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Travel ; Alone. 一个人的旅行

More than a feeling.

A young teen with wild dreams ;
A sudden urge to blog about all her favourited destination in years to come ;
A blog post to share part of her dreams and goals in life ;
A small space here to pen down her feelings & thoughts ;
A piece of memories where she hopes that one day she come back this page in future,
probably all these would remind her the particular thinking of herself at this particular moment.

Just can't get enough :

: learn Japanese language before the Japan trip; travel all different places in Japan in different seasons ; have a home stay family in Japan ; Manners ; Free & easy lifestyle ; DOPE.


Second love.
: Travel to Venice & Rom & wonderful places there ; Be like Angelina Jolie & Johnny Depp ; Honeymoon ; ROMANCE.

Awwwwwwwwesome !


: Love stars, a lot ; Dark sky with whole lots of stars and a huge moon ; Discover the astrology signs and horoscope ; HAPPINESS.


Real picture of Aurora.

: Obsessed with Aurora, so much so much. Uncommon ; Northern / Southern area of the Earth ; ONE IN A MILLION.


: Korean language ; So Nyuh Shi Dae's concert ; Korean traditions , culture ; REMARKABLE.

Hong Kong.

: ; TVB palace ; Pictures ; Dramas ; Raymond Lam ; ASPIRATION.


: With friends ; Travel around ; Play around ; Yummy food ; Have fun ; SATISFACTION.


: Night view of the city ; Famous structure ; Eiffel tower ; AWESOME.


: Eye of London ; London Bridge ; Breathtaking scenery ; Photography ; EXPERIENCE.


: Master studies ; Live ; Love ; Laugh ; THISISLIFE.

She has no doubt to travel around the world, alone.
She doesn't give a damn where the fact she's not a millionaire or what-so-ever.
She dream big, dream high, like she used to be.
She believes in achieving all her goals in future.
She is waiting for all these dream-come-true moments as stated above in this post :) (:

Everything is possible, nothing is impossible. There are no limits. Whatever you can dream of can be yours.

God bless :)




对我而言,旅行,不单只限于付钱, 跟着旅行团,拍照,回来告诉大家我去过那个国家,就算了。



Saya berjanji akan belajar bersungguh-sungguh untuk mencapai kejayaan dalam hidup LOLOLOL. *ONE MALAYSIA*

P.S : Randomly feelin' different while typing this blog post. Oops. Don't hate me blogging in a different style today alright :) And and of course, I still wished to travel with all my beloved ones, I know I'm not #foreveralone. Lol I hope so :DD Stay tuned people, xoxo.

No matter what you may be going through in life, always stay strong. Don't let other people bring you down. Believe in yourself. - TinyTeenThought


NOOB D: 26/05/11


First of all, I'm so so so so so X 2141491240180491418741 times sorry for not wishing you on your birthday .__.
I apologized for my #likeapig style so do forgive me, please?
I typed that message at 11.45pm. Planned to wait till 11.59pm as I was hoping to be the last one to wish him, end up PHAILED.
*emo* *guilty* *facepalm* *bang wall* SO SORRY T.T

Alright skip the craps. By the way still, HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOOBIIEE AARON TEH.
All the best in life and most importantly smile always :) *MUA ORDER*

I knew that you're the one whom I can always count on in my life :) True friends it is.
I don't know what to say besides Thank You, like a million times D: :D
And seriously, every single thing you did for me, I appreciate it much much.
Thanks for sacrificing so much for me for years LOL LOL LOL.
*though you often claimed that you owe me all these in the previous lifetime*

Thanks for being with me no matter when, where and what happens.
I still can remember the past memories - where I emotionally break down and you just appear right in front of me immediately after my call (Y)
Thanks for protecting me all the time, I knew that you wanted to my angel always LOL.
Face problem angel, me no likeyyyy XD *just kidding*


Somehow we both knew that there are like ups & downs in our friendship too. #FOL, heehee.
I hope you don't misunderstand me as I'm not those kind who find you only when I need you alright.
I still love you much much noobiiee, as a friend ; minus those unhappy moments.
Oops.You knew that I don't give a damn at all when you're being so demanding yet sarcastic, right? :)
Till then, we drifted apart again. LOL IDK WHY.
I can see that you're happy in your life now, which I don't think I'm that important for you, anymore? Truthfully I'm really sick of where we're like strangers for no reason all of a sudden, and "vice versa".

Still, I hope that our friendship remains, where it supposed to be ;)
Ohya! I'm sorry too if previously I've done anything that hurt you indirectly.
By the way, you're officially eighteen now!
Be more mature alright ; X emotional always!
May god bless you with great health and wealth teehee :) (:

Again, THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH for every every thing & loving me for who I am.
Your presence had made my life way more significant. I'm glad to have you with me, friendd :)

P.S See how sincere am I typing such a wordy post for you, where I'm tired like hell now :P Don't be too touched alrightt. Bleh!

With love,
Vincci mami.


Ohhai people. It's 23rd of May so it's a nice day for me to update my blog again, lololol :P
And here I am to update about food aka fats in my body now to make all of you
Just kidding :( I feel fat and I don't like it, at all. NO JOKE.

Too much relaxation, too many delicacies, Miss Smiling Eyes as a normal human being seriously couldn't resist 'em D:
I love May to the max yeay. EAT.TO.LIVE. *cheers*

I realized earlier that I couldn't take picture with my smile anymore:/
It's just don't-know-what-angle-problem at first. That's why it's a must to do a :O shape face.

Slowly accepting the fact now- .__. face appeared to be like chubby, fatty, picture no nais. FML.

Skip that part temporarily :P Idon'tcare.

Malaysia's food is heaven. Lololol a simple & nice breakfast would delight my whole day.
Maggie goreng, Roti Kosong ; Subway Sandwich, Buffet.
Chocolate drink is always my addiction.
I tried various of choc drinks from all different places in this month * touched T_____T*

Location : Mid Valley.
Yummy yummy.

Outing with the classmates :) (:

Location : Sunway Pyramid, Old wing. A taiwan restaurant.
Nice :DD

Location : Berjaya Times Square.
Super awesome creamy mushroom soup + spaghetti carbonara.
Reasonable price and and look I finish everything within few minutes heeeheee.

Double Chocolate + Dark Chocolate ice cream.
Highly recommended.
You can mix them if you want. Taste way better than Baskin Robbins.
Trust me! :O

Reasonable price. Give it a try, you'll never regret HAHAHA.
Location : Gelatomio @ Berjaya Times Square.

Location : Jalan Alor, KL.
Coca-Cola is always the best drink for the crazy hot weather in M'sia.
*Main source of the fats in my body T.T I drink coke like everywhere, especially for movies*

Main foooood partner of mine teehee :P

Location : Tony Roma's in Sunway Pyramid, Old wing.

I feel fat I feel fat I feel fat, SO SAD.

Eat first, then EMO. Medium rare super thick-sized beef, Hot chocolate, Soup of the day.
Mashed potatoes and the so awesome dinner of the day :D

Feels like heaven. LOL.

My over sized burger. Heeeeeeheeeeeee.

Location : Seremban, on the way to PD.
Over packed my stomach with whole lots of stuffs in the weekend too.
Two bowls of rice + all the servings. Shiaatttt.

Lastly, Taylorian's addiction. Starbucks in SS15.
My favourite : Hazelnut Chocolate Drink :O :O :O

In conclusion : FOOD = FAT = FAN NAO.
I don't wanna be a fattttyyyy. I wanna be slim ; I wanna be thin :(
Diet mode is activated from tomorrow onwards!

Partner of starving action!
Pimples, fat legs, big tummy, FOL.
Rabecca Tan - Mua classmate :D

No more bubble tea from Chatime, Gong Cha, Take away.
No more varieties of food for meals.
Aza aza fightinggggg!

*Revealed* Cuteness of the previous blogpost.

Stay tuned.

First dates are awkward. First kisses are heavenly. First loves are irreplaceable and first heartbreaks are unforgettable. Nonsense, stop the lameness.

Back from Port Dickson! :D

OLA! I'm back from Port Dickson - 1 day trip :DD
Enjoyed myself real much in the weekend.
Eat - Take pictures - Swim - Have fun - Sleep.
No stress no homeworks.
Oops, I've classes tomorrow! But obviously I did nothing lolololol *face palm*

Before the to-do-work list gets flooded in my mind, lets make this blogpost fast and furious.
Sorry please cut the furious word :p
Like usual, let the pictures do the talking.
So, pictures time!

All important items as the image above- CHECKED.

Waking up in the morning & testing with the camera condition LOL.

The best thing that I realized - I can actually fit Booobooo in my new-lovely-bag :DD

Random picture :P On our journey to PD.

Spotted a Nissan Fairlady speeding all way long, and we goes woahhhhhhhh.

Reached. Introducing my relatives here.

The females.
The not-so-normal males.
And yours truly :D
While waiting- found this in the lobby.
Here comes the newbies yeay. #likeaboss

Checked in.

What they looking over there?
*epic face*
It's a personal swimming poooooooool. *throws confetti*
The kids were real fastttttt! LOL.
Take pictures first then I joined in the fun :P
We had fun anyway :)

Outfit of the day.

At the beach - night time

Activities of the night.

Randommmmm :)
Swim again! *We love swimming, alot*

Damn hungry after the swim. Maggie hotcup is the besssttt, at that particular moment.

Nightttt time ;)

Woke up with a fat face :( Ignore that. MORNING :D

Shooo niceee :D
No idea what pose is this, lol for fun :3

Pose of the year - Bunny pose

Check this out people!

Guess where am I?!
Woots a weird bike! LOL. It's fun anyway.
Super LMAO picture took by my cousins.
Enjoying ourselves much there :D Wheeeeee.

Take a look at this. I love these 2 shots.
Take 1.
Take 2. Nice facial expression she had :P

This is a must to try. Trust me. We did it lotsa times. XD

Take a breathe and....
GO! It's fun!
Fun fun fun fun~ ~ ;)
Spot the cute-ness of the picture. *To be revealed in the next post*

Inspiration of the week : I'd want a swimming pool in my future house, no joke.
Watch me ; HAHAHAHA.

Off to rest :)
Do thank me for not neglecting my blog though I'm busy, heeheee.
Stay tuned people, xx.