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My dream story of success

My Dream Story of Success

"Dreams are like may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny." Everyone has dreams likewise I have dreams for the future just like everyone else. Well,my vision is the promise of what I shall one day be a successful entrepreneur.

In my point of view, definitely it will be started with zero and then undergone level of challenges which always beyond our expectation. With that, perseverance and determination plus long term diligence and effort is required for aiming the stars. For me, a successful person have not achieved their distinction by having new talent or opportunity presented to them, they have developed the opportunity that was at hand. Thus, in order to precede great achievement, I would plan for aspects of the business as well as develops and improves overall performance.

In time to come, I would be a business person who attempts to possess new ideas by risk and initiative. Of course,there are certain musts to be prepared and managed for the business to succeed. Marketing, which what I embrace would be the trade skills to promote the sales from time to time. In fact,business, it is all about customers. Therefore, everything I do tend to be customer focused, getting to know their need inside out and upside down. After all, customers are the people that will ultimately decide if your business goes boom or bust, aren't they?

In addition, over my life time I would improve my business understandings and marketing functions with different resources. As we know, education is not a destination but a long life journey. Apart from that, I would define my own objectives by attending workshops, seminars and courses. I would never stop investing in the most effective and best business. Nevertheless, the thing which I bare in mind, do always remember who I am and how I accomplish my goal with the help of others.The arrogant mind have to be scrape off in myself. Subsequently, I hope to have the spirit and passion to be a entrepreneur who believing that success is not the power or pride, neither the fame.

Upon business matters, I would involve myself in the effort to protect the environment. As an influential people in the community, I would launch initiatives to spread the environmental message around. Consequently, we have been told for decades to conquer the nature. The crisis is upon us and the worst is yet to come, do we actually want the Earth approach the point of no return by the climate change? Thus, I would take action to sort out the problem, together with the leaders, explorers and scientists. All of us should raise environmental awareness to cure our feverish planet. Now, who says entrepreneur cares about their profits and business only?

What I get out of my business in the form of personal satisfaction, financial gain, eventually I would be doing charity for the world. Now, we were overwhelmed by pictures of innocent people get hurt and injured, losing their homes and loved ones, we hear their stories and all these actually remind us it is right that we need to do something for them. Furthermore, giving to others by doing volunteer work is important to make a difference in the world. Being a successful person, I do what I enjoy, hoping that others would be the same giving their commitment in order to heal the world, and make it a better place for all of us to live in.

Last but not least, I would try to achieve the best in every criteria from now on. Motivation, self-esteem and discipline are the building blocks for success. For instance, accept failure graciously — and move on. Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself. Remember that all things are possible for those who believe.

My Success, My Dreams    

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I've been tensed up recently. I guess.
Maybe that's the point I getting emotional back.
But anyhow ignore it. I would be alright. Everything will be fine :)
I hope to be happy-go-lucky enough.
Thanks God.
I'm getting much better today =D

OhMyGhost. The me yesterday was worst. *Idon'tknowwhy*
I miss my holidays.
FYI, I've viewed my several previous blogpost.
I'm glad that I had a blog right now =)
At least, I could remember every single happiness and sadness in the past.
I wouldn't want to view it all. Okay, not today.
I'm afraid tears rolling off my eyes. I've enough of it for the past few days.

Nothing much to say actually.
Just I online daily and when I view my blog,
I still feel it it was like so dead. HAHA.
So lets the spirit move on!
Cabi cabi song can actually makes my day =p

I miss dancing. I love to dance with passion. =*)
The background music is awesome.
I danced crazily just now. WAHAHAHAHA.

P.S : My next blog post will be an entry for a contest. It will be an EXTREMELY LONG post. For your sake of vision, please don't read it sentence by sentence.

Hahaha! Well, I voice out this because for me, I dislike blog post to be too dull and LONG like writing essay. My next post is going to be like that! So, it is a reminder for my readers!

米修米修 =p

=) Smile (=

杨丞琳 - 匿名的朋友

独送昏暗不离的风 回忆里被爱
那股激动 天色好红
温柔好浓 在胸口浮现你的面容
一起活在 这城市迷宫 提起你名字
心还跳动 却没重逢
从那懵懵懂懂 走进各自天空
该怎么说让彼此选择 但思念还转动

不能握的手 从此匿名的朋友
与你无关泪自行 吸收
不能握的手 却比亲人更亲厚
只有失去的温柔 最温柔

当又一次美梦落空 回忆里被爱
那 股激动 天色好红
温柔好浓 在胸口浮现你的面容
那是什么 让彼此选择 又不仅是尊重

不能握的手 从此匿名的朋友
其实我的执着 依然执着
不能握的手 却比爱人更长久
只有失去的拥有 最永久

I'm upset. Too many thingy happen at the same time.
I no longer wanna express it out.
I'm too busy, too tired.
Kei, i'll try to tell u =D
I know u're the only one who makes me feel better all the time.
I don't know what am I thinking.
Just to make my blog alive =)

1. Do you need him/her to be good looking?
Not really =)

2. Smart?

3. Preferred age?
Not younger than me.

4. Preferred height?
Of course taller then me =D

5. How about sense of humor?

6. How about piercings?
Probably no, one or two "ok larh"

7. Accepts you for who you are?
It's a MUST. hahaha~

8. Pink hair?
OMG. I love pink but not in that way =p

9. Mushy or no?

10. Thin or fat?
Depends. HAHA

11. Black, Brown or White (skin color)?
Brown ?

12. Long hair or short hair?
As long as he looks good with it =*)

13. Plastic or metal?
Metal ?

14. Smells good?
HAHAHA! yeaaa

15. Smoker?
Definitely NO.

16. Drinker?
Not too excessive =)

17. Girl/Boy-next-door type?
Sporty one too.

18. Musically inclined?
Don't really care about it.

19. Plays piano?
If yes then it's great, if no its okay too.

20. Plays bass and/or acoustic guitar?
Same ans with Q19.

21. Plays violin?
Woohoooo. I love violin! But if no its alright too =)

22. Sings very good?
Yeap :) Not too bad lar..

23. Vain?

24. With glasses?

25. With braces?
Will be remove 1 day pun.

26. Shy type?
OMG. No way.

27. Rebel or good boy/girl?
Depends =p

28. Active or passive?
Active but not too over.

29. Tight or bomb?
Tight better.

30. Singer or dancer?
Both? HAHA. Of cox dance is better =D Will attract me more. =D

31. Stunner?
Hahaha. Depends~

32. Hiphop?
Yeap. If can

33. Earrings?

34. Mr/Ms. count-my-ex-girlfriends-until-you-drop?

35. Dimples?
If yes then it's really cute ^^

36. Bookworm?

37. Mr/Ms. love letter
Sometimes =) *I'll b lazy to reply* HAHA

38. Playful?
Not all the time. I'm playful enough d =p

39. Flirt?
Don't flirt with others except ME. xD

40. Poem writer?
No need =.=

41. Serious?
Not really. I don't like it. But serious at the right time.

42. Campus crush?

43. Painter?
Blaaa. I'm not one either.

44. Religious?

45. Someone who likes to tease people?
Not really.

46. Computer games geek? Or internet freak?
NO. I don't want him 2 put me aside. x)

Frankly I don't really bother so much,
as long as we love & care each other =*) It will be okay.


Hello readers!
For your information,
There's a CHARITY RUN will be held on 1st of August (Sunday).
Well, I shall urge u all to participate in this event as it is beneficial actually.
Please understand that this event is organized by St.John Ambulans Malaysia,
but anyhow it's open for everyone.

The race distance for male & female is 7km.
Venue : St.John HQ (around)
Participation fee before 1 July is RM 20 ; After : RM25
Time of registration : 6.30am *I know is kinda too early*

Why should you join?
For me, actually I'm not interested with it as I rather to take a rest at home and have a nice sleep. *pigggg =p*
However, the theme for this charity is Run For Kidney.
Sometimes, doing good deeds is required in our life =)

Plus, it is actually beneficial as T-shirt can be received.
This can be considered one of the main reason I join actually.
I was informed about the T-shirt materials.
Happy to tell u that, the material of the shirt is good material & it is "sport" kind.
Err get what I mean? It was like "licin licin" style. Got it?
Trust me ;) The T-shirt will be nice.
Basically RM20 for a T-shirt and it's for charity purpose is reasonable =]
Besides, certificate of achievement will be entitled if u complete the race
and other terms bla bla.

Likewise, this event is like Run For Peace held every year.
I guess most of us knew about it =D
Kindly inform me if you're interested.
You can just jio your friend to run along and have fun.
No harm done right?

Please register before 17 July.
And it is only limited for 400 entries!!
Be fast! =*)

Just a video to share with.
I don't know why I love this song much + MV very much.
Love the background music much - It can makes me dance with the heart
The main female involved in is YOONA, YURI & SEOHYUN from SNSD.
They're just so sexy. Bwahahahaha.

Enjoy it :)

Who's ur hottest cabi?

In this case =)
My hottest cabi is YOONA. She looked awesome in this video =P

Will update more later.
Have to take a rest now =)

Time flies. =/
Lovely holidays gonna end soon.
I enjoyed myself really much =)
Apparently I was tied up by fully packed schedule.
Anyhow it was much more better than rotting at home facing the computer whole day long.

For me,holidays were meant to be holidays.
Like what I expected, I didn't even touch a single book for revision.
Well, I don't really blame myself for that.
But after short term of relaxation,
it seemed that it is the time to get rid all the entertainment stuffs,
starting to get myself ready for every examinations after this.
By right now I could feel the stress is coming ahead.
I've to rush my hell projects, get prepared for all the Quiz and competitions, cover all the St.John stuffs, as well as doing revision from time to time.

May God bless me. Hopefully that I could manage my time well.
I want to achieve the best from now on =)
I don't want to be a bookworm *Okay its I CANT be*
I never wanna make myself tension all the time,
just need to focus MORE on academic stuffs =*)
*I always treated myself nicely* HAHA
I need more determination for that ,will be able to do that =D
Signing off for another outing,

Just a post about random thinking of mine.
Maybe for encouraging myself?
Feeling kinda upset today, perhaps I was just too tired.
I hope so =)

Yeap =) It's me again.
Haha. I'm an active blogger, obviously my blogging came back recently.
I'm a busy human in this holidays.
Having many places to go to and yet I've really buried my books underground.
Ohmyghost. I did not START my add maths folio yet.
Screw me =/ I know I'm lazy.
I'm back from Taylors college today.
For your information I went to the lakeside campus for CLIOD programme.
Managed to capture few pics over the beautiful scenery there =D
I'm loving it. If u planning to persue courses in Taylor,
It is so much better to choose this campus.
For me,the breathtaking view there is enough for everything =) =) =) *

Back to the topic.
Basically everything run quite smoothly & systemically.
They are kinda well organised on every criteria.
Plus, they are having their Young Entrepreneurs' Day (YED) today!
Woots. It's something like High school canteen day =)
Likewise I always been in Convent's.
Too bad this year they do not have it =/
The admission for CLIOD is Free and they gave each of us Free coupons for the YED. *laughs*
YED is held first time in this new campus and it's quite fun. *winks*

Apart from the great PA system, 39 different stalls and uncountable lengluis =P =P ,
moreover some of their creativity is outstanding enough.
We are given a few simple task behalf of it and learnt something new actually.
By the way, I had a better impression for Taylors now.
Good thing I guess ;)


[Took from upper view.]
[YED held there. *riuh rendah*]

[LT1. The place where we're in.]
[I used the FREE coupons to buy Famous Amos cookies!]
[My FAVOURITE chocolate marshmallows. Too bad didn't bought it =(]

[wheeeee =)]
[Hahaha. I'm dark like charcoal! ]
[Beautiful view.]
[They are actually CUTE enough to attract me!]

[The crowd.]
[Random take.]
[It was really nice there =]
[Wonderful blue-ish sky.]
[The delicious chocolate cupcake I bought from our targeted stall.]
[As usual, toilets.]

[You see, I'm a VIP!!! =0]

Frankly I grasp to take more pictures.
FYI, All the SS pics I took it very very quickly because I don't dare to camwhore when strangers around.
Just too bad I couldn't get there with my gang.
Or else, we will turn Taylor college up side down =D =D =D
Jkjk. =P
That's all for now. Buhbyes =)

I want you to be happy ;)

A quick update about today :)
Firstly, I'm so sorry as I forgotten I actually have to attend Footdrill training.
Argh. But anyhow everything had been planned properly
& so I skipped it. Really sorie guys.

Apparently I went to Berjaya Times Square today
& purposely walked to Pavilion.Why pavilion?

Just to search for my lovely bear clothes.
Bwahaha. Plus it is expensive u know.
Oh my. Well, I willing to sacrificed the $ for my personal clother for HER.
I know. It's CRAZY. My brother went speechless =/
Btw Keikei is actually part of my soul d.
Just once in a while, I will spend much on her. =)

Heeehs =] I'm still happy.
As I had been searching for Kei's clothes for such a longgg time.
She is too small in size =$
[It was actually a COSTLY whole set]

[Too bad Keikei only can wear the jacket & so she planned to give the jeans to Mehmeh]

[Wearing her new outfit. It is kinda big size for her but its okay!]
[We have to keep it as secret *shhhhh*]


Finally. I'm backkk from Port Dickson =D =D
Okay. Feeling kinda lazy to post every single thing there.
Bwahaha =p
For more information, pay a visit to
  • Jieying's blog
  • Sephender's blog
  • See I'm so kind advertise ur blog here! Heeehs!
    Conclusion : I enjoyed very much & really relaxed myself there =P
    *winks* This trip is totally different from Youth Camp.
    So it is uncompare-able. =P

    The schedule is not fully packed anymore,
    As this is free & leisure type ;)
    U can do whatever u want to anytime anywhere.
    Swimming is the main activity over there.
    We swim in the morning, noon, evening ,not even a single day we missed it.
    Therefore, u can see me became like a charcoal =O
    I don't even wanna bother anymore, =$
    I'm getting used to become dark. *sigh*

    Anyhow I took really ALOT of pictures there,
    As u know I'm holding my camera all the time &
    most importantly I couldn't resist myself from stop taking interesting pictures with interesting living & non-living things =p

    Well, Jason Loo had a LITTLE potential in himself
    & so with his QUITE good looking face,
    My camera memory actually flood with his pictures =/
    I'll find a better model next time =D Hahaha.
    Kays. For pictures just view my facebook will do =)
    I spent all my time uploading the chosen pictures there. Geee!

    [I gotta feeling. Where feeling relax-ed. heehee!]

    [After bathing, waiting for campfire night again!]
    [He seems so tired!]

    [My MODEL. =P]
    [Yenggg ler!]

    [Another lengzai =p Apparently he is better than Jason NOOB. xD]
    [They played POOl & i grabbed my fav no.3 to take pic!]

    Ended with this.
    [Edited by ME]

    Thats all for now. BYE!

    Theme: LOVE & PEACE

    Well, St.John Youth Camp is OVER.
    I spent my 5,6,7 of June happily at Hulu Langat. *venue changed*
    Unexpectedly,it was really really FUN.
    As before this I don't really look onto it.
    But now I've no regrets begging my parents to let me go.
    The camp is AWESOME as I can say. ^.^v
    All the activities carried out this year is much more fun,
    and of course they improved year by year.
    The committees are the one who working hard behind and we're just the one to enjoy & relax.
    A big applause to them * winks *
    By the way, I would skip all the nonsense & just summarize everything into a shorter post.
    For your information, 2 hours more I'm going to Port Dickson with another gang of friends.
    Bwahahahaha. =D =D

    [Bright bright sun]
    [My mailbox. I'm sorry cause I didn't reply.I'm lazy=p]
    [After bathing ^^]

    The one that I couldn't ever forget is Night Jungle Trekking.
    Oh my ghost. That particular feeling is undescribe-able.
    We were NOT allow to on our torchlight,
    Probably is because animals will come & eat us HAHAHAHA.
    Moreover, there's NO moon that night.
    The fear is really there. I had never experienced it,
    where u couldn't even see anything and the road is slippery, full of logs, plants with thorns n etc.
    The road is so much steeper but we couldn't walk slowly,
    Blame that stupid malay fellow.
    He don't even want to wait for those who couldn't manage to follow up.
    I had been to jungle trekking for a few times before this,
    How hard was it I used to overcome it all,
    Now I know when it's at night, everything came even worst.
    Anyhow this time is really an extraordinary one,
    the road chosen by them is a challenging one, *out of expectation*
    for me, it is adventurous but was really kinda dangerous.
    I would not risk my life like that. =$

    [Dirty me!!!]
    [I fell down ='( Injured on the left hand]
    [Wierd faces]
    [Both red indians!!]

    The second day of the camp was the climax part of all.
    Wheeeeeeee =)
    All different station games were held & we really did enjoy it.
    Everyone is competing to getting more gold bars in order to win THE BEST GROUP.
    Well, all of the members is fully WET, lipstick on face & also whiteyy hair & flour*. The committees are bad *grins*
    However, campfire night was still the BEST part.Every year without fail we would be surprised by something.
    When the light is switched off,
    All of us were given the "glowing splinter" *I don't know what that called*
    and we GET HIGH. Woohooooo.
    There's not much difference with clubbing. =p
    We shout, jump, sing & also dance crazily. Just, the beer is replaced by water. Heeheee =O
    No doubt, everyone was HIGH enough.
    In the end, we were tired like hell .__.
    It had been since a long time we can do everything in this way,
    Just because of the long term examinations.
    Anyway the mission accomplished.- I really had lots of fun there. =*)


    [Mine "glowing splinter"]
    [Ah pang]

    Day 3 is the last day for the camp.
    Only this day I managed to take out my camera & start capturing photos.
    Still, I took 200++ pictures within just HALF day of it.
    Fortunately I didn't take it out before that. =P
    Since the scenery there is amazing enough,
    so I wouldn't miss the chance to take pictures there =D
    Andddd proudly I had to announce,
    My group been awarded the BEST GROUP. Yeahhhhh.
    I was in Group A. Ape- MONKEY.
    Heeeehs =) This was the SECOND time for me dy.
    Woots, kinda unexpected because Group Ghost & Group Frog was so active & corperative like all the time.
    Anyhow still need to thanks all my group members!
    And also my leader. Believe it or not, I don't know what's his name.
    HAHAHAHA. All the time I just yelling LEADER then he will be there.
    *I'm bad*

    [So ngam ==]

    [Cowboy style!]
    [Brian & me. =D]
    [I love this pic. Ignore the lengzai behind.HAHA]

    Frog u. I realized my blogpost still kinda long rite.
    Issshh. Its okay.
    Conclusion: Youth camp ROCKXX, Youth camp is SIBEH SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!
    After the camp I only had 2 days to rest.Though there's no anyone who wake me up early in the morning,& so I can sleep soundly. But I still miss the time in camp =$
    I felt so meaningless at home now. Choii choii.
    Bluekk =p I still love my life =)
    Heeeheee. Take care my babe.

    Signing off! Byebye!!!!
    With love,