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RC Prom Night

Here's about Prom Night last Saturday.
I knew it's kinda late ,blame the exams. =X
Well, this actually is my first time being to such event.
Excited of course xD
Around noon four of us , Me, LemonQian, Yaya and Jieying went to Meishien's house to make up and also dress up ourselves =)
At first we thought it's still early so we just chatting around.

But anyhow time flies, and so and so after everything done,
we fetched by KaiChuin's to KEC . It was kinda late though.
Apparently there're many lengluis and lengzais as well x)
Definitely,we took pictures :)
But not as many as I thought, I was not getting used to my make up ghost face.
I enjoyed much with them x)

Anyhow Mr. Ooi Kheng Li daddy failed to attend that night.
I'll forgive as u're having ur tournament if next time u dare 2 FFK us again,
I would definitely chop u! xD xD

I don't have much to post.
As errrr, the night was NOT as fun as I expected.
But at least, I had a great time with my babes

Pictures :

[♥ Yaya & Me]
[♥ Qian & Me ]
[♥ Jieying & Me ]
[♥ Meishien ]
[♥ Sweet couple : Aising & Kaichuin]
[We looked so different right?]

[Another love birds =D ]

[2 lengzai. *ehem ehem*]
[The girls ♥ ]

For me, I seriously don't like my make up look =D
Maybe just couldn't get used to it. The make up is toooo thick :$
Natural is still the best ♥
*Although is UGLY* xD


Credits to MeiShien =)
A funny picture of four of us.
Stay tuned for the Prom Night post.
Coming SOON.


Another short post again =)
Why? Because some1 said my blog has too many pictures and I realized it too xD
National Physics Competition is finally OVER.
I knew I can do better but anyhow I'm satisfied with it.
I already get used to my "last minute" style =P

This week, I gave up for all the tests.
The very first time in my life. x)
It was like I having Biology paper for the day, but I didn't bring any books related to Biology and I just managed to glance the notes just few minutes before the exam.
I had a good time sleeping in class & at home xD
Plus, I finally understand the feelings of being empty in mind doing the paper and
the concept of cooperation among those who were in the same "gang". xD xD
Okay okay.I knew what am I doing and so I would bare all the consequences of these =D

Oh, check it out. My so called dear sister had a nice facebook name xD
It's kinda cuteee rite? xD xD Muahahaha x)
I won't blame HIM as I know his style. Hahahaha.
I prefer his name as David Villa x)

But for the one who did wrong something else please bare in mind.
You know
my style :) Just a reminder for YOU.

Smiling Eyes. Will talk story about it next time. HAHA.
When I'm freeeeeee =)

When all was hopeless,I found your light.
You brought me joy,instead of strife.
you came into my life,and made everything right.
I still remember this my lovely sugarrrrrr ;)

I really hope you can lead a happier life.
Frankly that will be the greatest thing ever you can do,
if only it's for me.

SONG : 来不及-罗忆诗
The song which I non stop playing recently.

习惯一个人看戏 习惯一个人旅行 习惯一个人静静想你
想你现在在哪里 想你会为谁担心 想你是否已忘记
忘记那段爱情 忘记那颗泪滴 忘记了所有不该忘的回忆


I'm sorry. I couldn't resist the pain.

Short update

Short update.

I'm back from Prom Night yesterday.
Hmm. I will spend time to update about it some other time. Promise ;)
Anyway I gonna screw someone tomorrow =P
Heehee. Bw its okay I'm not that cruel xD xD
Today I have to wake up early in the morning for training .__.
Unfortunately, I fall sick :(
Feeling tired whole day long.
I don't feel like taking AddMaths exam tomorrow.
But it seemed impossible.
I need to rest now. Buhbyes ^^

I feel sorry to you, my dear. I'm sorry. I promised to listen to you next time ;) ;D ;P

To tell u the truth, I knew what u're up to earlier, I sense how much sincerity that u gave in,that's why I treated u coldly.Too bad at last how u react was actually what I thought of. You know how ur words significant to me. All the time, u've gone rude whenever I did mistakes. Or maybe I didn't. So this is what u wanna replace for me? This is the sincerity u showed me? "trust me", I don't know how many times u told me this. But in the end u made me felt disappointed again.I refuse to reply just because I don't want to spoil our relationship,not anymore. Because I know, for the you now, u will definitely get mad of it.I usually get mad of those who been rude to me but for you are exceptional.Did u ever think that, do I deserve all these?
It's 23rd

Early morning, in the car,
as usual I was in a really blur state .__.
But all of a sudden the driver braked in emergency.
I was shocked but I didn't know what happened, yet.
After that I realized he accidentally knocked on a puppy.
Of course, he didn't bother much.
That puppy hurt its leg I guess.
I heard it bark loudly,
I turned back, I saw all the dogs around dashed towards it.
=( I was worried.
I don't know why I shed my tears.

Today we were having Moral paper,
I haven't even memorize the definisi even in the morning.
But I seemed so calm and still talk nonsense with Lemon xD
Unfortunately, all the time in school today,
I felt like taking out my pinafore and throw it into the washing machine!
Damn it ! I really hate it!

Oh! As a reminder to you guys, please don't be too shock if
my name wasn't in Top 3, Top 5 or even Top 10 for the results in this exam.
Seriously I promised myself not to upset as it was all my fault.
I just don't care this exam, I know myself okay.
Anyhow I still doubt my feelings if I saw how others react =X

I'm having National Physics Competition next week!
I want myself to achieve the best :O
I really do. As weeks of training in Kwang Hua, how can I get just an ordinary Merit?!
So, I would stop myself from online-ing always. Can I?
HAHA. Will try my best not to indulge in online stuffs especially Facebook.
And I don't know why I seemed to update my blog too often.
Btw it's a good thing actually =)
FYI,I blog only when I had the mood ;)

Again, Prom Night tomorrow! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =D
Now my turn headache which dress to put on :$
I'm gonna have a busy week! Hoho.
That's all for now.
Stay tuned :)

It's not about what happens to you,
it's how you handle what happens to you
that's going to make the difference in your life.
I hope you can get through all these.

Babe dear, Jiayou okiEs?
I know I still care,I still mind about you,
But just I couldn't be the one for you anymore.
We both knew that well.

I'm a BAD student today :(
NONE preparation did AT ALL for the history paper.
I still can have my nice sleep till late in the morning!
Screw myself.
And so and so I peeped others answers!Heehee. Sorry to myself =P
Won't let this happen in Trials :)

Prom Night this Saturday! Changed date =)
I'm excited for that.
Wheeeeeeeee =D
And one more thing! I've so many movies to watch!!!!!!!!!!
I wanna watch Inception, Despicable Me and etc.
But another fact is TRIAL IS COMING.
Screw screw screw FORM 5 life!

Proudly to announce that KPS DIVISION 22 : SMK BATU UNJUR HIT OUR FLAG DAY TARGET! FYI, we successfully get about 13K. Wooots! Congratz to US =)

Thank you to our lovely president LemonQian and
thanks to all the members who sell stickers bertungkus lumus =D =D
I'm happy with it cause it's our first year and yet we did it. *claps*

Signing off,
Ended by VINCCI.

I'm sorry,
I guess he's right.
I couldn't and shouldn't do anything about it ;)

Short update about today!

Since I'm back from school earlier today,
just a short update today will do =)

Well, FYI I'm currently having my second hell PPD's Ujian Berfokus.
Surprisingly, I was a little too relaxed for that. Okay, not a little maybe =P
You see, we as a normal students felt totally "immuned" for those long term examinations already.
I felt so shock today where I woke up and I'm not panic at all.
Even though I was totally unprepared for today's test!
I wouldn't want this to happen in my Trials :)

Hoho, not much comment about today's test.
I just couldn't pay full attention on it o.O

Only for the Bina Ayat part .__.
I don't know what is junjung sireh, neither sireh junjung.
I know telur ayam but not ayam telur.
xD xD

Its okay ;) Will take it easyyy for this time.

I almost slept the whole day,
because I cried non stop yesterday,
I hate that I miss you,
I miss those memories.
And I really really miss Boo0boo0.


SONG : 少了一个人 [S.H.E]

朋友聚会吵闹的快乐 在她们离开以后变稀薄
走路回家 回像山洞的窝 突然渴望有人 能来接我

泡著热水在浴室赖著 思念却也被滚烫冒烟了
最后的简讯 看到能背了 多久没有再联络 一想还是痛

朋友的爱 成分就是不同
最难过 是笑著面对被羡慕自由
练很久的成熟 也快遮掩不住 寂寞

妈妈在电话裏挂念我 上次欲言又止她还记得
喜欢装没事 其实最累了 但我清楚很多事 哭了也没用

那种拥抱 能够忘了所有
两个人 就算下雪后赤脚逆著风
也不觉得冰冻 还笑得比阳光 炽热

能够体会 我倔强又脆弱
不记仇 温柔原谅我情绪太波动
用泪光舍不得 融化我累积的 寂寞

很固执 无条件爱我从来没变过
在大吵的时候 会抱著我 沉默 不动

I've no idea what the hell am I thinking right now

世界上最遥远的距离,是我站在你面前,你却不知道我爱你。不知道从什么时候起,你已经悄悄的停留在我的心里,一点甜蜜,一点惊喜, 我努力装作不在乎你,只把你偷偷的埋藏在我的心底,因为,我 不想告诉你,


A little of everything ;)

Hello peeps! Again, a random post about little of everything here ;)

1. Exam is on the NEXT WEEK. Anyhow I've get used to it and I don't feel like revising anymore. Immuned!

2. Skipped school for few days in a week! Awww. I actually love to go to school but just sometimes all the periods seemed to be so meaningless and wasting of time. Aissh!

3. SMK Batu Unjur's St.John had done Mock Exercise this week. Too bad it's only for afternoon session students. *Blame the PK KOKO*

["Professional" actor]
[Open fracture. Disgusting right? HAHA]

4. Disappointed with myself in the Physics Quiz and National Chemistry Competition. I knew that I can do better :(

5. Noobiiee Bluee Gal LIM JIA WEI always busy with her stuffs recently. We miss YOU! :(
Less outing, less cam whoring, less crapping and laughing together.
For every tuition 3 of us couldn't go for the same class. We sort of took turn to change our tuition classes.

[Our BUDDY day.]
[Heehs! ME, QIAN, J.WEI. Cutee right?]

6. Obviously World Cup fever is ended. Kinda miss the time when shouting with one another when predicting which team will be the winner. xD xD

7. Anddd, I want a Germany jersey! Yet, I'm grounded at home most of the time D: Of course, I miss my Thomas Mueller xP I love him putting on the jersey which VS Uruguay that match.
BLACK + GOLD. Huhuhuhu! No.13!

[Random one!]

8. To share with you guys, I've collection of human's creative drawing in my file. And so, while I was absent. Lovely TEH WEI QIAN & SONG WEI JIAN drawn this to be kept !! So damn cuteeee!

[BRAZIL. *I don't know why I can't turn it!*]

[Lenglui with her art!]
[Semua adalah dimiliki Hak Cipta LEMON QIAN & WEI JIAN]

8. Almost forget, NATIONAL SERVICE, which became the hot topic of everyone. xD But anyhow I'M NOT CHOSEN! Still in normal mood. Btw thanks for the one who help me to check!
Well, I'm lazy to check it by myself =P

9. I'm going to the Prom Night with my babes at 31st of July. The very first one :O

I miss you =P

Do you?
Damn it. I miss u so badly.
Isssshhh =D


Time: 3.30am
Woke up just now by someone who calls me when I'm having my sweet sweet dreams.
Anyhow I waited till 2.30 to watch the final football match of Germany which versus Uruguay.
Apparently I didn't dislike Uruguay :P Unlike SPAIN. Bluekk!
Kays. I hope Germany got the Third place ;) ;)
UPDATED : Germany won the match with the score 3-2. Luckily!
*still loves Thomas Mueller much much*
The one who scores 5 goals in 6 match! Love ya!

Attention to readers :
Added this thingy to my blog sidebar. So just ask anything if u want =)

Appreciate everything I having right now.
Thank you for the loved ones who cares me much much xD


It's the time to update my blog again ;)
Today, I went to Taylors Lakeside Campus again for final round Accounting Quiz.
Obviously I was kinda unprepared for all the stuffs,
anyhow I still did put an effort to do my best on revising the English form of Accounting.
Frankly I had a hard time with it, as the preparation was done at the eleventh hour. =$

Went there with another 4 Batu unjur-ians, which is
Mei May, Qun Yuan, Chong and Shanejeet =)
Firstly,I was damn shocked when I saw the crowds of people queue-ing for registration.
Ohmyghost. And so, we take turns to wait for that.
Well, sort of lost hope for the quiz.
For me, I felt it is so impossible to get the prizes.
Others was like so well prepared and there were only 10 individual prizes.
We were told that this is the largest quiz held in Taylors =O
And so, I counted the Probability. Answer: 10/250. HAHAHA.

Skipped =P
As usual, photo shooting is what I do always ;D Heehee.
After I done all the questions I went out from the hall and walked here & there.
Of course, this will be the precious time I take pictures of the breathtaking scenery and myself.
Although it was the second time I had been there, but still I love the environment muchhh muchhh.

After that, while others were taking their lunch in the so called Food Court,
WE (MeiMay, QunYuan & I) went to "menceroboh" Taylors different departments.
The design everywhere were so awesome! =D =D
Thus, we took quite a lot of pictures there. HAHA. *Kacha kacha!
This is what I gained and enjoyed today ^^ Wheeeeeee. Significant enough~

Congratulations to all the winners, especially from CHUNG HWA INDEPENDENT HIGH SCHOOL.
They were the best overall, as they learn Accounts in English in school =)
Awwww. Started to think of studying the the mostexpensivecollege now D:
As a matter of fact, my perspective totally changed for now.
How how? Ask me why! HAHAHAHA.
Eventually, I'm totally exhausted. Since 5.30 in the morning I'm awake till now.
Goshhh! Gonna take time to rest.

Pictures :
[We met again!]

[Can u see how excited I am? HAHAHA]
[Quiz Hall]
[Cool study room!]

[Walked to the lakeside!]

[SS time!]


For more pictures, view
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  • Picture of the day

    [Me & the lovely lake!]

    P.S : I'm sorry for not replying anyone *facebook* when I'm not in the mood.

    Felt disappointed again :( Why?
    I hate this part right here.
    Can this feeling please shoooo away?

    Current Vincci

    [Germany LOSE :( Kei kissed me to make me happier! Heehee]

    FYI, I didn't want to post about football thingy but ended typing my feelings in the previous post.
    I blog today because I felt so pressurized =(
    I'm worried of the district level Physics Quiz next Tuesday.
    I had Taylors final round Accounting Competition this Saturday too.
    Quite number of humans reminding me the significance of the Accounts thingy
    but seemed that I still focused more on Physics.
    Maybe before this focused too many times for Accounts.
    *Time to get rid of it!
    HAHAHA. Get a consolation prize I would be happy enough. *Pray hard*

    Because of the stress ahead, I can get angry very easily.
    But anyhow I've ways to relax with the help of lovely humans around.
    Heeeheee =D Thank you very much!
    Oh oh! WINKSS! ;D ;D ;D


    Football fever.

    Unfortunately, my Germany lost to Spain.
    Before sleep. I asked my dad to wake me up but eventually failed,
    Anyhow I jumped up automatically in early morning, *around 4am*
    Eagerly rush downstairs to be informed the latest results =/
    Felt super duper disappointed .__.
    1-0. OHMYGHOST!
    Straight lost the mood to watch the highlights and back to sleep.

    Before I step into the school today, I was preparing my mood actually. HAHA
    EXPECTED! Many of my "evil" friends kept reminding me SPAIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN.
    Ehem ehem especially besties Lemon Qian.
    Apparently, from the start whatever team she support confirm lose! so far the statement is true enough!
    She knew that and so she purposely support Germany and so my favourite team will lose.
    Wuuuuu. Screw her! But then she was kinda cute,
    eventually she spread the news to everyone including teachers. HAHA

    Now,I don't know which team to support in final =$
    I just hope Germany can get into Top 3. Heeehs =)
    Well, you'll never know the fun of having football fever if u didn't have experience on it. =D =D Watch then you'll know.
    Germany, see you again next 4 years! This year let Holland / Spain get the champion as they didn't get before! HAHAHAHA
    I'll be your loyal fans always. Go THOMAS MUELLER! No.13 ;D

    FIFA World Cup gonna end soon,
    Felt kinda sad :( Idontknowwhy.

    Fever fever post!

    Random post.
    Basketball Fever.

    This week, I stayed back to watch my favourite sport -Basketball interschool competition.
    Jieying & I were to desperate to watch the semi final & final.
    Bwahahaha. Minus the conflicts between, I enjoyed pretty much watching the match :)
    Dugun dugun
    The team which I supported get CHAMPION.
    And so I'm happy with it :)
    Congratulations to Khengli Daddy,Chicken Loh Chin Hern, Ivan Ang, Jeng Yenn, Law Wei Wei
    Heeehs =P

    [Their expression were so cute =P]
    [Heart trembling xD ]
    [Our favourite team! The most yeng team! xD]

    [Pretty tired after watching .__.]

    Football Fever.

    Generally, I'm not interested in football stuffs but anyhow,
    Fifa World Cup is exceptional :)
    No doubt,it is a real hot topic among people now.
    This year , I support GERMANY.
    Probably I'm not a real fans because I don't really watch the whole match.
    Just Highlights will do xD
    So far so good but the team is going to versus Argentina. OMG.
    I'll watch THIS match, people! =D
    Most of my friends support Argentina, Isssshhhh!
    Hope hope hope hopefully Germany will win =p Bluekkk!

    Go Go! Germany!!! =)
    Dugun dugun ♥ Germany JIAYOU!!!!! Win win win win win!

    Dancing Fever.

    All of a sudden,
    I don't really know why I felt like going dancing class, again.
    Last time, I stopped because of PMR.
    Now, seems like NOT possible for me to learn right?
    SPM. It's coming ahead.

    [I love this Elecoldxhot shirt!]

    Its okay. I had think about it. I'll learn in November. HAHAHA.
    I hope I can :) To improve my skills with Leon from Elecoldxhot.
    As u know, Elecoldxhot is always my favourite dancing team! xD
    Dugun dugun

    [The champion team in my heart!]

    A long time ago picture of ME with THEM :)

    Dancing with my heart ^^
    It's the passion. =)

    Fever fever post,
    Ended by,

    It's 3rd.
    Our day. =(
    Please, Can I stop thinking too much.