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Liese Bubble Hair Colour.

A photo of my current hair :)

Obviously it's BLACK. Well, I've been looking myself with this hair colour over 16++ years.
And so I really wished to dye my hair! Wheeeee :)
So that I would have a different look,
Probably more beautiful with evenly coloured hair!
Tsk tsk. :P

Plus, the two hair shades were awesome -Sweet Apricot & Platinum Beige :D :D
Fell in love with that :)
And it makes me really want to transform my hair!! :P

As after viewing
  • Ice-Angel's blog,
  • Another famous blogger :) Her name is alike with mine! Guess she loves angel too ;)
    I felt that Liese Bubble Hair Colour makes hair colouring fun.
    And it seemed easy too.
    And yeah! That's what I really need :O
    As you know, I hate troublesome stuffs :/
    I believe everyone do. *winkyy*

    Outing in Sunway again.

    Sorry for neglecting my blog for so long :$ *It's kinda long for me*
    Well, I'm alright :)
    Btw just to keep my blog alive here.
    I actually had many things to blog. But I seriously don't know where to start.

    I went to Sunway Pyramid whole day long again on Friday.
    LemonQian & I having our own holidays from Friday till next Tuesday *claps*
    I'm totally in loveeeeeeeeeeee
    Okay okay in love with korean videos :D :D !
    I'm busy recently but I don't know why XD
    Time flies.

    You see, I'm under stress and I had no idea what to blog about already.
    I'm out of time now .__.

    I love LONG DRESS recently XD

    I prefer this one. Black is always my smartest choice XD

    Enjoyed starbucks :D

    I superrrrrrrrrrrr love this one. T.T But it's expensive.

    Same style but this is too complicated .__.

    Too bad couldn't meet sugar that day :P

    But I'm still so sweeeeet right? HAHAHAHA ;) ;D ;P

    I'm going Mooncake function in SMK CONVENT :)

    Plus plus,
    I went for Undang thingy today. Goshhh I slept in the class.
    HAHAHAHA. It's super duper boring there.
    But surprisingly I met Jieying and Sephender Bang Bang Tang there. X)
    Seemed like everyone went for that particular institute.
    I can't wait to driveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! :D
    I envy those who can drive to tuition or school etc by themselves.

    I wanna ask,
    Why TGV cinema not showing 戀愛通告 Love In Disguise ?
    I wanted to watch that movie sooooooo much T.T

    Seems familiar right? Same place different outfit in Sunway Pyramid. x)

    Sephender Bang Bang Tang,
    THANK U.
    I don't know why. HAHAHAHA.

    I don't think I did a great blogpost today.
    I was too lost :/

    Anyway, Fighting fighting all the way.
    I'm trying my very best to overcome every obstacles in my life.
    God knows :) You know, I know.

    THE END.

    Thanks for everything, babe.


    This time, I'm really touched :)
    Thanks for everything.
    When I was lost, you let me found your light.

    Guide me and lead me back to the right way.

    Of stupidity, I cries for every reason.
    I'm sorry.

    Sorry for being emotional easily.

    But you will always be there for me,

    I appreciate it much much ;)

    I realized how much you care for me.

    The way you get your nerves off :P Teehee.

    This time I'm not angrying you for that anymore.

    Because you said I want you to be happy :D

    Because of the way you reminds me of everything.

    Of how stupid I am.
    How I made my life miserable in such way.

    I understand the concept now. After so long time hor XD
    At last, Thank u again. *with my whole heart*

    Babe, MEHEARTYOU. :P :P

    Smiling Eyes :) ;) =)


    It's 23rd.

    你不知道的事 王力宏

    蝴蝶眨几次眼睛 才学会飞行
    夜空洒满了星星 但几颗会落地
    我飞行 但你坠落之际

    很靠近 还听见呼吸

    对不起 我却没捉紧你

    你 不知道我为什麽离开你

    你的泪滴像 倾盆大雨 碎了满地



    多的是 你不知道的事

    谢谢你 :)

    From last time till now,
    actually many things had happened, its just I don't want to hurt myself by discovering the truth anymore.
    I don't know which should I believe and which should not.
    But anyhow, I know I rather the truth is protected by your lies.
    Still, thank u very much :)


    Fucked up.

    This time, it's not going to be a nice post :)


    FINE. I regretted that I apologized to you.
    Too bad now only I realized it. FML.
    Forget about everything.
    That's the end. You happy I happy. DONE.

    Skipped. I just felt I'm not so in the mood this week.

    I'm lost. Stress is ahead. I am totally unprepared for everything yet.

    Super unlucky that teachers always call my name when I was not paying attention in class recently.
    Especially that hell buffalo which yell my name in a super idiotic way. Everyone dislike her. But she thinks that she is superb. Weirdo.

    Time flies. We left few months to go. Not mentioning about SPM. But what I gonna really miss is my secondary school life. I have to appreciate the days that left in this school.
    Yet, I don't do anything in school. Neither studying nor doing homework. I don't feel like going to school at times but parents started to nag and scold me that I play truant non stop. They just couldn't understand :(

    However, I felt people are changing from time to time. So as myself. I'm just a normal human being. I had my own limitations. Sometimes I just couldn't bare it. Maybe it's my fault, too. But I knew it clearly, somehow in my thoughts they aren't like that in the past.
    I lost my things, my fault. Face the music again. How many times I get scolded this week? FML.
    Life totally fucked up this week.
    (Minus great talk v William Chiam, Playing moments with LemonQian and funny moments with Ooi Kheng Li)
    I never wanna be rude. But I was fed up with everything.
    I'm so sorry for the vulgar words. I've controlled as much as I could.
    I'm sorry for whatever mistakes that I've done.

    No offence for this post. I believe in the freedom of speaking and
    because here is where I be my ownself ;)

    Emotions driving me crazy.
    I may seemed carefree in the outside but inside I'm dying.

    And you ain't making me feel sweet anymore :-(

    If only it was that easy. I still miss you.
    Not a day goes by that u didn't cross my mind.
    I'm sorry too.

    Pink, Blue, Purple

    I found something to blog about here :)
    Another long post dedicated to my besties :D

    Pink, Blue, Purple

    Due to boredom , I've viewed all the pictures of US. There's really alot :O
    Well, lets recall back =)
    LemonQian & ME had been getting know each other for 14 years.
    HOHOHO. I see her face almost everyday.In school, in tuition, in St.John activities, getting bored of it d. Muahahahaha. *shhhhh* I love her very much XP

    Bluee JiaWei knew us since years ago when we were all in the same school.
    Obviously we turned her from a super quiet person till now an active& talkative person indeed! Good thing right? xD xD HAHAHAHA

    Pictures below were really amazing and certainly as an important memory for myself.
    How silly we are and how we used to get along crazily.
    Obviously this year our life had been pretty hectic due to SPM.
    I miss the time =$
    Nevermind, we will wait for our BUDDY DAY. 26 September. Okay?
    Ehem JiaWei if u FFK us , we would probably chop u into pieces and digest it! xP

    Long overdue pictures :
    Pictures of myself with my besties - LemonQian & Bluee JiaWei from the past till present.

    I remember the very first lovely picha we took when we were young xD

    [We were all YOUNG!]


    [JiaWei. Wei Qian. Winzhi = 3 W]

    [In Shahbandaraya time =]

    [I remember we both love this picture lots! xD]


    [Shahbandar's school CANTEEN DAY + JIAWEI surprise party!]
    [Fly high!]
    [The day we performing on stage! xD xD ]
    [I love this picture much much too!]

    [Purple and Blue umbrella for dancing purpose ! COOL MATCH!]

    [Blue and Pink! CUTE MATCH!]
    [And this! Hahahaha. See they smile till soooo happy!]

    [After we changed to BATU UNJUR!]

    [Saw our angel thingy?! Gifted by LEMON!]

    Another SS moment :

    Don't know what caption for this xD

    [They trying to attacked me!]
    [One word: UGLY]

    2009's Buddy Day!

    [Me & AhhWeii!]

    [Me & AhhQian!]

    Xingfu ^^

    Pretty babes!
    [Year 2010]
    Acting cute! xD




    The 2010 US ^^

    Are we getting prettier for now? HAHAHAHAHA.
    For me, I didn't change a lot. Still the SAME FACE. Just getting darker and more pimples on it.
    I tried before cutting my hair short but after all it will return to its original length .__.
    Btw AhhQian & AhhWeii changed alot huh!
    I realized Qian's hairstyle was so cuteeeee last time! xD xD

    FYI, I'm the photographer always =P
    LemonQian will be the creative person who determine and think of all the weird ideas + post for us. She has professional acting skills and a really great poser =]
    and BlueeJiaWei is the dumb one who always makes us laugh like hell xP
    Hohohoho, I'm bad. But it's the truth, she always run out of our "topic" while cam-whoring! xD

    Heehees. Conclusion : I ♥ them =)
    Thanks for all the joy and laughter together =] I am glad to have you 2 as my besties!
    The memories we shared will always remain in my heart babes.

    True friends, are the angels who lift us up, when our wings having trouble remembering how to fly ;)

    Happy Birthday to Lim Jia Wei !

    We surprised her today :) In add maths tuition, again.
    Superb LemonQian and Me planned for everything.
    We improved lots. It runs smoothly. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D
    And she loves it :D I'm kinda bad.
    I wish others in facebook except HER. :P :P
    Huhuhuhu. She kept complain today. Guess she was disappointed.
    But anyhow she satisfied with what we've done,
    Glad that she knows we did put on effort in it :)

    I did her a simple card. As u know, I'm super lack of artttt cells in myself. Sorry Ahwei, I tried my best. Finish it within half day :P Headache half day. I know you'll appreciate it =D
    And FYI, I only do card by myself for person who means something to me :)
    As it really kills lots of cells in my brain :/

    Auntie Jiawei, Happy birthday! Muackx!

    Qian's artwork. As usual, AWESOME isn't it? Heehees. Big difference we had.

    Our present for her.
    Qian bought a extremely cuteyyy OGUI.
    I bought a super niceee polka dot blouse for her :)

    [Birthday girl!]

    Simple & nice cake we bought.
    Is from Me, Qian, Saupang, Yiksoon, Aaron

    [Kiss kiss!]

    ^.^L, ^.^J,^.^V

    With love,
    Vincci mami ^.^v