminton, tsk tsk.

Not to miss out another sister here, Ivan Ang. Fly us all way long to ss15 Snowflakes , Chatime. HAHAHAHAHA. Thankyouuuuu & sorry bro!
Quite a nice guy, according to my sisters :P

Running out of time because of my curfew. Still, taking pictures non stop in Chatime heheheh.We're just too adorable *blush*

Okayokay.Last picture & ciaoz! Had a gossip,camwhore,crazy session with 'em.
Love them so much, xoxo.

Had another gathering with my 5-Berlian then 4-Baiduri-buddies too! Yes, I'm that busy u.u
Again, fly all the way to the biggest Pasar Malam in Klang with WilliamChiam, JasonLoo, Minghui, Elaine & her sis.

Fly all the way back again with him to meet the Baidurians.
Yes, as if we're really FLYING, hohoho.

Jason Loo! My best joker ever.Imagine that I kept laughing all the way to & fro in his car.
HAHAHAHAHA THANKYOU. I'll miss him :')

Loves mayeeee's DSLR, so dope so dopeee.

Posing #likeaboss, oops, who cares ? :P

Another joker, Henry Loh posing with my bag, tsk tsk ;P

Obviously, it fits the owner best HAHAHAHAAHAHHAAHA :D ;P

Okay,this is what happens when two jokers meet, literally.

Hardly imagine we're doing all these in a public cafe LOL!

Baby please don't goooooooooooo!
*Should've push him down!, geez*

Group picture. Wanxiangs Sones, JasonLoo, YiksoonLee, Sc Tang, Henry Loh(showingoffhisipad) & my babe JieyingLim!
Minus Sephender & Aaron aka my two sons & our photographer NgMayYee D:

A special solo pic for her. Heehee thankyou girl :)
Pictures above are credited to NgMayYee with her DSLR. Heehs.

That's all for now. Happy happy weekends (ago) with all the awesome humans around.
Happy happy post for them too :DD
Glad that I've number of true friends that I can count on in my life. Thank you all :')

A guy that couldn't even handle a friendship well, doesn't worth to be a friend, nor worth the time.
Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind - Twitter #ohteenquotes

P.S : Realized that my blog is overstuffed with camwhore pictures, oops sorry.
Forgivable right, yeah yeah yeah! ;P
Sorry, a little too hyper teeeheee.

The End.


Harry Potter is the best, xx.
A simple post here. Blogging mojo is back after watching Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows (Part II). Enjoy scrolling!

Rated : 9+1/10. + 1 because of the awesome story all way long, for so many years.
Love all the humans, all the characters inside :') :')

Love Emma Watson. A beautiful lady indeed, just gorgeous!

Love Daniel Radcliffe, Mr.superfamousHarryPotter!
That’s why you’re famous. That’s why everybody knows your name. You’re the boy who lived. - Hagrid (Philosopher’s Stone)

Love Tom Felton. I love him actually, quite good looking heeeheee! Draco Malfroy. I remember I dislike him when I was a kid due to his character in the movie, oops :P

Love Lord Voldemort! Hahahaha. I love his character very very much. Antagonistic but he speaks softly & look so innocent. Dope acting skills, lots of loves for him


Me likey likey Professor Snape! Severus snape. What a cool name ;D Love the others too. All of the characters are just awesome :'D

I LOL-ed watching this scene! Hahaha!

Favourited HarryPotter & The Chambers of Secret
& Half Blood Prince
& Deathly Hallows Part II.


Neville Longbottom taught us that sometimes you must face your fears and stand up for what you believe in.He taught us how to have courage :)

Luna Lovegood taught us that it’s okay to be yourself & not to care what other people think about you because if they were true friends they would like the real you.She taught us how to be unique :)

Ginevra Weasley taught us that it’s possible to fight off demons on your own, but sometimes you need friends to help you.

Ronald Weasley taught us that even if you have the emotional range of a teaspoon and nasty temper, you will always be needed.

Hermione Granger taught us that it’s not a bad thing to have a thirst for knowledge and research ;) ;)

Draco Malfoy taught us that everyone makes mistakes, and that no one is completely stonic.He taught us that everyone has feelings ;D ;D

Bellatrix Lestrange taught us that really are some horrible people in the world.She taught us to be cautious around strangers.

Severus Snape taught us to not judge a book by it’s cover! :D

Narcissa Malfoy taught us just how important family really is.

Lucius Malfoy taught us how easy it is to become power hungry..he taught us to make sure to always stay grounded.

Albus Dumbledore taught us that there is life beyond death..he taught us to never fear what can’t be escaped.

Fred and George Weasley taught us that even in the most darkest of times, there is light, love, and hope!

Remus Lupin taught us that no matter what happens, there is a way to push through and survive.

Sirius Black taught us to never betray your friends and always remain loyal to those who are loyal to you.

Lord Voldemort taught us that prejudice is all around and there will always be people like him to take things too far because they are against something.. he taught us to be ready for people like that :D :D

Harry Potter taught us that life might not turn out the way you excepted it to, but as long as you never lose sight of the future that you want, anything can happen

Source : Tumblr.

Pictures above are all credited to Tumblr too.
Addicted to Tumblr recently since Facebook is quite boring & if I continuously tweet in Twitter I could reach 14774041 tweets already D:

Tumblr looks boring from the outside but its a freaking Narnia inside.

GO SIGN UP IN TUMBLR! ENJOY REBLOGGING AWESOME POST. Suits lazy peepo like me :/ My tumblr - Click Here!

Till then,
Thank you J.K. Rowling ;
Thank you Harry Potter ;
Thank you Hermione Granger ;
Thank you Ron Weasley ;

Thank you for the memories, for my childhood, for everything.

Shall end this post with this heehee :

Vincci aka HarryPotter fans.
Shall re-watch everything again in future!
May not be a great post but first time blogging the whole about movie :)
Again, credits to Tumblr Tumblr Tumblr.





更珍惜那份情了, 谢谢你们,我爱你们 :)


Berightback ;)

I shall be back to blogging on a regular basis, soon ;)
Girls outing later & off to Penang tomorrow!


Be right back ;)

Who says? :3

Confidence is your best accessory; never leave home without it.

It's a very strange feeling that comes to me recently, which I don't really embrace it.
I tend to have all thoughts where I'm not sure it's more to pessimistic, discontented or whatsoever.

I wish I were taller ; I wish I have longer legs.
I wish I were slimmer ; I wish I don't have so many fats .-.
I wish I have nicer features,
I wish I have fairer skin colour ; I wish I don't have any pimples/acne/blackheads problems.
I wish I have dope body figure,
I wish with all these no matter what I wear, no matter which camera angle,
I'd look good. HAHAHAHAHHA.
After all, I wish I've more confidence in myself :/
Sigh #FML.

Well, I believe it's not only me after all. Heehs *winks*
Perhaps, another stage to go through in life?
I admit it, I'M BLOODY FAT RIGHT NOW, wth. Like seriously which you can imagine like a SUMO, compared to last time.
No joke, I'm NOT kidding here. *serious face*
Alright just 50% exaggerated maybe?
Back to topic. I'm still fat , yet with a horrible face lol.

Blame the food thankyou.
*puppy eyes* I gained weight because there're too many awesome noms around me ._.
I simply couldn't resist them GAH.
If only I can be a little more optimistic when people claim that I'm fat :
I'M HAPPY. \(^o^)/ winz.

#nowplaying : Who Says : Selena Gomez

But who are you to judge
When you're a diamond in the rough.
I'm sure you got some things
You'd like to change about yourself.
But when it comes to me,
I wouldn't wanna be anybody else.

I'm no beauty queen.
I'm just beautiful me

You've got every right
To a beautiful life.
Come on!

Who says?
Who says you're not perfect!
Who says you're not worth it!
Who says you're the only one that's hurting!
Trust me,
That's the price of beauty.
Who says you're not pretty?
Who says you're not beautiful?
Who says?

Personally love this song very much, so ladies,
you might as well listen to it to cheer yourself up lolololol.
Guys, never call a girl fat, even if you're joking - Twitter.
++ Even if you're not, mind the girls feeling, would you? :)-Vincci. HAHAHA.
Show em what I'm made of ; I was born to be somebody
I was born to be - Justin Bieber

Yet, I came across this site which indeed I was triggered.
I'm nothing compared to her, Leonie ; A teen like us, which struggling through lymphoma (A kind of blood cancer) & still I'm complaining bout my fats, face & blaa .-. *facepalm*

If only everyone in Earth be optimistic like her, sees life in a precious way like her, looking forward a better future like her, the world would be a better place to live in, no?
I couldn't help her financially since I don't have the ability, yet. Oops.
By the way, lets pray for her together alright. People like her, should live, live well Leonie :)
You're not alone.*fingers crossed*

Till then, stay happy and healthy everyone. No matter how bad you think your life is, know that there is this blogger and cancer patient who has it worse than you, and you have no idea how much I want to live your life - Leonie

:') You must survive, and you will. Because you believe.
Again I'm pretty inspired by this post : I define Beauty like this.

Beauty is something that starts at yourself, love yourself and the people around you. Treat them like you would like to be treated. Love like you want to be loved. Make the world beautiful :)

20 days & counting.
P.S : I sense a layer of dust in this space. I miss blogging. Stay tuned :)

And I wonder, if I ever cross your mind, for me it happens all the time.

Way back to Ipoh! :D

So, FYI, I went to Ipoh for 3 days 2 nights few days ago.
Daddy mummy once lived there, & they love the place much.
And obviously I've been influenced by them, heehee.
Here's my-own-creation of facts about Ipoh.

#fact 1 : Ipoh people are friendly people :)) They knows their neighbourhood well & definitely won't be giving you the not-so-nice-black-face

#fact 2 : Most of them are Cantonese, which is related to #fact 1. oops stereotyped much? But that's true :P Anyhow I love the people over there, HAHA I love people here as well alright.

#fact 3 : The elders, aunties & uncles in their 70s work as waiter/ waitress! You can see them pushing trolley, cleaning, collecting plates in the area :O

#fact 4 : They're contented with whatever they have, which is related to #fact 3 again. They don't strive for jobs with high pay, nor live in stress, or in denial, lol wth. They, probably just work, happily.

#fact 5 : Because of the #fact 3 & 4, Ipoh has low development ; the road, the old buildings, ordinary eating places have been there for yearsssss. For me, I prefer Ipoh more than Penang, heehs no joke.

#fact 6 : Ipoh water contains high level of minerals & blaaa. The air is fresh, the water is healthy. Thus, girls from Ipoh can haz nice & fair skin. Anyway most of them shifted to KL, according to daddy LOL.

#fact 7 : Because of all the facts above, Ipoh foooood is superb! ANY FOOD THERE IZ AWESOME, simple because, their passion cooking with patience, awesome.

#fact 8 : All these so-called-facts are my opinions & comments & observations & conclusions & blaaa. Just for sharing purpose, no offence :DD

Enough with all the facts thingy here, you're not reading a textbook anyway *winks*
Time for pixies !
P. S : Did I mention that I took less pictures before this, anyway after I posted everything, I still have quite a number of pics after all :P

Outfit of the day :DD RED.IS.THE.NEW.PINK! I still love pink alright.

Camera ain't fuctioning in low light places. Blurred.

Check out that restaurant's name!

The first thing to reach for once we arrived. THIS.IS.SO.AWESOME T.T

Looks damn simple right? But this is much awesome than ANY Bobochacha in our area u_u

Shopping - #girlslove. Unfortunately, I fell in love with this dress ^^v *peace*

Tadaaaa! It's a maxi dress, which I don't really get used to, since Idon'thavelonglegs.

Btw the colour combination is too awesome (my favourite) Price is reasonable,

Bleh, another one. Just for trying purpose :))

Okay enough with all these pics. Sorry for spamming :P

I'll never have the chance to get hungry there. Thankyouverymuch heehee. Makan again!

3 of us had 7 glasses of fruit juice that night ohemgeee.
Can you imagine that, even their fruit juice can be so tasty T.T at normal stalls like this!

Ipoh Hofun with beeeef! Meat balls! All my favourite yeay!

Day 2. Attended dinner :))


i ) Good hair day (Y)
ii ) 8 minutes to put on contact lens. *proud*
Remember those times when I sat in front of the mirror for 45 minutes end up still PHAILED? #Memories.
iii ) Put on light make up BY MYSELF. I'm SO GLAD that I didn't ruin my own face! LOL.
As you know, I'm damn phailed in that kind of lady stuffs.


First shot after light make up but I love the lighting. My eyebags + dark circles are covered in this pic but Idon'tknowhow. So, it's a fake face of MissVincci :))

Daddy's BFF in Ipoh & the babyyyyyy!

Dinner time again.

Eat, eat & eat.

Ignore the eyebags, thankyou. Had insomnia the day before.

RED-EIGGIE. It's my first time trying that!

End up realizing that it makes no difference with other white eggs LOL.

Met my TDC's friend over there. Such a small world! :DD

Day 3.

Delicious Dim Sum for Breakfastttt! :))

Their Chee Cheong Fun is shoooooo nice!
How can I not love Ipoh?!! :')


Frieddddddddddddd Poopooopiahhhh.

Remember, I'm always an independent girl since childhood time, #foreveralone for breakfast, lunch & blaaa ; used to think hanging out with friends is the best thing ever.
But I realized that it was quite a happy thing to travel with the family, too :) :) :)

Minus the times parents non stop nagging about my #fats fats & fats, that's quite a sad & sensitive issue for me right now :/

Anyway, I enjoyed. Vincci hearts Ipoh!

I'm thankful for everything I have right now :))
Thankyouuuu God. Life's real goooood. All these memories will remain in my heart, indeed.

The End.