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Last day of April. Say Hello to Mayyy :D

Well, starting college life now can be listed in the Happiness post,Click here.So yeay! :DD
Though I've whole lots of class tests coming up next week.
ESL, Specialist Maths, Maths & Accounting. Stress like hell xP
FYI, we're like having tests every week ohemgee.
Anyway I knew that I haven't been writing much recently.
Neither the random post, random mood, random ss pictures or blaaa here.
I miss those carefree times, heeheee Imma lazy bump :O

By the way, blogging mojo is back today, the last day of April.
It had been a hectic month indeed, which I wasn't really happy with everything.
April doesn't seemed to love me. *sobs*
Instead, random shits popping out from time to time, like non stop seriously. #fml.
Okay I didn't meant to disgust you guys but I'm really tired dealing with all sort of troubles.
No worries, I'm still fine. I'm still alive,wth.
Life still goes on, smile & face it :)

Back to the purpose of the blog post.
For me, today is one of the unlikely-to-be-happy moments in April, I guess
Sometimes when things goes wrong again & again, despite of whose fault it would be,
I believe it's normal for human being to be discouraged.
After all, it's the attitude & effort that matters.
Things are better to be left unsaid in this case.
I'm just plainly disappointed, nothing much :)

Just a simple update anyway since I've pictures to share, teeeeheee.
Still, I'm glad to meet few of my friends, ex classmates & etc.
If you're clever enough, you might be able to figure it out why, how, what happened & blaaa.

Saturday - 30-4-2011.

Woke up early in the morning - Dressed up myself with formal wear (OL-OldLady look D;) - Fetched the bestie LemonQian - Woahhhh-ed at Shienrun Wong's outfit LOL - Been blamed & screwed because I was late. HAHAHAHAHA. The second time, sorry guys I didn't meant to :P At least I fetch you guys okay, bleh.

Reached school - Teachers claimed that our skirts were too short -.- - Drove all the way back home & changed (In phobia already, I 'wrapped' myself up eventually just in case they disallow me to enter the school again) - Story time with the bestie - Pictures with the ex-classmates - Received award - Had lunch in Aeon JJ Vivo.

Not forgetting to mention that I was sweating all way long because I was wearing like 3/4 layers, wth. It's DAMN HOT OKAY. And it makes me look fat :( #FML.

Pictures time :
I was the first to receive the award. Taking pictures of the queue :P

Introducing my bestie LemonQian & the noobie ShienrunWong.

The ex-classmates.

Me & the big-head WeiJian. Heeheee. He has a big brain too. Just kidding :P
I'm just saying he's SMART in other way :)

EPIC moment.

Act cool but FAILED.

Ohhai everyone :DD

No more sports wear for Shienrun Wong , it was a surprise for us omg xD HAHAHA.
So lucky for him to be accompanied by two girls all times :p bleh.

His favourite pose, and we followed. LOL.

My both partners of the day :D

Best partner always, can? :P


The dudes. Oh and 1 outstanding oneee.

Showing off their certs & trophies :D

Okay now I realized Y ALWAYS THEIR PIC, Y NO MY PHOTO? DD:

The girls. And ohh one sissy inside. HAHAHAHAHA.
So cute rightttt.

Pity me. I'm always the photographer, because my camera loves me so much *blush*

Big head VS Small head.
Can you see that our mood-ruined-face of the day?
That's why less syok-sendiri pictures of US. Big big sigh.
We still have our LOVE for each other. Awwwwwww.

Last picture in school.

:) (:

Lunch time :
I treated them :DDD See so kind of Miss Vincci, heeeheeeheee!

Super act cute one.

I like this pic much. Qian is sooo cute. She didn't do that on purpose,
there was something inside Lol I forgot whats that.

And you know what, WE MISS YOU LIM JIA WEI, Vivo miss you too.
We didn't forget bout you okay! :P Hahahaha. I know you miss us much.

While waiting for the fooooooooooood.



Ours - Shienrun's.
Obviously ours taste better rightttt.

Recommended by Qian.!

And I gave her the present. It was kept in my room for months d :/
Glad to see that she loves it so so so much!
its okay for my purse to bleed. Awwwww.

Picture of the day, xoxo.

The End.

Bye April, Hello May!
Ain't coming back.

Sometimes in life ;)

Sometimes in life,
we reach a time where difficult decisions have to be made.
有时候,我们不得不在‘选者和放弃’做 出抉择。

Sometimes in life,
we make decisions that hurt others unknowingly.

Sometimes in life,
those decisions we made might not be the right one.
又或许,到后来才发现自己好像做出错误的选择和放 弃。

Sometimes in life,
we'll regret the decisions that we've made.

Sometimes in life,
we have people who supports our decisions.

Sometimes in life,
we have people around who don't understand our decisions.

Sometimes in life,
things can be pretty simple but plain complicated.
生活 可以简单得很美丽,但也可以在一刹那变得无法想象的复杂。

Sometimes in life,
these are just the things we have to go through.

One thing is for sure,
these difficult decisions are the ones that define you.

We just have to learn to deal with both the good and bad times of life.
Hoping to see a better day in time to come :)

Never regret what made you smile. Just learn from the tears that followed.
;) (;

Heehee :DD I used 1783491274012841 minutes to type in Chinese on purpose!
Not using Google Translator. Do appreciate it okay!
I know some of my readers would like to read my chinese blog post.
Ahahaha. Still, I'm damn pro! *proud*

By the way no worries people, I'm not emooooooooo. *winks*
Life's pretty good recently.
If only we can be closer. Hihihihihihihihihihi :3
Will update again for the inspired-by-post.

With love,

Never say never to procrastination.


Sorry people!
I know it had been quite some time since I blogged a proper post D:
Will be back soon. Stay tuned alright.

Have a nice day!

Clarification for SMK Batu Unjur.

To all the readers out there, apart from the blogpost above in , I'm so sorry that I wasn't well aware of my words, my attitude after all.
I apologize sincerely for that, of course to all the teachers in SMK Batu Unjur, especially to the headmistress- Pn. Hjh Alijah bt.Md Dom

I admit it was actually my fault because I never ever thought that this could bring such impact to the school- SMK Batu Unjur.
Somehow I've to reinforce that I didn't meant to condemn or misjudge all teachers. Well, under certain circumstances, there will be a little of dissatisfaction from the students, I believe I've the right to claim that, in a proper way.
Alright I'm sorry for the misunderstandings caused.

Anyway to be honest, I'd respect my teachers in school.
I'd feel grateful to them for their attempt to teach us. Seriously, I appreciate that.
I'd appreciate all those excellent guides given to the students in terms of discipline, friendship, studies & etc.
I'd feel thankful for the teachers who actually gave me so many opportunities to participate in all kinds of activities, such as district/state/national/international level.

I never intend to piss the entire teachers off, not at all.
Truthfully, I remember I'd thank those teachers I saw on 23rd of March including Pn.Devi (FORM TEACHER!) , Pn.Yap (Physics teacher), Pn.Lee ( Ex.Addmaths teacher). As a matter of fact, whenever I say it, I mean it.

To all the teachers, I'm sorry :)
People, I wasn't threaten to apologize here. So, no worries.
I knew that things cannot be undone. I wonder what can I do more than just to apologize here. I'm afraid that all teachers would be mad at me, seriously. In fact, they already did. I'm sorry, again.

Memories that I had in this school. Everyone knows that I love SMK Batu Unjur.
Why type such a long blog post for - Becoming a Batu Unjur-ian Part I & Becoming A Batu Unjur-ian Part II?

As a reminder, I've no regrets transferring into this school so please, don't ask me why I shift here? Why not back to my previous school initially?
I'd actually feel sad too as if my existence in this school isn't significant, at all.
I apologized for my mistakes. I've learn my lesson.

Till then, I'll think twice before saying something hurtful to someone else. Because I finally understand that It may look okay but words are more powerful that we think.
And of course, I hope the teachers would understand my feelings too.

I'll always be thankful to all the teachers for their hard work & efforts that they have put in, for educating the students. Because my success is their blessing.
I understand, no one who achieves success does so without acknowledging the help of others. The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude.

JPA Scholarship Interview '2011.

Update : Obtained JPA Scholarship to Swinburne University of Technology. 
And it's one of the best opportunity given ever! :D

Well, the interview was a pretty great experience for me, teehee.
Because I've actually learnt a lot from various sources.
You can never expect how on earth I can be so serious for the overall preparation.
Even I myself was damn shocked. LOL.
And here I am to share my experience as a reference for people like my juniors ;)
Trust me, it will be useful for u to grab this opportunity in March next year. Somehow this will be a lengthy post. Bleh :P I include everything here!

Part 1

1. The registration for JPA scholarship will be available once SPM results is released.
2. Officially known as Program Ijazah Luar Negara (PILN). Be fast to apply online because the registration closed after one miserable week D:
3. Before registration, you'll have to SIGN UP with your IC number & password. Just click on the link " Pertama sekali bla bla bla " if I'm not mistaken :)

Additional Info : Click here to check the courses & country offered :)

4. Then just key in your information with capital letters, & press Cetakan or something like that you'll get urself an ID. There isn't any SUBMIT button so it's kinda confusing, for me.
FYI, I've registered Sastera Ikhtisas (Business/Finance & blaa) in Australia

Part 2

1. You can check whether you're shortlisted or not in the following 2 weeks.
If you're, you'll have to take two simple personality test which consists of whole lots of questions
There's like 400++ & I answered all those in 15 mins plus :P
2. Download all the documents attached and print them out. There'll be a list of documents that you should bring & blaaa.

Reminder :
- Prepare all these earlier so that you don't get messed up, because you'll have to certify all the photocopied documents from Pengetua/ Penolong Kanan in your high school.
- In case u don't know what's Sijil Kewarganegaraan ,you'll not need them unless your parents IC are NOT in blue colour.
- Include your ORIGINAL competition certs, koko certs, activity certs in a clear folder. Just submit the folder to the secretary & they'll calculate the marks for you.
(I photocopied all of them but they don't need it -.- )

3. Be well aware of your attire next.
For girls : It's preferably to wear Baju Kurung/ Baju Kebaya + Hair tied nicely + Leather shoes (Kasut bertutup)
For guys : Plain long sleeve with TIE (Important) + Slack + Leather shoes. Or maybe + coat? Anyway, be smart!
P.S : Just a piece of advice from me after searching information from all sources :)

4. Prepare your introduction in both ENGLISH & MALAY.
Include your name, previous school, family background, co-curricular activities & blaaa.
Mine was in MALAY. Pheww luckily my classmate helped me translate my English version on that day! Thank you earphone guy!
Anyway I didn't mention about my koko thingy which I was a representative for the basketball competition in 2009 & held the position of Vice President of uniformed body St.John Ambulans Malaysia Division 22!
I didn't forget about those, it's just others didn't include them in their intro, so I skipped that part WTHHH. HAHAHAHA. Okay off topic.

Part 3 

1. Be well prepared for the interview session. Because JPA scholarship depends on :
Academic performance : 70%
Co-curricular activities : 10%
Family Background : 10%
Interview session : 10%
It may change over the years :P

2. Be ready for the current issues for discussion part and showered by never-ending-questions. HAHAHA. If you're hardworking enough u can prepare list of answers from the questions HERE.

Obviously, I wasn't that insane because I'm having classes everyday!
Anyhow I did lists of important questions like :

  • Why you choose this course?
  • Why do you choose business since u've got 9A+? Why not science?
  • Why you choose to study abroad? Why not Malaysia? Why Australia?
  • What makes you so special out of the straight A's students?
  • What's your strength & weakness? (Tricky ques)
  • Would you willing to accept the scholarship if u're given the local's?
  • How do you see yourself in 10 years time.
  • If there's only one will be chosen from you & her (ur group member), who will be the one who deserve this scholarship more?
Or some current issues relating to business like :
  • What do you think about Malaysia's economy?
  • How to reduce unemployment in our country?
  • How to increase income of Malaysians like Sg?

I've about 5 windows and each having 138947124021 tabs in it.
My laptop  didn't rest for the whole weeeeek D:

Blehhh I did lots of research thingy okayy, till I'm going to turn mad, seriously.
- And of course I want to thank my IELTS teacher - Mr.Joseph. He is superb because he gave me fantastic answers for like everything. Basically I'm the one who interviewed him. HAHAHAHA.
- And Lowyat forum helps too because they share their experiences there & I'm asking questions non stop at first because of my blur-ness. Thanks a million to them for helping me out.
You may have a look at my thread HERE.
It's simply awesome because people who attended the interview earlier actually share their experiences immediately there! I'm so lucky to have my interview on the last day :P I think.

Important Reminder : If u're asked in BM, answer in BM. If u're asked in English, answer in English.
Unfortunately, mine was 2 sessions in BM, one session in English. *bangwall*
Still, I did my best. Definitely better than the TNB's interview.
Thanks to that particular interview because everything turns out to be better in the JPA's.

Make sure that u know the place before you go! I've a friend that couldn't find the place end up she failed to attend the interview :(
Plus, you'll be divided into groups. It's better to know your group members before the interview :)
There're 5 of them & I've got lucky no.3! Seriously I felt much calm lol idk why.
Make sure you greet the interviewers, sit only after they asked to, smile all the time & STAY CALM. Don't shake your legs, sweat, shivers & blaaa. I put my hands together so that I DON'T RUB MY NOSE. Ahaha shahbandarians knew that :P

Till then, I'm satisfied with my performance in the interview because l did my best :)
A big thanks to all humans who wished me luck for the interview including my classmates, my relatives, my friends & blaaa. And great I've neglected my studies for the whole week. *facepalm*
I hope I wouldn't affected by the negativity again, thinking that I actually have lots of works & problems to deal with next. *fingers crossed*
About the scholarship, I didn't actually pin high hopes for that. If I get it, I'll feel grateful & more happy than enough. But if I don't, its okay I'll just move on with my planned route!

I actually type such a long post because I hope that the next batch will be able to view my posts so that they won't be so lost :) Because I realized those seniors' blog post helped me a lot!

Ended by,


I realized many of you sent me a message on Facebook but all of them went to my junk folder. So if you guys have any questions in mind, don't hesitate to EMAIL me or follow this CONTACT ME link -
Cheers :)