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나를 더 사랑하게 만들지 못한
내 잘못이죠

내가 더 사랑해서 만
내 잘못이죠

내 마음만큼 나를

사랑하게 하지 못했었던 거였죠

내 잘못이죠

이런 날 용서해줘요
그댈 사랑한 날

I may be mean to you, but you wouldn't know how much you mean to me.
Its okay as long as you're here for me, always.
I miss the time when I'm angrying yet you still smiling to make me happy.

It's my mistake. I'm sorry.
I know it means nothing. Still, sorry.


Heyaaaaaaaaa! :D
Imma proud to announce that 1 miserable week of SPM is OVER.
Teeheee. Only 2 weeks left to freedom!!!!
Screammm out loudddddddddddddddddddddddddddd :O
I shouldn't be here actually but but I'm like the others too :
Being happy & relieved after the history test.

*screammm againnnnnnnnnnnnnn*

Imma excited when I can actually start to bury all the not-so-interesting booksssss!
Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D Byebye!
Can I scream like for the third time? HAHAHA XD
Smileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :

I love YURI sooooooooooo muchhh.
I love Girls Generation darnnnn muchhhhhhhhh.
New addiction : Mistake- SNSD - lyrics by KWON YURI.
OMG T.T The best song everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. *I'm sorry I'm tooo hyped*
Like seriously, their songs help me to face all the stress almost all the time.
Trust me, it really does :D

So, how was my exam so far?
I probably giving the same answer every single time humans asked me this question
Well, I tried my very very very best in each of the exam until my mind was :
Blaaaa this blaaaa that blaaaa blaaaa blaaaa &

Satisfied though :D
Okay I'm done. More papers to come.
More stuffs to memorize.
More books to deal with.

I miss my Twitter so much!
The dumb one is not helping me to update my twitter -.-
Muackz ;P

Airplanes like shooting stars :D

Yoooooooooooo peepo :D
The last post before I gotohell *just kidding* :P
FYI, SPM is ONLY 3 days away from us.
Time flies D: Yet,
It gonna end very very SOON!!! Teehee :D
Am I strange enough? XD

Though it's just a freaking tiny part in our life,
Nothing much to be afraid of the exam.
If you're unhappy with it, just tear them off.
They are just merely papers XD
If you didn't do well in SPM,
It doesn't mean your life gonna end.
2012 is not here yet xP
But still, don't ever give up.

I seemed to be relaxing enough huh?
Nahhhhh I've got tensed up few days ago.
Due to my laziness I'm still unprepared for everything yet.
Thanks to the besties :D
By the way no matter how it still comes and goes :)
Take it easy *smileeeeeeeeee*

Well, Good Luck again :D
And of course to my besties too,
LemonQian & BlueeGal. Jiayou jiayou!
Do your besttttttt!
And and to my classmates,
They've work pretty hard for that. Like seriously.
Good luck too! :D

9th of December will be my LAST day of SPM.
And I'm gonna enjoy superbly muchhhhh after that.
Everything is under planning already LOL.
*Excitement is in the air*

Hope to score with flying colours. Who doesn't?
Teehee. I'll try my very very very best to aim for straight A+.
Though it's NOT easy.
Aim for the moon, that way, even if you miss you'll still be amongst the stars!

See you then! I'll miss my blog. I'll miss you guys too :D

With Love,
Vincci.All the best :)

Votes :)

Here you go :)

I support KIM WEI WEI on


All of a sudden, I'm lost, for no reason.
Or perhaps, for everything.
Too many thoughts, too many doubts.
Not a great feeling at all. Seriously.

I'm now here hoping that after typing this post,
I could return to the normal state. The usual me.
I don't want to be in a stressed mood.
I prefer a calm & relaxing mood, much.

Change change change :)
Skip the not-so-happy part of all the problems.
Skip the preparation for exam.

Skip SPM, can? XD *just kidding*

And good news for me TEEHEE :D
My parents are getting a new lapppieeee for me.
*I mean laptop*
Well, I didn't ask for it because I had my lovely comp with me already :) *satisfied*
Anyhow due to some sort of problems, it's like
Their company- insurance- claim $- resit- need to buy a laptop So, since next year - college - laptop is for ME! :D
Get what I mean? Nahh ignore it because I don't know what I'm typing either.
Still, I'm happy for that ! Lucky lucky me :P

My dearest brother recommended me this :
( He want me to buy a great laptop instead of ciplak one so that it can "live longer")


And like duhhh,

Scream out loudddddddddddddddd :D Nice nice nice nice nice :P

Yet, still under consideration.
Nothing else to post about.
Till then, I'm gonna listen to SNSD's songs in order for the happier mood to come.
I'm addicted to their new song- HOOT!
Oops mistake here. I'm always addicted to their songs.
Teehee :D Check it out too! It's one of the super HOT song NOW.

SEOHYUN the goddess.

This is her super cute animation :) :)

I'd actually feel happier after viewing this picture. She is soooo sweet :D
Trouble trouble trouble!!~~
Nonun shoot shoot shoot! Nanun hoot hoot hoot! :P
No I'm not crazy yet XD

Okay I'm done with my post.
Crapping like nobody business :P I'm sorry for that.
Thanks & Bye!

A man paints with his brain and not with his hands - Michelangelo.

If you ever find yourself, lost and all alone,
Get back on your feet and think of me,
My love will get you home ;)

Randommmm :D

Hello peeps! Thanks for loving my previous post.
I know I'm cute.
Just kidding :) I mean, my teddy bears.
Well, stop countdown-ing for me.

It's not about the matter having time to study or not. It's just just, if the study mood isn't here. No matter how long I facing the book, nothing will diffuse in x)

Went Sunway Pyramid today.
Thanks lovely brother for dinner at TGIF.
He bought an Iphone 4 for himself. :o
My blackberry phone waiting for me as well XD
Blehhh :P

BB PHONE! :D Picture from Vivian Tan babe :)

Just a random post here.
Will update more post after SPM :) Wait for me alright.
By the way still sharing something here,
For those who put on contact lens.
There's FREE contact lens ( 1 day acuvue) giving out here.
Check it out if you're interested.

Click HERE

Ignore it if that doesn't matter for you :D
People like me & Stephen Sephender wouldn't miss out these stuffs.
It's better to get something than nothing XD
Mummy-son 's concept.LMAO.

That's all for now.
Toodles :)
Take Care.

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Vincci love her awesome teddy bears always :D

In case, IF you having difficulties in understanding this post,
Or you dislike , jealous of my super cute teddy bears,
Or whatever doubt, visit again
Awwww. Why am I so kind? Heeeheee :D

Pictures are all taken by myself :)
*Why am I so professional? * Heehee :P
All rights reserved.

Eenie Minnie :P

Why why why?
Why the study mood is not here yet :/
I look at the calendar just now.
Then only I realized SPM is OMFG NEAR. *faint*
I did flipped my history text book but but but.......Forget about it.

You know what, I super envy of my classmates now.
For your information, most of them do like 81648710581959182471 past year papers
and 9052358728252095 exercises. I wonder how, seriously XD
Well, although sometimes I do pity them much.
Because I believe life, is not just about studying non stop.
It's just a tiny little part of it.
So, enjoy life. Teeheeeee :D like me
Seeeeeee, I'm forgetting SPM is ahead again :P

Well, LemonQian & BlueeJiaWei asked me to download those trial states papers few days ago.
That was my very first time visiting those blogs. It has alot of visitors wehhh!
Hopefully the study study mood come back to me soon.
No more last last minute for SPM. It's kinda last min d I know TT
God bless me :)

Can't make up your mind, mind, mind, mind, mind,
Please don't waste your time, time, time, time, time.

tryin to rewind, wind, wind, wind

Can you get what I mean? It's better to study something than nothing. Recall those years back, What I've been doing? So, study study study. For the last time. :)

Ohya! MTV Europe Music Awards: Justin Bieber : Best Male & Best Push Artist.
Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D Buuuuuu sama those anti - JB fans :P HAHAHA.



Not gonna update about Johor's post. Sorry :)
Seriously LESS update.
Do miss me alright ;)

I've a sexy back. HAHAHAHAHAHA.
My picture super yeng right? LMAO.
Anyway, GOOD LUCK.

Hope to see everyone alive after one month :)
Aza aza FIGHTING!!!


I wish our hearts could come together as one ;D

Random oneeeeeeee.

Mood totally ruined whole day long. I don't know what the hell is wrong with today. Okay minus some sweet sweet moments. But still I'm freaking pissed off. SIGH. No FML no FML.

Due to the lowering of mood.
I decided to update my blog some sort of those random stuffs :)

Can you believe it? I GOT SNSD ALBUM T.T OMG OMG.
It's superbly UNEXPECTED.
*scream out louddddddddddddddd*

Thanks to my lovely JingWen Daddy + Noob Wanxiang :D
Loveeeee it soo sooooo muchhhh X)

Remember once I mentioned about my birthday present I bought for myself.
Teeehee. Superbly cuteeee earmuff :D

Actually, after considering long time, I chosen this earmuff as my bday present for myself.
I dare not tell anyone before this because it seemed ridiculous to waste $$ on this stuff XD
But I seriously freaking love it. X)
However, just to tell you guys HAAHAA. I'm lucky enough.

I GOT IT. Heeehee. The last one T.T *God bless me*
FYI, I was super duper emooooooo when minimaos told me that is SOLD & they wouldn't restock. And now, I'm gonna take care of it more more more xD

And Third,

My teddy bears are ALL back :)
FYI, I brought every of them to Johor -.-
I'm gonna be like LemonQian next time. So many to take care of.
Heehee. I'll introduce them soon :D

That's all I guess. Throw all those problems aside. And look at Lemon Qian's profile picture and SMILE. HAHAHAHA XD *She said one*