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Are u happy? - Happiness.

Warning : Lengthy post ahead.

Greetings readers :D
From tomorrow onwards, I will be officially known as Taylor's College SAM student.
Idon'tfeelanything. I am not excited like everyone else. Am I abnormal? Teehee.
As what I said, I might be a little lifeless in these 3 months but still I enjoy such relaxation :P
Being exposed to whole lots of fancy stuffs and yeah,
I'm preparing a bomb for my purse, seriously.

Surprisingly I realized that day by day as people grown up,
there would be more dissatisfaction, more desire, more aspiration, more hopes indeed.
because I am one of them :/

Recalling back the past, how happiness is defined throughout the journey, as we had been living for years.
When I was a real naive kid, probably studying in a kindergarten,
playing plasticine in class is happiness. Getting sweets from the elders is happiness.
Blissfulness can be easily felt when falling asleep in mother's hug.

When I proceeded my study to primary school,
knowing more friends is happiness.
When I'm allowed to hold a birthday party in my house,I cheer loudly and thank my parents so much,that is happiness.

When teachers praised me for being a good student, or maybe
when teacher is not around,
the moment we scream out loudly again,is happiness.

The laughter and joy when I get to play unknown games with the bunch of friends,

while waiting for parents after school, is happiness.

When I was in lower secondary school level,
Winning inter school competitions and getting prizes is happiness.
The very last minute of the last exam paper is happiness.

When holidays is around the corner,
and I've the chance to go for trips overseas ,is happiness + happiness.

When I was in upper secondary level,
staying over with the best friends is happiness.
Meeting the loved ones & starting a relationship is happiness.

Finally getting over a heartbreak is happiness.
Meeting him is happiness.

Eventually able to love again is happiness.

Finishing SPM is happiness.

In order to head towards so called happiness, which I believe is more than everything else in life, we have dreams.
We have more and more to achieve, and the list goes on and on and on.

I witnessed a new phenomenon which I can see among my friends & family nowadays.
For them, purchasing a BRANDED ITEM is happiness,
Oops I forgot to mention, for one day, which is the purchasing day :O

There's a quote stated - once you get into branded items, you can't get out of it.
You bought it, you wasted your money, you earn the satisfaction, but soon you'll want to purchase another branded item again & goes on and on. That don't really make sense to me.
For me, why waste whole lots of $ for your addiction in super branded items
but not donating for others, who really need the money. Trust me, if they got your $,
they will be happy till like long life time,where they finally able to get some needs in life and continue to survive.
Yeah, True happiness is that called.

No offense for this alright. I want a Chanel handbag too. * bangwall*

I'm just switching a reminder for myself because I'm easily influenced by others.
If one day in time to come I'm like the statement above, you're most welcome to let me read this blog post, which is written by myself LOL.
It's quite awkward when people ask me which college am I studying, and the moment I answer : Taylor's College, their reaction will be like WAAAA RICH ASS STUDY ONE.
Err please help me relate this to the main point of the blog post,I'm running out of time. Teehee.

How will I define happiness in years to come? Nobody knows.
Somehow I’ll try to see happiness in the complexity of life as we grow older everyday.

I'm happy to say, March loves me :)

Hanging out with them is happiness.
Watching movie & Singing K with JingWen daddy, WilliamChiam, JasonLoo, Wanxiang Yap is happiness.

Done watching this drama IS HAPPINESS!!

Another awesome+ awesome drama. Watched too - happiness.

Get to see my RAYMOND LAMFUNG every weekdays is super super happiness T.T
Imma crazy over him.Please send me to hospital. LOL

Winning the daphne's blog contest & blog hits nearly 1000 visitors a day is happiness.
One day only, HAHAHA.

Getting 9A+ & 1A in SPM is happiness! :) LOL This is what I did last year during SPM. I actually paste it on my mirror.

Having gathering with my classmates is happiness :D

Receiving whole lots of compliments from others of my lovely blog,
knowing that my effort from the past is not a waste,
is happiness :) :)

Of course, having them with me is happiness + happiness :D

Appreciates all the happy moments :) Don't worry, be happy.
That's why yours truly named SMILING EYES.

Is starting college another form of happiness? HAHA not sure yet.
To be continue.

With love,

Once again, thank you!

Ohya ohya! Please kindly switch off all the lights tonight! From 8.30pm till 9.30pm.
This is important - It's just one hour only after all.
Lets work together & join in the Global Earth Event for a better future.
Do believe that, these small matters can actually make a difference to the world!

Like what it's stated, this is just a very random thankyou blog post :)
Hopefully you guys won't get bored of it.
HAHAHA I'm a grateful person, LOL.

I will just make this short & simple because some of the content of this post contains sensitive issue which possibly would lead to another controversy again.
Thus, I've to be more careful on my words to ensure my safety .-.

Introduction : Yours truly, little cousin no.1 - Apple & no.2 Orange.
Hahaha ignore the orange part.I'm just playing around :P

This is from "Orange". He knows I love chocolates :)
He actually wrapped everything by himself & gave it to me as a present.

This is from Apple. Kids are always so naive,cute & innocent.
This may seemed nothing to others but truthfully,I was so damn touched when I saw this =')

These are from my relatives, beloved ahyi's & grandmother.
They know I love money, so HAHAHAHA. Obviously again, JUST KIDDING.
I wasn't born in really really rich family so I didn't get like how many hundreds or how many thousands but for me,it's the sincerity that makes a difference.

Lastly, a big big big big thanks to my lovely mummy :')
She bought me a chocolate ice cream cake after she realized everything. I couldn't control my anger & sadness before this & I cried like a 3 year old baby in front of her.
Mummy I love you, thank you!

I was completely devastated a day after I got my results. I cried harder than anyone else who get worst results or what so ever. Pathetic enough. I got wishes & congratulations from everyone but NOT even a single word from my closest one.Yet, I get scolded like nobody business eventually, like I'm the most most stupid person in the Earth. Every words from him were so damn hurtful. If only you guys were in my shoes, you will understand how pain it was together with the frustrations.. There're millions of thoughts running in my mind from that moment. Okay stop stop stop.
I bet people will laugh at me loudly because of this. Sounds real stupid because I sense stupidity in myself, too.
Nahh just a little :P

In conclusion, I'm proud enough because I'm still able to survive & grow up in such family. Instead, I should feel lucky for others so that there wouldn't be another suicide case in Selangor, LOL.

Till then, I thank my relatives so so so so much because when I'm with them, I finally could feel all the effort I put in is much appreciated :') I really felt like crying yesterday, even now .-.
That's all for now. Stay tuned.

Will try to update as much as possible before whole lots of assignments enter my life.
I'll be starting my orientation for SAM @ Taylor's College Subang Jaya on Monday.

I promise, in future I'm gonna earn back that thousands & give all them back to you.
Yeah. It's the aggressive act of yours made your own daughter turned out to be that way.
I'll show you eventually how I succeed in my life and the way you underestimate me is NONSENSE.

直到你不找我 ;)















正这样的失去,让我看清了现在所拥有的幸福 :)




I admit that I was a damn failure on the 23rd. Again & again, I'm proud to say that I didn't cry. I hold back my tears alright. I promised myself I wouldn't even waste a single tear on this kind of fucking person in my life. You should be proud too, you actually ruined my mood though I got satisfying results. It's unbelievable there's such guy in this universe, FUCKYOU


也很伤心的,我的最爱电视剧-谈情说案播放完毕了 :(


Just kidding. But seriously, my life became less meaningful now :(

I cried like hell in this episode.

我 relate 这部电视剧在这个post 是因为我是 inspired by 其中一集。
是当他们分手的时候,里头有一句话 I felt the same.

It's like why God gave you something when you least expect it, or maybe you don't even dare to think about it before, somehow after some time,

God takes everything back when it's actually belongs to you right now. Why not just don't give anything at all from the beginning so you don't have to suffer all these pain in the end?

In conclusion, learn to give & take in life ;)

-No one puts themselves in your life, you put them there.
You can choose to IGNORE them or ACCEPT them

-Believe that every situation we experience, whether positive or negative, is an opportunity for growth and learning.




Ohhai everyone!
I'm sorry for this belated post because I'm too busy for all the preparation to college, gatherings, scoldings & whatsoever.
Well, 23rd of March is a big big big day for everyone of us, ex-form 5 students.
I have to admit that I was freaking nervous like hell on the day itself.

Somehow it was a great experience, I guess.
We waited outside the school together with bunch of friends at 10am and no doubt,
all of us were damn panic, plus some sort of excited feelings :D D:
Alright skip the craps. So tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :
*This is my space so please don't tell me that I'm showing off here -.-*


For me myself, I'm pretty satisfied with everything :) :)
I'm happy enough. I don't mind of getting an A for my Biology because
almost everyone knows how much I dislike/hate this particular subject.
Shoooo away those lamers who purposely wanna show off they get an A+ for Biology.
So thank God for all the A+ and luckily no A- for Bio! Wheeeeeeeeee :DD

Of course, I need to thank whole whole whole lots of people. Heehs :P
Firstly, I wanna thank MYSELF -LOH WINZHI OMG Hahaha just kidding.

Thanks a lot to my tuition teachers at Pusat Tuisyen Era Tinta,
Mrs. Tan,
favourite favourite ADD MATHS teacher.
ACCOUNTS teacher.
BM teacher.
PHYSICS teacher.

Next, my school teachers? Well, to be honest,
I talked a lot, laughed out loudly LOL , I didn't pass up my home works almost all the time because of my laziness, I didn't pay attention in class because their teachings are just too boring.
I'm really really sorry to say that I'm not a good student in school.

Probably most of the teachers remember my name because of that :/
But truthfully, I dislike teachers who underestimate students, seriously Ihateit.
That's the reason I change my point of view towards the school teachers.

Still, thank you my beloved school teacher- Pn.Yap.
She concerns about my studies all the time & cares me really really much. I appreciate it, teacher :) Thanks for your love & care throughout the 2 years.
Next would be Miss Wong. This is the only class I pay full attention in!
I didn't do any home works except THIS SUBJECT. AHAHAA. Maths is my love :P

"Who else? " In such situation, I should be saying,
A special thanks to teachers who gave me so many opportunities to participate in all different kinds of competitions outside :D
Plus, I need to thank my ex-secondary school teachers in SMK Shahbandaraya too.
As a matter a fact, teachers there never ever look down on me :)
Yet, I've great foundation of my studies from that particular school too, so yeah.
To be fair - I love both schools okay.I'm gonna share this great news here as well :) Hopefully my readers don't mind.
My ex-school greatest competitor - Tan Khong Woon.
I love her much :) She's funny & humble as well. She is afraid of me always in a very cute way but she's willing to teach me if I have any questions TEEHEE. SHE DESERVES EVERYTHING!
And also my ex- classmates- KHUGEN.

Both students who appeared on the newspaper are from SMK Shahbandaraya :D
*proud of them*
I need to clarify here, Khong Woon is much more prettier than the picture above. HAHAHA.

Lastly, I need to thank my beloved friends of courseeeeeeeee.
*Scrolling up, is this post a little too long? Boohooo*
Alright alright. Big thanks to my students- LemonQian, William Chiam, JiaWei, KhengLi, & who else? I know this should be other way round, but but
I hope my teaching did help you guys to achieve better results. I tried my best :D

Thanks to those who stimulates my nerves to study always too, like the NOOB Aaron Teh and and those who always judging me like nobody business.
And of course my classmates in 5 Berlian.
There're whole lots of brainy students in my class.
They're seriously damn hardworking which always make me feel so tensed up issshh.
Again, Congrats to those who get great results like James Tee Chow Sheng,Yun Fei,Maggie,(My ex classmates), WeiJian, Shanejeet, Qunyuan, Andrew & blaaa.
For those who don't,remember that's not the end of the world. So, move on!
Trust me, after a month,nobody will ask & care about your results anymore.

Till then, I wanna thank all those who congratulates me too :)
I'm sorry I don't think I did a great blog post today because my mood was totally ruined,
because of some stupid reasons. Sigh.
Skip the negative ones.
Have a great journey ahead, people! Loves.
For those juniors, I may not be too free to teach you guys everything but if you've any questions I'll always willing to help. Cheers. All the best!
Anybody can study, depending on how much effort they put in.

You would never ever understand how I felt. How hurtful it is.

UPDATE : Successfully got JPA Scholarship and accepted into Swinburne University of Technology :) More about JPA here

3 days of working in life.

FYI, I've been working in Aeon Bukit Tinggi as a promoter for the past 3 days.
Seemed to be an easy job but I was tensed up like hell,
I had no idea why. One word - miserable.
3 days - 3 posts in a row.
This post is freaking long, you may just ignore them if you want.

Day 1
Early in the morning, I used 10 minutes to put my contact lens on.
Since make up is required, I've practiced my make up few days ago,remember the daphne's post?
Everything turned out to be a mess, hell yeah.
I put on my make up in a hurry, and under low light condition.
End up I saw a SCARY GHOST when I look into the mirror OMFG - yes it's myself.

Panic like hell and shivered to remove all those stupid makeups.
Still failed. My hair was in a mess. My face was in a mess.
Luckily no familiar friends saw me with that ghost face except Jason Loo, my so called Team Leader. Lol.

The worst part came, guess what my contact lenses BROKEN INTO PIECES inside my eyes T.T
I tried to take everything out somehow a small piece was left in my eyes &
I couldn't find it :( You'll never know how scared am I.
Seek help from Stephen Sephender & at last I found out that hidden small piece. Haih.
Working schedule was like usual. Standing and promoting Naturel cooking oil whole day long.
Till the end of working, I thought my legs gonna break into pieces too. Lol just kidding.

Day 2

Neglected those make ups & contact lenses since I've phobia already.
Been frustrated again because I tried so many times to tie my hair bun but FAILED.
Whatthehell I always help my mum to tie her hair bun nicely but I can't do it myself ?!?!
And I was late because of the damn clock in my room showing 10 mins slower than the actual time. *throwing comb away*

My legs condition on the second day turned worst ==
I couldn't feel my legs anymore. Sigh.
Anyhow my dad brought me for dinner at The Black Canyon during my break time.
I could finally sit down at the comfortable sofa, enjoy my iced chocolate, and my grilled salmon for dinner.
Unexplainable feelings seriously T____T I felt so damn touched.

I hate green colour. I hate tying hair bun. I looked like an Ajuma when working & I dislike it.
Face black till cannot black liao. FML.

Day 3

The last day. I thought this day would be better because of the lesson previously.
Alright I had no problem with my face with my hair & I drove to work.
Anyhow the stupid idiot hell Aeon staff don't let me in because of my nail polish.

I drove all the way back to home but I forgotten my keys and nobody at home.
I was speeding all while since I'm in a hurry and yeah, I bang onto someone's car. FCUK.
My car dented a little but I know I'm going to be in big big big trouble :'(
I went back home, went to 7 eleven, at last I went back to JJ and get a nail polish remover ==
Gahhhhhh. And the girl thingy came to visit at a very WRONG time, like always.
Try to imagine how was my mood whole day long, wtf wtf wtf.
Back pain. Leg pain. Heart pain.
Sorry readers I couldn't control myself anymore :/

Alright skip the negative stuffs. I had the chance to meet Myolie Wu in person!
Teehee. I spent my third day break time to stand there just to see her.
*Standing again, pity my legs :P *
She is one of the awesome TVB actress & I like her :)
If Lamfung is coming I probably won't be working anymore. HAHA XD
I was standing behind actually but I had no idea why I'm at the front line at last Teehee.

Wrong !? It's 20th of March - 1pm.

She came down from the escalator! So unexpected.

I quickly ran there and I was so near with her! Teehee.
Just beside the guard who protecting her.

She kept smiling all time. Her smile is kinda different with others.

Can you see how tall she is with her heels? OMG. Haha. Somehow I prefer her to speak in Cantonese. But Klang people mostly don't :(

Till then, I was suffering like hell and non stop countdown-ing till 10pm.
Tired till gonna die at last,seriously.
It was just 3 days - 72 hours but whole lots of incidents really freaked me out.
I'm glad that it's all OVER now :)

By the way, SPM results will be out TOMORROW.
*fingers crossed* God bless everyone! :)

With love, Vincci.

I love movies :) Do you?

College life is starting soon :O
I'm still not ready for my Pre-U courses yet, err to be honest I'll not be ready no matter how long it is.
I bet that goes same to everyone else, but we always wanting more extra time :D
Well, the starting of year 2011 is simple yet awesome, as I can say. *claps*
Like usual I came across several troublesome problems throughout these 3 months.
Still, I'm much stronger for now :) *fingers crossed*
I hope to forget and forgive quickly more easily in time to come :D

In fact, hectic college life is waiting for me & I have to end my carefree life, very soon :(
Perhaps, it should be said as the next small stage of my life. God Bless.
It's not every time I can type whole lots of words in a long passage anymore,sigh.
And so, I should have keep my blog alive from now, okay I mean always :P

Movies are part of it :) FYI, I love movies but I seldom go for them :(
Due to my strict parents & they don't really bring me to cinema.
I skipped lots of awesome movies last year,like Avatar...Step Up 3. Pathetic though. Sigh.
But yeay! Small part of freedom is with me right now.
I get to watch SOME of the movies in cinema recently.^____^
Movies in 3 months'11 are almost equal to movies that I watched in year 2010. SO SAD FML.
I mean F tiny part of my life, recalling those japanese who are in pain right now :/

Black Swan. Rated 8/10
( Interesting & extraordinary -up & down storyline,
anyhow the main actress isn't attractive as the image above)

127 hours. Rated 7/10
( True story with strong determination of living but too bad I dislike watching the same person with sexy mustache in the whole 127 minutes )

The Tourist. Rated 9/10
( The best of all. Awesome angelina jolie, awesome johnny depp- my favourite always, awesome place in Venice & awesome storyline too? )

I love HK. Rated 8.5 /10
( Sense of humour + TVB actors & actress + Value of corperation = Great one)

Gulliver's Travels. Rated 7+1.5 /10
(Added 1.5 because of the one whom I watched this movie with)

One of the awesome part of this year is part of the freedom.
I seriously want to be eighteeeeeeeeeeeeeeen so eagerly wth. 7 months more, tik tok.
More parts of the world to be explore & I'm building dreams towards my goals in life.

Perhaps I didn't blog for quite some time d because
I've no idea how to start my blogpost about my work :/
So here's a quite random one first :)
Stay tuned.