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Vincci's last post of 2010-Shining the way along

Goodbye year 2010! Miss Vincci will still shines on her own way in year 2011.
Cheers! :)

Well time flies like usual, it's the end of year 2010 already D:
And of course, life goes up and down,
I believe it happened to be the same to anyone else.
Somehow reflecting myself in the past, I'm satisfied with what I've did
and to get through all the obstacles in life.
It definitely wasn't an easy job for those effing emotional person like me.

I still could recall back, on how stupid am I over millions of challenges.
I'd experienced before the most f-ing moment in life.
And wasted whole lots of tears in the 365 days, because I cried for every reason.
I remember all the sorrow & depression I had,
and of course I find myself is like an idiot, wth seriously.

Somehow I barely could zon out to do my own thing with an attempt
to completely wipe out bitter memories of the past.
Till then, I had realized so many things in life, plus facing the reality in the world.
Yet I'm still on my way learning.

For your information, the main point is :
I'd feel grateful I'm still alive larhhhhh xD Teehee!
luckily I didn't die because of dehydration LMAO.

Upon all the contradictions, I still need to spare some space here for my beloved friends after all.
I believe that my life would be sucks to the core without them.
Seriously they are that important to me because whenever I'm at my breaking point,
it's like standing the edge of the cliff and one tiny push I'd fall,
they are the who willing to lend me a hand.
Basically, it's their thoughts, their advices which shines along and I'd found my light on my way.
That's the reason I'm constantly reminding myself that I'm fortunate enough to have them with me,seriously.
It's not everyday that you find people to love you for everything that you are.

The person who I need to thank the most is of course my bestie, LemonQian.
Undoubtedly, she'd helped me in like every difficult moment in life.
She advised me, scolded me, comfort me and supporting me always.
I'd don't know what else to say besides thank you my dear =')
And she's the one who knows the in and out of Miss Loh Winzhi. scary enough.
We're two different individuals of course there's imperfection from time to time.
Anyhow embracing the differences can create something beautiful like our friendship :)
I know, nothing lasts forever. We would seperate and lead on our own way some other day.
but truthfully, I'd hope our friendship last, till eternity.

Since this post is kinda lengthy I'm gonna continue this the next post?
Alright I remember I still have Becoming a Batu-Unjurian'2010 post.
Don't worry for the brand new year I'll try my best to lead on a better life,
because I know the past and future aren't now,
living for the future postpones happiness indefinitely.
So be happy now! Leave the past behind and live tomorrow when it comes.

And people, despite of the past,
Lets welcome the year of 2011! *scream out louddddddddddd*
May everyone spare with happiness around them & stay healthy throughout the year!

Optimism is contagious, so do negativity :)

It's fine if we've gone through shits this year because we can always find new hope & opportunities as we enter a NEW YEAR.

With love,
Vincci hearts you all.

Days & Nights in s'pore :)

I'm sorry for not updating my blog that often anymore.
Even less than when I'm having my SPM, fml.
Blame all the shits happened in my lovely holidays.

Alright alright I'm here now to update about my s'pore trip :)
Teehee :D Since I went there for sooo many days
the amount of pictures I took is seriously OMG D: *scary*

Sorry again readers my blogging mojo is not back yet.
My mood is complicated recently, and yeah I'm that fucking sensitive & emotional.
So let the pictures do the talking.
Long overdue pictures.

Excited mood. Somehow it doesn't feel good when u've to leave ur beloveds D:

Vincci and Kei in the plane!

And Pee-ka-BOOO! Sneaked out!

I did this superbly quickly because nobody knows I brought "everyone" along.
Teehee. Abnormal, I know.

Nice view and I'm loving it :D


Pool time!

SS as usual :)
Me & My lovely cousin sis :D

Playing/ Posing? :P

And Hello it's me! :) & I realized I used to bring this shirt along to travel around. Of course, delicious buffet.
I ate whole bunch of salmon sashimi, grilled salmon until Im becoming a salmon LOL.

Night time- Orchard road.
Camera not really functioning well at night :/ so, less pictures.

Theme : Christmas is LOVE.
I love this soooo much!
My favourite christmas "tree" at Orchard Ion. The deco is superb and humans can enter the
"tree"! Reflection of myself on a superbly nice snowflake!

Teen Titans! :D I like that cartoon!

F my hair till the max. And again I realize my hair always sucks when I'm travelling around :/
Teehee :D I like this shot.

Accompany em to the playground :D

This is the ONLY picture I have a nicer hair.
Ignore my just wake up face :P

Pregnant young kiddo D:

Random shots. And I love em much :) :)
So cute! But it's seriously a tough job to take pictures of the younger one!

This is the ONLY lucky shot I can get.

Me & my cousins.

Epic look. Btw it's scary to look down from a tall building.

I love this shot :)

Posing. Teehee.
LMAO. She claimed that this is the way of playing. Totally out of the concept. xD
Superb. I can't do it! XD

Big big big bubble woohoooooooo D:
I'm skillful & fast enough to take picture with it. Wheeee :D

Basically there's nothing much in S'pore. What they have we have here too.
But yeah the library in s'pore is my favourite.
Time flies when I'm searching/ flipping books!

More library with more books in M'sia can?

Wasted lots of money in S'pore since parents is not there D:
Please don't comment on what I bought XD It's all with reasonable price & useful!

Awesome relaxation.

2-human bike!
Teehee! Camwhore with my cousin again!

The beach! I'm loving it though the sun shines is so darn bright.

And and and, I miss my bestie much!!!!!!!!!!!

IMY too ;) ;)
And and my lovely ones (^(oo)^)

1 word- AWESOME. Scream out loud yeahhh!

I wish to try this in future. Bleh :P
And this? XD

Cycled to the jetty. SO NICE SO NICE!

Bubbling around !
Enjoiced much! :D

It's so HOT! Argh!

Okay spot the tiny Vincci in pictures below.


S.M.I.L.E. :) I'd always tried my best.

Random shot.

Miss Vincci in S'pore miss her home sweet home D:

X'mas eve.
Delicious meal, Fake Santa Claus, Presents, Cake and updated MonoPoly.
Or am I outdated? I didn't know there's such thing as credit card in the game .__.

Back to Johor on 25 of December. Watched Ju Onn on christmas. How cute XD
Nearly get heart attack weyhh.

I used to post whole lots of stuffs in my blog during christmas.
Because it meant so much to me where I don't need a valid reason.
Like usual, everything wasn't as expected.
Christmas this year wasn't any better than last year.
Tears never ever left me. How great.
Till then, I'm lost.
Such a failure,wtf.
I'm rude when I'm not in a good mood. So sorry.

Not a great post, I know.
Somehow I spent much time to upload the pictures :)
So, forgivable?

I'm still able to move on :)