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Keep climbing, keep the faith ♥

If you could read my mind you'd be in tears.

As expected, beginning of the year has been pretty tough though.
People change, hearts move on. And I believe these are part of growing up, isn't it?
Life could be suffocated sometimes, whenever your mind recalls and here comes troubles to your heart.
Of stupidity, it might fill with anger, disappointment and of course undesirable yet undescribe-able feelings.
In short, the pain lingers as if you're at the breaking point, again.

It has been a disaster, I might not be able to remark whether is everything worth striving for at that particular moment.
Somehow holding onto anger hardens the heart and undoubtedly it hurts.
Well, I'm not exactly mad but obviously you've let me down, totally.

We all have flaws. So, who doesn't make mistakes? I believe everyone does.
It's just the matter of do you actually feel sorry about it and put an effort in to make it up.
And now,I'm glad that I've learnt my lesson.

Perhaps, seeing & knowing someone true colours clearly,
I've realized & I'd not feel that it is such a loss, not at all.
In fact, excuses are just to mask inexcusable behaviour, like always.
I know I'm such a fool, for almost everyone. as humans around are constantly reminding me how stupid I was, I am. You know how it hurts.
It's just that I knew everything but I couldn't do even a single thing that's why I act like afucking idiot at times. It hurts again like nobody business but anyway FML =')
Truthfully, I wonder why and how on earth could I be blinded in such way too actually.
So I allow you to laugh out loud now,wtf :)

I’ll never give up in love & I’m pretty sure love will find me.

As what I've stated, life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets,
so love the ones that treat you right and forget the ones who don't.
Hence, if there is a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it.
Sometimes God will have better plans for each one of us ;)
Its okay to have some changes after all. Plus, to face some cruelty since we're still young :DD

And yes, I'm not alone. I'm still much amused by humans around who loves me so much.
Or am I too easily touched? Teehee.
By the way I'll not break down easily anymore.
Okay maybe sometimes since I'm emotional plus emotional when my nerves go wrong :P
Most importantly is I'd see my life more optimisticly where everything happens for a reason.
And everything has became a fairytale.
So,don't let your past steal your present :) ;) :)

I'm inspired all along by my favourite bloggers & my lovely friends.
Thanks to to Eilie Chee , BFF LemonQian & William Chiam.
Listen to their advice and words, end up I would be able to make up my own mind, I guess.
Of course, I appreciate the ones who stay at my side no matter what happens and
supporting me always :)
And and and, credits to Girl's Generation too! Their songs brighten my days :D
So, it's the best to just let things go with the flow. I'm fortunate enough for now,
though my heart bleeds a little too oftenly.

Immaturity runs in and out, I'm not too sure it happens on which of us but
I allow myself to feel the forgiveness as the sweetest revenge ;D
Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong- Mahatma Gandhi

Yes I am :)
(Every time you take a big risk in your life, no matter how it ends up,
you're always glad you took it - JustWannaSayIt )
And Booo! I still have them :D

The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason why you held on so long.

This is our beginning. This is us taking life as it comes. This is us trying to live because we can.This is the beginning. So people,

Don't worry, Be happy.

In fact, this phrase is common yet simple enough. I believe everyone of us understand somewhat it's always said easier to be done. Life goes way more complicated as we grown up, as soon as this phrase appeared to be meaningless/ useless. But people,

If you want to be happy, be. You know you can make your choice :)

In conclusion,
Be happy, it's one way of being wise!

P.S : Due to certain circumstances, I repeated this post again. Sorry guys!
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How to create a PASSWORD PROTECTED POST in Blogger

Basically one of the disadvantage using blogspot is we could either only choose to put our whole blog as public or private.
Here's the solutions if you raised some sensitive or private issue and you want to make IT private, not the entire blog.

FYI, There're 2 versions : English (Solution 1) & Chinese (Solution 2) versions.
My previous post is using the Chinese version because English version doesn't allow me to have differerent paragraphs. So the protected post will be like reading a freaking long passage and so I don't like it :)
Don't worry. I'll show both tutorials since it's real easy.


Firstly, Click Here to enter the web page. Then you'll understand what to do by looking at the illustration below.
Instructions are words in red colour.
You may click on the images below to enlarge :)

After these steps, go to your blogger page like usual &
Create New Post. Click on the EDIT HTML button.

LAST IMPORTANT STEP - COPY the text below :
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

and PASTE it before the HTML codes.

After you've successfully done steps above, your password protected post is now ready.
Of course you may insert some texts / pictures like usual for the NON password protected PART, by clicking on the COMPOSE button.

The SHOW ENCRYPTED TEXT can be edited by replacing words you want such as ENTER PASSWORD HERE in the HTML codes. If I'm not mistaken, it's at the end part of the HTML codes given :)
TADAAA! And PUBLISH POST after you're done with your P&C post!

It's using the same concept as Solution 1. Firstly, Click Here to enter the web page.
LOL so funny xD I'm not a banana but it's so weird to type in Chinese!

1. 输入完之后,按 加密 然后 ignore 密文的部分。

2. 复制在紫色框里的程式码, 贴在你的部落格EDIT HTML部分。
3. 复制蓝色框里的所有程式码, 再贴到部落格EDIT HTML 里。


The chinese words "请输入密码" & "确定" can be edited by replacing any words like "Password here"& "Enter" in the HTML codes. It's at the front part of the HTML codes given. You can find them easily since it's chinese words. This is what I did Teehee :D

Do you guys understand my explanations & tutorials ? :)
I actually discovered this long time ago but didn't manage to post private issue due to some reasons.
By the way, happy trying! Good Luck yo!
You may ask questions by leaving a footstep below.
Thank u :D

I'm a normal teenager :D

Hello readers.
Sorry for irrelevant post previously as it's only for the lovely bloggers outside. Teehee :D
I'm kicking off a random post here again.
Basically I'm going on the same routine,like everyday
This is what I up to recently. I'm kinda busy sometimes, you know.
Laugh out loud,wth.

1. Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Hotmail, Tumblr.
3. Cracking my head on the bestie's present. Head gonna seperate into two seriously.
4. Checking out brand new stuffs on net & being calculative on my budget & craving list
5. Dancing exaggerating moves with loud music on / with my favourite Girl's Generation!

In conclusion I'm a very common + normal teenager :D Teehee.
Alright I did some serious stuffs too like thinking about my future, wth.
I mean deciding what course to study and blaaa.
I discovered how SEO works. That seriously makes my head spin non stop, epic.
(In case if you're wondering, SEO is something to do online marketing)

Plus, I actually wanted to use wtf so much instead of wth.
It's similarly a trend recently wtf. No no I'm not that rude unless if you piss me off.
It's just like a cooler/ sounds nicer ending? WTF.
HAHAHAHA. So, can I?

P.S : SPM results probably will be out on 21st of March.
So no worries, relaxations come FIRST. wheeeeeeeeeeeee :D


This is a password protected post.

Hint : Where did I bought these from? No space, no capital letters.
To view this post please enter your password below. Thank you :)


Nothing much. Just an ordinary lengthy post for me to be myself to vent my anger & disappointment.


So HALO peepo! I'm back to M'sia safely.
Like finally, I'm done with my pictures and here I am to post about my trip :)
As usual, let the pictures+captions do the talking.

Day 1 - 16th Feb

Slept only few hours and went to KLIA with an exciting mood :D
Enjoiced with Hot Choc and random stuffs - Over sized lolipop & mentos.

In the plane :) Too rush and didn't manage to put on my contact lens.
Guess what the same case happened to the rest of the days in Bali, FML.

And yeah, eyebags + dark circles F the world. Sigh.

And Tada! Kei was there.Others were too, I mean like all of them! x)
Bro's gf actually suffocated her,wth.

Did some epic stuffs with May due to boredom Teehee.

Reached BALI!

FYI, our airport is so much higher standard than theirs xD Given scented flowers - namely Kemboja. A quite important flower for Balinese :)

Plus, Balinese are mostly "strong" Hindu-Buddhism.
You can see prayers stuffs and ceremony all around.
& their major is wood cravings.This is one of the statue at the roadside. Related to Mahabharata.

I love my outfit of the day :D It's somewhat comfortable~

Arrived Hotel Ramayana in Kuta area. Snapped pics while waiting. Bleh :P

My bro's girlfriend,May Lynn. Babi brother didn't follow along.
So she was my partner for the whole trip. Thank her lots :D

Evening time. Headed to Bali Hai Cruise,had international dinner & spent our time there for the night! Wooohooo!
See they gave us the flower thingy again. I dislike to put them around the neck cause they were sticky.
Spotted hot chics from foreign country, basically from Aussie & Japan.
*Both my fav countries yo!*

And YEAY we went to the topmost of the cruise & booked a nice place Teehee!

We sat beside a Japanese guy and I accidentally said Arrigato gozaimasu after he helped us to take pictures. And OMG he spoke to us Japanese where we were like so blurred.
I learned a few Japanese sentence last time & I told him we don't know Japanese.
After all we communicated in English+Japanese.
LOL so darn funny but it was fun!
They're all friendly & sporting people. * I should have learn Japanese! I will soon!*

More hot chics! = Exciting mood LOL. As if I love girls so much eh?

Sunset view. Planes passing by on top of us. Lots of other cruise. With foreigners. Pictures.
One word- AWESOME. *winks*

And it was dinner time! Inside the cruise yo! How nice :) :)

Sorry pictures at night were all blurred and unavailable to be posted up here.
By the way we had a great time. There were performance by
muscular mens, bali women, and the darn hilarious part - Pondans!

Try imagining the victims were trapped between her/his muscular legs.
Yet, she/he was very very violent.
even kissed a man OMG.
But to be honest, she/he was darn professional still, made us laugh our ass off the whole night!
We met her/him after the performance and guess what she/he will be performing in Rihanna's concert in Aussie!

*It's troublesome to use he&she&her&him -.- Sorry cause I want to respect her/him LOL*

Had disco time too! Too bad my dad came when I've the mood to dance & battle with those Japanese chics -.- Then I refused to because I don't want my dad to realize that he had a wild daughter HAHAHA.

Good night! Teehee. Yes everyone is here in Bali.

Day 2 - 17th Feb

Outfit of the day. Loves!
Superbly nice breakfast since EGGS is my LOVE ohmygod.

There're only 12 of us yet the 28 seated bus is ours. Somewhat relaxing :D
See my sleepy face LOL.
Introduced to Balinese house. It's real different from us.
Somehow Idk why they have whole lots of pictures in their home .-. Confusing eh?

LOL I don't have big boobs like them.
WOW I'm at the beach. LOL.

Visited the village which is famous of its gold & silver work.
We were disallowed to take picture inside so yeah these were the outside pics.

FYI, there're lots of frogs thingy everywhere because they believe frogs brings luck to them :)
May's turn Teehee.
Our turn. HAHAHAHA. Do I look alike with the frog? *professional poser*

Daddy & Mummy.
Crispy Duck for lunch. Babi Guling (piglet) is very famous there. There're some who complained cuisine in Bali is not as nice as ours.I was the only one finished everything in every meals. I felt everything were just great maybe because I'm always so hungry :DDD

The paddy field is soo niceee :D

So greeny but I'm loving it.
Saw the mountain? It's an active volcano! Those blacky spots were formed because of its lavas. There's a lake too. The largest lake in Bali :O

Went to a restaurant opposite the volcano. It was cooling there and I love it so much!!
Accompanied by Hot Chocolate some more. T_______T *touched*

The back light is too bright and no matter how I brighten it you cant see my face :(
See my love then! :D

This is what you called Tanaman Berteres.

Went to a coffee garden. The best coffee is the Luwak Coffee. Which is an animal like a cat named Luwak will eat the seeds and the faeces they produced will be the coffee beans.

Sounds disgusting but this coffee is superbly expensive.

I don't drink coffee. I prefer chocolate. LIKE AGAIN HOT CHOCOLATE. But what I wanna say is THE HOT CHOCOLATE IS THE BEST THAT I EVER TASTED T.T Made from pure cocoe powder, LOL so touched. I was like jumping around like crazy after my daddy bought the powder,seriously!

EPIC moment. May love this pic alot alot XD

And guess who's this?
Shopped at Ubud market. It was a real scary experience. You must not ask the price if you don't feel like buying. If you don't bargain, they bargain for you. The price is costly and you can get 75% discount if you're skillful enough.

Wood craving center. Didn't take much pics cause I felt scared. I've no idea why.

Dinner time at the BEACH! Yeah your feet with the sand! Accompanied by the strong wind & wave by the sea! Shout out loud dude!
Seafood served. I'm sorry my camera really ain't fuctioning well at night but they were really tasty - LOBSTER, GRILLED FISH, SOTONG & blaaa.

Pool time at night with the gang! The water is warm and I had fun swimming looking at the FULL moon :D xoxo.

Day 3 - 18th Feb

I love this dress :D Teehee!
Delighted with the breakfast again. Eggs again with diff style!
Refreshed with SPA treatment wheeeeeeeeeee!*Spot the HALO BALI SPA*

My very first time. Embarrassed experience. *blushed*

Had a relaxing time and yet laughed non stop with our conversation during the treatment!

We looked so fresh after hours of SPA treatment! Satisfied!

Had lunch in Natrabu, served with Makanan Padang.
Idk what name is that somehow I enjoyed eating the so called padang food!
Proceeded to Tanah Lot Temple. It's popular destination for tourist because it's "on the sea water", the temple will be "disappear" if it's high thigh. Understand?
The panorama is simply awwweesomeee :D

Random take :)
Seriously I love the sea much much! There isn't any strong waves like this in M'sia :( The amplitude is so high!!! I LOVE IT!
Likey this picture. Climbed up the big stone purposely & hurt my wrist. :/

Isn't this awesome? :)
Ahaha. Bunny bunny pose :P
There's so many unique design in this Tanah Lot! Shoot shoot shoot!
If you realized, this is the place I "shooted" in the previous pic! Teehee!

Dinner in Planet Hollywood. The most disappointing one.
This was the so called WESTERN food served. May & I : We cannot brain this!!! xD

Quiksilver/Roxy is kinda famous there :O

Day 4- 20th Feb
Last day. Nothing much. Went to this restaurant for lunch
It's pretty delicious. Ayam Tulang Lunak means you can bite & swallow everything. Yes including all the duck/chicken bones.

Till then, say BYEBYE to Bali.

That's all for the trip :)

Basically everything didn't turn out as great as I expected.
I'm seriously disappointed. Yet, by the closest ones.
Your words ruined it all. It was hurtful as you never thought of it.
I would never ever give a damn to those people who masked with fucking attitude.
Again and again, it's tiring.

I don't think I would go for another trip with my own parents anymore,
no matter how interesting how fun the destination could be,
unless Babi brother joined. I felt sorry for you May :(