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Keep climbing, keep the faith ♥ HAPPY CNY!

If you could read my mind you'd be in tears.

As expected, beginning of the year has been pretty tough though.
People change, hearts move on. And I believe these are part of growing up, isn't it?
Life could be suffocating sometimes, whenever your mind recalls and here comes troubles to your heart.
Filled with stupidity, anger, disappointment and of course undesirable yet undescribe-able feelings.
In short, the pain lingers as if you're at the breaking point, again.

It has been a disaster, I might not be able to remark whether is everything worth striving for at that particular moment. Somehow holding onto anger hardens the heart and undoubtedly it hurts.
Well, I'm not exactly mad but obviously you've let me down, totally.

We all have flaws. So, who doesn't make mistakes? I believe everyone does.
It's just the matter of do you actually feel sorry about it and put an effort in to make it up.
And now,I'm glad that I've learnt my lesson.

Perhaps, seeing & knowing someone true colours clearly,
I've realized & I'd not feel that it is such a loss, not at all.
In fact, excuses are just to mask inexcusable behaviour, like always.
I know I'm such a fool, for almost everyone. as humans around are constantly reminding me how stupid I was, I am. You know how it hurts.
It's just that I knew everything but I couldn't do even a single thing that's why I act like a fucking idiot at times. It hurts again like nobody business but anyway FML =')
Truthfully, I wonder why and how on earth could I be blinded in such way too actually.
So I allow you to laugh out loud now,wtf :)

I’ll never give up in love & I’m pretty sure love will find me.

As what I've stated, life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets,
so love the ones that treat you right and forget the ones who don't.
Hence, if there is a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it.
Sometimes God will have better plans for each one of us ;)
Its okay to have some changes after all. Plus, to face some cruelty since we're still young :DD

My first love HCC, Thanks for everything you as I can say. You're indeed the most precious one I had. I've kept all the stuffs you gifted me and they are memories that will be kept and treasured till forever. You've taught me to love and to be loved, as you're the best of all. (^(oo)^)

My second love HHC, I guess I'm indeed a fool for everyone else probably including you. I've always reminding myself how fucking way you pissed me off and I would ask you to just fuck yourself. You wouldn't understand how angry I am until I kept all your messages into this SIM card and tear them off. I feel fuckingly stupid but I insisted not to regret because the feeling eventually made me feel worst like the end of the world. I remember, the sugar who gave me sweetness almost all the time. I remember how much I loved you and how much I meant to you before. I promised to myself, I'll forgive you & smile to you the next time we met, dumb dumb. Do remember our wink wink. You gave me the best wink, like always ;)

And yes, I'm not alone. I'm still much amused by humans around who loves me so much.
Or am I too easily touched? Teehee.
By the way I'll not break down easily anymore.
Okay maybe sometimes since I'm emotional plus emotional when my nerves go wrong :P
Most importantly is I'd see my life more optimisticly where everything happens for a reason.
And everything has became a fairytale.
So, don't let your past steal your present :) ;) :)

I'm inspired all along by my favourite bloggers & my lovely friends.
Thanks to to Eilie Chee , BFF LemonQian & William Chiam.
Listen to their advice and words, end up I would be able to make up my own mind, I guess.
Of course, I appreciate the ones who stay at my side no matter what happens and supporting me always :)
And and and, credits to Girl's Generation too! Their songs brighten my days :D
So, it's the best to just let things go with the flow. I'm fortunate enough for now,
though my heart bleeds a little too often.

Immaturity runs in and out, I'm not too sure it happens on which of us but
I allow myself to feel the forgiveness as the sweetest revenge ;D
Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong- Mahatma Gandhi

Yes I am :)
(Every time you take a big risk in your life, no matter how it ends up,
you're always glad you took it - JustWannaSayIt )
And Booo! I still have them :D

The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason why you held on so long.

This is our beginning. This is us taking life as it comes. This is us trying to live because we can. 
This is the beginning. So, Don't worry, Be happy.

In fact, this phrase is common yet simple enough. I believe everyone of us understand somewhat it's always said easier to be done. Life goes way more complicated as we grown up, as soon as this phrase appeared to be meaningless/ useless. But people,

If you want to be happy, be. You know you can make your choice :)
In conclusion,
Be happy, it's one way of being wise!

I've no idea why I took super duper long time to type this post. I hope whenever I'm depressed or emotional, again wtf 
I would come back to this post and smile for myself :)
LOL am I crazy?

I loved you.
I've grown up to be more mature, I believe.
Thank you.


星星星 (☆★☆)




有一种心态叫包容;有一种快乐叫简 单;





It's a wonderful song :) If you're free enough, do spare some time to listen though you're not their fans :D Don't forget to pause the music in my blog :)

아무리 쳐다봐도 니가 보이질 않아
Oh baby
두 눈에 가득 고인 눈물 때문에
다 너 때문에
번져진 글자 위로 비친 우는 내 얼굴
Oh baby
또 울지 말라고 날 다짐해봐도 또 울어

별별별 별들아 말해봐
대답해봐 웃지만 말고
별별별 별들아 부탁해
단 한번만이라도 날
내 사랑 니 곁에
날아갈 수 있게 해줘

Maybe my eyes couldn't smile. But I wouldn't let tears roll off from my eyes for stupid reasons, not anymore. Because you don't deserve it at all ;')

闭上眼,我看到了你的无所 ;离开你,我不会哭,因为你没珍惜我


Sometimes I look over my pictures taken in the past, and realized how happy I was, how simple was my thinking, how happy could I be because of little stuffs, or maybe childish,I miss those times, seriously.


Part II - Becoming a Batu Unjur-ian'10

Kicking off a new blog post here this morning people :)
Since I'm still in the mood I better do a proper post here before the mood turn worst.
And yes, I'm officially missing school life.
Rotting at home facing the computer everyday isn't any better though.
Cut the craps and here's the Part II - continued post.
Click here for Part I

Becoming a Batu Unjur-ian'10

2010 was a tough year for everyone of us.
We had to face the stress like all the time as the reminder of "SPM" is always there for us x)
Somehow I still had lots of fun throughout the year. Biasa larhhhh.
I remember I promised myself X more last minute preparation for form 5 but still
PHAILED. Laugh out loud :$

For your information, I was studying in 5 Berlian D:
And it was really stressful & scary because humans there are all superbly hardworking & smart!
After we started to get along with them, okay those hardworking aliens weren't that scary after all xD
Somehow Qian & I talked & played alot in the class :$ Blame me I know :/
So people, I'm sorry :) I know we're a little too noisy sometimes.
Alright cut the word "a little" :P

Tadaaaaaa, do you guys still remember our first class activity- Muralllll Teeeheeee :D

Again. T-E-A-M-W-O-R-K :D

Somehow do you spot an alien from the picture above? Yes YikSoon Lee. Alien from no where but we enjoyed playing with him like all the time XD

She's gonna kill me if she saw this :DDD


Okay I'm the innocent one!!!!!

I'm NOT smelly but playful people love to relate this like all the time until others thought it was real :( Especially Song Wei Jian! RAWR.

And so, we had the NPS here .Why we can be so cute? LOL :DDDDD

The friendly ones :)

I enjoyed being with the gang like WeeJuan & Shienrun. They are always playful like us :D We re all ex-baidurians XD And plus the best male friend William Chiam, gentleman MingHui & big head WeiJian & the aliens - YikSoon Lee & Jason Loo, the joker.
They are fun people indeed :DDD
Well we talked about sexy girls, talked about luxury car,
discussed about sex, wth, joked about funny stuffs, bullied people like the AhBeng MH & blaaa.

Here's the Wong Shienrun. Famous pembuli I guess :P

Jason Loo Shyang Huei !! Hahaha. He look so funny + acting cool.
Hopefully he don't kill me if he saw this :DD

They are having funny conversation I guess. And they made
Qian & I laugh our ass off always xD
The noob Yiksoon Lee is playing with Vivo?! xD

Here's my table & Vivo who had accompanied me & Qian throughout the year. LOL.

FYI, St.John exist in SMK Batu Unjur only in 2010. Hell yeah.
I remember we faced sooooooo many troubles and of course problems from all sides.
It was never an easy job though :)
Somehow thanks to those cooperative & active members all way long.
We successfully reach our Flag Day Target (RM 10K) even though it's our first year
& won the interschool competition. Teeheeeeeee :D
Our effort were paid off!
Somehow many teachers advised us to pay more attention to studies instead of participating these activities :/

It's for our own good. I know :)

The vice president & the president :DD
In 2009, we turned to charcoal because of Basketball competition. In 2010, we turned into darker charcoal because of St.John. How cruel T.T

Kawad bunga competition.
I remember how loud is the cheer & claps from everyone! TEEHEE!

Till then, I've gained much experience as I'd have the chance to participate in all kinds of competitions. And yes, together the superb Goh Qun Yuan :)
It was really fun where u can pay a visit to other school and meet those smart aliens from other planets indeed.
The most memorable one would be our first participation in Accounting district level in my previous school and we got champion! Teehee :D

Joined several national competitions too all way long :)

And I remember she & I were like always so unprepared.
Great experience & memories ;)
Thank you SMK Batu Unjur! I've learn so much & gained much experiences along with all these activities. yeay!

Of another Accounting Quiz in Taylor's lakeside campus. How cool :DD

Three of us went lepak around to take pictures instead of taking our lunch :P

Alright coming to the end of this post :')

I love this 5 Berlian pic alot :DD
If you can ever notice & spot the alien! He is still here XD

Of course I spent much much time with non- Berlian students too :D Teehee. I love everyone alot alot :D
In other words, I miss all of you T.T

Especially my best partner Teh Wei Qian :DDDD
We usually meet in school, tuitions, St.John activities or whatever shits.
I see her face everyday until I get bored of it XD HAHAHA. Same goes to her okay?!
And now, we rarely meet anymore :(((

Conclusion : I love SMK Batu Unjur :)
Minus those not-so-interesting teachers, not-so-great food in canteen, not-so-nice smell in our class :DDDD

With love,

Random post.

Randomly posted blogpost.


And yes, I chopped off my hair.
Why? I don't know yet I don't want to.
Teehee anyhow I still miss my long long hair.
Nahh my hair grows rapidly so no worries :)
Yet, it isn't as short as you guys expected.
Truthfully, not much difference.
After all I look younger than before. Or maybe shall I say a kid LOL.


If you ever noticed, you may wonder why my hand have to be "located" at my spec area recently.

Ans : Because my fringe is getting longer and if I don't hold em they will block my view.

And FYI, I've just straighten my hair. Why? Idk too :P

Long time since I last cam-whoring.

Do you love my DOMO T shirt? I love it much :D

Not too bad. I'm still able to move on. Like what I said.
And I'll be a better person.
Pain and anger doesn't kill.
It had been a beautiful long run. And it will be in future.
Trust me. I'm strong.
So, my smile isn't fake :)


It's time to make a change.
Sometimes people have to go away. The pain may dull over time, but it's always there, like the memories you share.
Smile to those who hurt you. Thank to those who break you.
You're now two times stronger than them.

So, say Goodbye to my hair.

You changed.
I hug Kei. I hug Booo.
I hug them tight.
Can they feel my sadness? Can I tell them?

No, I don't miss you, not anymore,wtf.

Working lifeyy x)

Such a long time I left my camera :(

So, greetings aliens & peepo! :DDD
2 weeks of freaking tiring life finally had came to the END.
*scream out louddddddddddddddd*
It's time to SPEND now!
Just kidding :P I still have to wait for months to get my salary.
RM 1k ++. Excited to the maxxxx. Teehee.
Already start planning what to do with the money LOL.

FYI, this is actually my first time working in my life.
Well, I'm lucky enough to get such job :P
Basically my role is just to stand there from 12-9pm.
*Seemed easy but my leg was pain like hell at the first day*
And of course, I'm not that kind of obedient peepo xD
I walked around super often, went down to eat although it's not my break time,
, tried all kinds of food samples around & so many more. *shhhhhhhh*
Before this, I seemed to be so lost when I was placed in Tesco.
Since I didn't even been there for more than 10 times in my life =.=
And now, I'm super duper familiar with the place & with those staffs too!
The manager loves me so muchh O.O Nahh just kidding :P
My working place.

Plus, my two weeks weren't that lonely. Fortunate enough :)
Sometimes I'm bored but I'm accompanied by peepo from time to time.
Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D
By Aaron Teh for 6 hours
By William Chiam for 2 days
By Ooi Kheng Li for 2 days
By Crimson Soh ( lepak-ing partner )
By WeiKeong ( chit-chatting partner )
Seriously, the staffs over there must be thinking why I've so many boyfriends x)

And of course, my mates toooo :P
Although they are only weekend promoters.
By the way we had lots of fun xD Teehee. Same lepak-ing gang.
Tadaaa, my first partner- Pei Pei ( Wee Juan's cousin)
My favourite partner Vicky QiQi ( Brands promoter)
& another partner Jolynn ( Sunsilk's promoter)

My partner- Qiqi. Tired like hell :(

She's cute in this pic. Closest partner among all :D

FYI, He's checking Jolynn's problem by looking at her eyes.
He did the same to me too D:

Lastly, I'm quite satisfied with my job.
There's no need to punch card, no supervisor, nothing.
Parents are complaining because I'm late for work almost everyday.
Nobody cares, seriously :P
Okay I promise to be more discipline for my next work.
After all the craps, I NEED TO REST NOW!
Alright. Stay tuned.
I'm actually still not in the mood, yet.