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Advertorial post - Exabytes Part II.
Click HERE for Part I.

I guess the RAGE face grab some attention here. ^^v *peace*

Well, I know some of you guys are jealous because I've my own domain

Alright, enough with the not-so-cute-images. Well, to all the awesome people out there,

A beginner/ newbie?
Want an ideal domain name?
Having lots & lots of problems in hosting website? *headaches*
Always wonder how to improve your website's SEO ranking?
Want an own personalized email address?
Generate website statistics?
24/7 Technical Support? *nods head*

*clears throat* Since I'm QUITE awesome too, I'm here to share with you the awesome product,
*drum rolls please*
Please be well prepared. You might experience a possible heart attack and rapid breathing. You have been warned.








which is Exabytes Instant Website Plan! :O
Like what I stated in my previous post, I've my domain registered by Exabytes too and the journey with them is awesome + awesome + infinity. *flips hair*

Back to topic. So, I believe this suits the community much much as Exabytes allows you to create your very own professional website in just a minute, no joke!
Plus, there's so much more reliable services included in the package. *touched T.T*
It offered as such cheap rate so that you can run your website at a minimal cost and effort!

If you’ve ever been curious about picking up golf but felt lost at sea and didn’t know where to start, here’s your chance to give it a try :) Trust me, Exabytes will do the rest for you!

As you can see, there're lots of super awesome template for you to choose.
Grab your favourite one, & personalize it JUST THE WAY YOU ARE, yeay!

Find out more at HERE.

*drum rolls again*

Exabytes gives you > Megabytes > Gigabytes > Terabytes awesome promotions!
No doubt, they offer the best deals ever, indeed strive to provide their customers with the very best service and support.
That's why MissVincci is with them all the time :)) ;))
Just in case IF you're not happy with this product, Exabytes provide 100 Days Full Money Back Guarantee, 99.5% Server Uptime Guarantee and 99.9% Network Uptime Guarantee!

Wipe off your drool people :P

Start following Exabytes Twitter and Facebook to keep yourself updated on their latest news!
You wouldn't wanna miss all the so amazing promos, am I rightttt? :))

Still, thank you Exabytes. This post is not only for the entry of the SuperBloggerContest but too, brings me to the appreciation for them..
Without them,there's no :')

EPIC FACE, bleh.
E for Exabytes ; E for Excellent ; E for Earth most Effective & Efficient service!
Rated 5 Es, 5 stars for Exabytes.

I hearts EXABYTES.

P.S : The images above are for entertainment purpose. Sorry if 'they' annoyed you.
In case you didn't get the link, HERE IS IT again, for Exabytes Instant Website Plan :)


Updates of the month.


Random updates of MissVincci's life.

1. I'm way too busy to blog about all the outings recently, oops. More events/ outings & trips to come! I love my life ;D ;D

2. 1 month+ left to fly to Swinburne Uni, so babes & dudes, please book your date with me as soon as possible as my schedule is getting packed ;P Iknowyouguyswillmissmemuch.

3. Feelin damnnnn fat fat fat fat fat X 23232323 times recently,no joke! Big thanks to all the awesome food in Malaysia *grins* , diet plan starting soon! Rawrrrr. (Y)

4. Purse keep bleeding, keep keep bleeding. I need to earn more money! I need fast cash jobs :/

5. To all the readers who leave their comments in my Chatbox, so so sorry for not replying quite some time, will do from now onwards ;) *winks*

6. Stressing myself much for the advertorial post next since I'm lack of ideas wtf, I'll update more proper post soon.

+ Movies over the months.

Rated : 7/10 :)

The Roommate. Interesting storyline (Y) I still can remember I was grabbing William Chiam all the time.
Rated : 8.5/10

Hearts Minka Kelly & Cam Gigandet. They're a little too hot righttt. *drooooools*

Rated 9.5/10 *thumbsuppp* ;D ;D

Lots of funny scene, I just love him too much T_T *touched*

ANOTHER AWESOME MOVIE FOR THE MONTH YEAY! If only I can drive like them ;P Super cool can?
Rated 9.25/10 :D :D

Thanks to the classmates for the accompany!
I was dying to watch this at first, heehee ;D

Hearts Vin Diesel to the maxxxx Ohemgee. His muscles & his body FTW!
Can you actually believe MissVincci is saying this? :O

+ Random from Tumblr.

Isn’t it sweet how a simple hug from the one you love can calm you and your worries will fly away? Sometimes, all we need is to have someone who will be there when the rest of the world walks out.

The journey to Sarawak , begins?

Hello peeps :))
FYI, I've been having so much fun around where I don't know where to start from D:
Life's so far so good. And I know these will be the times that I would miss in time to come ;
during the #foreveralone years in Sarawak, living with all the peoples on top of trees & blaaa.
Heeehee. Just kidding :P

Well, I've been to Kuching, Sarawak few days ago to check the uni out so that I wouldn't be so lost in August. Thanks to the parents :))
Just a simple vacation anyway, no worries friends, my semester has not started yet, teehee.
Since many of them were shocked to know that I'm in Sarawak last week.
As usual, & so it's pictures time again!

Arriving Swinburne University in the town, Kuching. It's not in forest! :DD

Miss Loh Winzhi, future student in Swinburne Uni. Iain'tfeelinghappyanyway.

Visited the Uni, the hostel & blaaa. Thank God it's quite a nice place :)
Although my heart is still with Taylor's College :/

There's a shopping complex opposite, where it's exactly like Aeon JJ Bukit Tinggi.
I took only few hours to shop the whole mall, this is so sad :(

My future car! Heheh :P Honestly I like this car, simple & nice!

Makan time! The food over there is okayy. But duhhh I prefer ours :D


Next : Daddy's friends house.

Look at the fishes!


Nahh just kidding. It's fake, teehee.

Seafood for dinner!

Kuching is quite a small town compared to KL. Limited activities over there.
No snowflakes. No cupcake chic. No big big shopping malls. No fun :( Sigh.
The good thing is : No traffic jam (Y)
The worst thing is : They speak Hokkien instead of Cantonese *bangwall*
May God bless me.

Alright Imma continue my post :)
: Damai Beach Resort.

Nice place. Chillin' around with the parents.

Awesome view, isn't it? (Y)
Me love beach! *jumps around*

Lack of humans over there. Only foreigners & aliens like my family LOL.


MissVincci reporting in!


I've some skills ;) *winkkkk*

Too bad my parents don't really have -.- I mean, the skills, blehhh.

So, boooo!
Meet the parents!


Oh, bye? :(

I miss the fun with the classmates! I'll have to sumpit them one by one if they forget me! Rawrrrrrr.
The journey to Sarawak will begin in few months time. Take a smile :) (:



Advertorial post : Exabytes-Part I


FYI, It's very common question for readers who stumbled upon my blog

At that particular moment, I'll be thinking of giving them a "cool" look like this :

So, you might wondering, what is Exabytes?
Some kind of super power?
Or delicious food?
Or a random company?
Or this or that?
Here comes more & more questions and the list goes on & on.

Well, *clears throat*
Exabytes is a leading web hosting company based in Malaysia.
I need not to explain their awesome-ness in few long paragraphs, just take a look at my previous experience will do.

My journey with Exabytes started from last year where Xstudent Web Hosting is promoted in Facebook.
Yet, I'm fortunate enough to be one of the lucky blogger so it's absolutely F-R-E-E for the domain *cheers*


Xstudent Web Hosting provided me 4187421849129523 awesome features including :

Support Country & International Domains ( .com/ .net/ .org/ . biz & ...)
Web based Email, Calendaring & Contact list
Max CPU, Memory Consumptions
Midi Files Support
cPanel to manage your site!
URL Redirection ( Try :D )
Daily, Weekly, Monthly Backup
Various Server Software Features
Pre-installed Scripts
Customer Support Features

You may check out more of the awesome features HERE!

Also, the awesome guarantees by Exabytes.

i) All information and claims presented to the customer will be 100% accurate.
I've no doubt with this. They don't cheat on the features included in the package. Whatever is stated will be provided so no worries bloggers! In fact, Exabytes gave me the best of all, as I could say. 100% proven on This is the proffesionality and quality stand by Exabytes. *thumbs up*

ii) All web hosting services will be supplied as agreed.
Of course, I obtained my domain :) No problems with the server, if it's you couldn't even read my blog now, am I right? :D Moreover, if you're unsatisfied with the products purchased, you can receive your money back within 30 days from the initial order date. No questions asked!

iii) The customer will be treated with fairness and honesty.
Truthfully, I'm amazed by the customer service from time to time. I'm obviously a newbie where I don't even understand the whole idea of it. However, Exabytes was willing to lend me a hand when I had a hard time deal with all the 736414197412 problems. What else could I say? *bows*

iv) All planned service outages will be well communicated in advance.
I remember how much I struggle in the past to own this super-complicating website and Thank God Exabytes came to the rescue. And yeahhh successfully redirected here! \(^_^)/

v) All communication with the customer will be timely and responsive ;
Every effort will be made to resolve all valid complaints in a professional and timely fashion.
No joke, their ticketing system are efficient & effective. Likewise, your problems could be solved easily with their prompt reply :D

Eventually, they provide the best solutions for everyone! *wins*
What're you waiting for?

By the way, I couldn't deny the fact how much I love Exabytes Xstudent Web Hosting *blush*

In case you don't get the link, Click HERE. *wide smileeee*

Stay tuned for Part II !
All rights reserved.

My life saver ♥

There are two kinds of secrets : those we keep from others and the ones we hide from ourselves :) (:

#nowplaying : 忘记伤害-林峰

Don't wait for your feelings to change to take the action.
Take the action and your feelings will change.

当 这感觉未发生

我大概还可继续散心 ; 无奈我的心
不经意着了灯 ; 为得不 到的吸引

忘记受过伤害 ;施舍最假的爱
也会令我肯相信 这段感情避不开
忘记如何忍耐 ;但期待一夜之间醒 过来

I'm not the one you'll sweep off her feet, lead her up the stairwell : White Horse - Taylor Swift

As long as there is love inside your heart, happiness is just around the corner ;)

I've learn the hard way ; to never let it get that far : Because of you - Kelly Clarkson

from The Pirates of the Caribbean. Heheh :P

P.S : Thank you Jaclyn Tan ! My best partner for "femance" session & the best gift ever from her- Raymond Lamfung's CD. *screammmmmm*
Trust me, the joy is unconfined whenever I play his songs

Stay tuned, xoxo.

I'm not saying that I'm in love, I'm just saying that lately, he's all i think about :)

I like you, very much ;P