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Of Taylor's College :D

Hello peeps :) I'm here to update my blog again. Teehee :D
About ..............

Like seriously , I went there a couple of times and I'm still so in love with the environment.
Last Friday, Me & my besties, Lemon Qian & Bluee Gal went there for the COMMFEST event.
LOL. We went there to play around instead of doing serious stuffs.
1. There is Feelosphy dancing competition and my favourite dancing crew- Elecoldxhot is there! 2. LemonQian never been to Taylor's lakeside campus and so this is the chance! Hoho!
3. Less outings of three of us recently because of my super daddy who grounded me, wth.

I'm lazy to blog everything about it.
So just simple writing and let the pictures do the talking.
Summary :
We had lots of fun there.
We were busy gossiping, chit-chatting around and sharing our stories.
We cam whoring non stop like nobody business.
We walked around, bought coupons, took polaroid pictures.

We cheer for those dancing contestants together.

But I'm glad two of them get to know my favourite crew! (not contestant on that day) Especially Dennis Yin. Wheeeeeeeeeee :D Because usually they don't know whatthehell is Elecoldxhot XD
At last, we still... took lots of pictures!
Love them always. Awwwwww.

Warning : This post contains lots of SS pictures :O

Introduction :
Me & Bluee Gal JiaWei.
Me & Pretty Gal Lemon Qian.

First picture taken. Weird one. Because I should be at the side always XD (Camera girl deii)
We seemed so coooooool . XP
Do you notice something? For both pictures I'm doing different pose ==

Even this!!

After discussing.................
Stupid face. Okay much better now :P

The wind is strongggg. We're loving it. Teehee!

Three of us first time not wearing pants/ jeans for outing together XD Call us sexy girls. Wheeeeeeeeee :P



Seemed so perverted huh XD
Back to cam whoring pictures.

Aren't we very very the cute? :P
We took lots of funny pictures actually but I guess if I upload everything I could be killed. XD

My cute Lemon Qian. Teehee!

Random one. But I like it :)

Lagi random but Qian like it. X)
Oops! Sorry JiaWei.
Yerrrr interrupt us only. Issh! Hahaha!
My besties :D

Qian so called taking picture tactic.
Lalalalalala. Non stop!
In Library :D
Qian said it's blurr but nice.

They wanna copy my pose XD

Lets be COOL.


Jiawei Lim.
WeiQian Teh.

Lake side time :O

We're meant to be crazy, together. XD

Love this ;D

We're so sweeeeet right :P

Perfect picture by ME. xD

By Bluee Gal.

Teehee :D
We're really seemed like photoshooting in Taylor's University XD

Take 1.
Take 2.
Take 3.

It is windyyyyyyyy. Until......


I asked to take this picture they complain banyak banyak. Elehh!

I cropped it. Lalala.

Get free sandwich. Look at her hungry face XD

Till then,

Always, my best best buddies! :P
Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D Favourite among all. Love you two :)

Day 1 END.

Went there because it's Taylor's College Info Day. (Subang Jaya's)
Meet up with Vivian Babe & Jieying Babe, Mak, Vincent Chee, Alice Ng, and
my sweeeetiee babe's boyyyy Dexter Low :D *My great great primary school friend*

Look at the pictures.
And guess where we went. HAHAHA. LMAO.

Babes are LOVES in life :D
They sweeeeet sweeett whole day long laaa. Aiyoyoooo XD
Jieying Babe & ME.
ME & Vivian Babe.

All of us packed in Mak's car. He's kinda crazy XD By the way thanks driver! HAHAHAHA

So far I guess I had my plan on what to study and everything in mind already :D
I'm happy with that.
Gotta go now. Seriously less update from now on :D
Good luck to myself!