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Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee =) =)
I'm back from KL!

Satisfied much much =D *winks*
Shopped in Sungai Wang after sleeping like a pig during the journey .__.
Anyhow this is so much better than our Aeon Jusco, Klang Parade & blaaa.
After hours of shopping, we went Jalan Alor for makan.
By the way, It's a good exercise for us,
As we really walked dontknowhowmany km d =P
Well, I felt super super duper exhausted.
Carrying many stuffs as well as my handbag on the other side =$
At that particular moment,I suspected myself would have neck injury. Bwahaha =D =D
Overall it was fun minus the conflict happened between =(
Happyyyyyyy ^_______^ *wide smileee*
Because I found something unexpected & bought it when shopping!
It is for my lovely lovely lovely besties ;)

Pictures : -

Shopping time.

[I'm FAMOUS. No doubt. HAHAHA]

[For lengzai who put this outfit on I would surely fall in love with him. Bluekkk! =p ]

[Pinky LG phone. The phone attracted me O.O]

[I love this small hat very much & it's cheap. Too bad 3 humans dislike it. So I didn't buy =(]

[The gold man.]
[Donate some for him & take picture~!]

[Love this clothes very muchh but too bad it's not clear here.
It's a lil wide for the shoulder part so didn't get to buy it also =( ]

[Or maybe I should just feel the one I wearing nicer. HAHA]

Eating time.

[Delicious Drumstick]
[Many delicious food can be found here =O]
[The very the famous shop]
[Whole street of stalls. Yeay! LIVE TO EAT!]

[Many humans walking along the street!]
[Found that pink thingy is so CUTE! AHAHA]

Well, guess this blogpost is long enough dy.
Study mood have to be back as exam is NOT OVER yet!
One more week to go! Countdown countdown!!!
YOUTH CAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PORT DICKSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wait for me!!!!
Forgive my craziness yea people =)

Toodles =)

For now, I'm proud to announce that 2 miserable weeks of exam is OVER!
Bwahahahaha. Screw me! I'm desperate for all my lovely plans!!!!
Both weeks of holiday my schedule will be packed with many stuffs =D =D =D
Even now exam haven't over yet, I get around to anywhere anytime.
Say yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..
I went to Klang Parade yesterday. Hmm. Nothing special.
Hunt for new clothes but couldn't get it. =(

OFF today. No books, no studying~
Back from Persatuan Buddha --
Certainly I went there for St.John DUTY.
Quite boring there since there're less cases.
Btw had a nice time chit chatting around & not forgetting to Thanks Sarjan Chua for lunch.
=) *winks*
Later will be going to KL, Jalan Alor for makan delicious thingy! *yummy*
as well as shopping in Sungai Wang & Time Square =O
Then then, will find time to Botanic Garden & the little Fun fair =D
I'm excited, people! Wahahahahahaha.

Although SPM is not over yet, but it's a happy thing for us to get temporary freedom too.
Agree? :)
Gonna ban leng leng d. Heeeehs =)
Will update next time.
Stay tuned.

You better run run run run run~~~~
I'll be your tinkerbell in
the sky ;) Loves.

Moral paper is OVER. =)
Feel so stupid & funny while answering those questions.

Add maths paper tomorrow O.O
Biology next O.O O.O

Blaaaaa. By the way feel more relaxing this time =D
Whenever I don't feel like studying, I don't study, even if it's at the eleventh hour.
Unlike the past forcing myself to anymore, HAHA.
Good or bad thing? Blaaaa.

I ponteng-ed BM SIDANG tuition today,
By the way LemonQian was like : ur BM very weak ehh, go larhhhh go larhhh!
Issshhh..So bad! *grins*
Hope her add maths results won't disappoint me =$ Pray hard*

One more thing, I feel super bored of the exam papers which mengagung-agungkan KONSEP 1 MALAYSIA.
Benci betul ler, I wrote Perpaduan for BM Karangan,
Perpaduan in BM rumusan,
And now, 1 Malaysia again in Moral essay =/

Signing off =)
Unexpectedly, I still frozed when I'm thinking about you.
I didn't know that I'm still holding on,
Where I still couldn't accept everything,
which is a fool indeed.

I wore the shirt you bought for me today,
which u love it the most,
As well as the ring which I treasured since long time ago =/
Unknowingly, it had pass really for so long,
Is it the time for me to totally let go of you yet?
Years of memories.
I really don't want myself to a stupid.
Stay with me?
A short update will do =)

Proud to say that, one miserable week of exam is OVER,
Two more weeks to go.
I'm waiting for my plans in holidays.
- St.John Youth Camp

- One day in Sunway College
- Port Dickson trip!
- College Life in One Day in Taylor College
- Outings with babe
BWAHAHAHAHAHA. The excitement is in the air!

By the way, I don't feel exam is exam anymore,
Maybe kinda numb of it,Well, the exam was like continuously hell for few weeks,
After this test then that test then other test,
Student were given tips,
Frankly it is NOT tips, but QUESTIONS.
Plus, students even brought in the complete answer before the test papers given,
They might be dreaming or doing nothing where others were fighting with the questions.
This is so wrong but in such condition,with limited time to conquer all the hell topics in form 4 & form 5,
& so students just can only depend on the tips given.
Oh, this is called
"fatanah" (bijaksana)! Except if u wanna be al-Amin like NM.
I'm wondering, what's actually the purpose of having the test?
I'm so lazy to study =D But I have to =/Perhaps just will take it easy =*)
Okay,skip the exam thingyy. Feel so bored of it. AHHHH.

I had a lot to share,
but I'll update after exam! Hahax.
3 more weeks later =)
However, I'm thinking that whether should I really post EVERYTHING here?
Let me think about it first ,
as some cases maybe is not suitable for public view. HAHA.

And and and and,
Hey you! Yes you!
Don't worry about me kays =PI'm okay, really okayyyyyyy.
Maybe sometimes just something else crashed my mind =P
I'll tell u when I'm free enough!
As u know I'm busy for the mid-term examination wert,
Lalalalalala. Still, thank you ^o^

Just like that :-


*Taught by Yaya Lee*
I'm sorry I couldn't help you out anything =/

Smiled =P Because of you. [爱笑的眼睛]

Keikei will be with me all the time *winks*
Muackz muackziieeee ..

One picture, thousand words, complicated feelings,
Who would ever understand?

[Happy 520 Day]

520 ♥ for all my babes,
:- With love, to you, him-s, her-s =D Hahahax.

Waiting for exam to finish & lovely holiday to come!

Temporarily Update. Heehs!

I PASSED my St.John Adult + Adult test =D
Hope that A.Babi will pass too, Or not I hafta belanja him pulakk, Kesiann. =P
Today National Physics Training in Kwang Hua is worst,
I fishing most of the time, OMG.
Hahahax. Luckily God bless me,
We not having test today =)
Kinda love Kwang Hua, cox they having fun activities every Sat,
I attracted by a group of human who dancing Hip-Hop,
I miss the time =/
Oh, I'm still thinking whether I should enter St.John Brass Band o not =$
Isssshh, I can't go to Youth camp this year,
SOBS. Stupid one.
By the way, I have chilled =)
Thanks! Muackx.


St. John Adult examination is TOMORROW.
National Physics Training somemore =/
PLUS, JPS exam papers next week!
Lots of books I need to touch I guess,
So, Buhbyes.


I seriously HOPE that LOH WINZHI PLEASE don't keep fall asleep T.T
For your own sake, Jiayou! *tears + tears*
Piggy me ^(oo)^ don't want to be T(oo)T.
Do miss me =P
I'll update if only I'm free enough,
Textbooks textbooks sekalian, I'm coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Secara umumnya,
BYEBYE & ALL DA BEST Vincci ucapkan =)

Vincci's great schedule on Thursday.

Woke up successfully,
Drank milo,
Unluckily slept again, =.=!!
Woke up - Take lunch,
Went to school for St. John meeting,
After school went to JJ sales for hours,
Back home within 5 minutes - went out for tuition,
After tuition watch my beloved beloved ++ drama, EU , *tears* LAST EPISODE,
Watch my favourite video,
FINALLY, sleep.

OHMYGOD. This is what I've been done for the WHOLE DAY.
Expecting myself to ponteng school for STUDY,
but ended up in this way.
SIGH. =(
I'm not going to school until Tuesday =Pcox I rather SLEEP/ study at home. LALALA.
Seriously, mid term examination is kinda important,
Therefore, wish luck to me & everyone. =D =D =D

Random + Random. Just trying to make my bloggie ALIVE.

但希望我们的友谊依然存在. *winks*

[Take 1]
[Take 2]

I still could remember, the 3 guys (Dexter, Leo & Terrance) with black colour shirt used to be close with me during primary school time =D Even closer than the girls. HAHA.
It's nice to know them, even though we seldom contact each other now,
We lead our own secondary life after Standard 6,
But anyhow all the sweet memories with u guys,
will always remain in my heart. Laughter & joy =*D

We may not be so close anymore, but hopefully we don't forget each other as time pass =)

With love,
Vincci 罗咏诗
*It had been a long time I stop using my chinese name!*
I wondering,
What am I doing right in front of the computer right now,
I'm tired, but yet I'm surfing the net without any purpose,
Oh my, & so my exam is so SOON, VERY SOON,
Just after one week we will have to meet them, again.
Actually,I wanted to update about lots of stuffs,
but anyhow I think I wouldn't,perhaps due to logical thinking,
it wasting my time, pretty much =/
*even now I don't update I had sitting front here for hours*

Mid term exam, another MORE important examination,
so far the previous one I'm satisfied with my "lucky" results,
but still have to work hard on it much,
All the best as I can say.

Just, I wanted to say,
HAHAHAHAx. Maybe after 1 week,
Or after 2 weeks,
I wouldn't know =)
By the way, Good luck for every SPM candidates.
Smile through your pathway of life =D
Everything would be alright,
even though it doesn't seems right now. =P

P.S. Life is what you make of it.

Ended by,
You're currently listening to :
Kiss The Rain- Yiruma
River flows in you- Yiruma

Probably I would love the first one the MOST,
The song is significant enough for me,
There's thousand & millions words in my mind,
but just from a extraordinary yet simple music,
I wouldn't want to express it here,
Just,You & I knew it,
I'm satisfied =)

Though it had been passed for so long time ago,
yet I couldn't resist myself from thinking about it.
I'll get through all this
^(oo)^ sure will~

Something is not right,
Or maybe everything is not right.
I don't know why,
A lot of humans leading weird attitude plus with a complicated mind.
Damn it. I dislike it,
Frankly speaking, I hate it =(
I'm putting an effort to control myself from time to time,
but how they react makes me nearly get off my nerves.
I admit myself that I don't have a good temper nowadays.
Everyone had their problems, not even one is excluded.
But anyhow people now don't really think for others.
Once I saw this on my friend's facebook profile,
I'm totally agree with this.

: If even when you're not happy, you don't have the right to make everybody unhappy too. So, just act like there's nothing and smile ;)

It's hard , I know.Just, sometimes for a moment think of others point of views.
You wouldn't know anytime anywhere anyone who having much more problems that you could ever have.
No matter what happens, please don't narrow your thinking for only yourself =)
It hurts.

No offence. I'm not mentioning some particular person here.
Everyone is being like that now =/
Maybe I am one of them too.
I don't like it & so I'm suffering.

Kiss the rain.
I swear I wouldn't ever forget this,ever.
The music is super fantastic, totally brilliant one as I can say.
Well, I spot this when I was finding Qian's favourite-
River flows in you, which amazed by Andrew. xD
FYI, he played this song while visiting in CNY, *AWESOME*
Back to the topic,
Then I linked to this particular song,
No doubt I'm attracted by the title =P
Once I pressed the button PLAY,
I felt like crying within just a few seconds!
I was like OHMYGOD.
I finally recalled back & I figure it out why.
That's actually the background song for the video recommended by Yaya

Which changed my mood completely for whole day ,
Which makes me shed my tears again & again after watching it.
For instance, that reminds me of a lot a lot of happy but sad memories.
Happy & sad. They actually exist at the same moment, how special =$
Still, the same phrase,
I'll get through this, no matter how long it takes.
=) Smiled.

P.S: Listen to Yiruma's songs. Trust me, you'll never regret, if u feel it from ur heart =D

I miss you, but I insisted,
not the you now,
the one in the PAST.

22 of April, Earth day.
We had our Ujian Berfokus for the killer subject- HIS STORY 2day.
Frankly, almost everyone fall in love with all the so callled story including me myself.
Yeahh, new interesting topics where they doesn't exist in my mind before,
great one huh?
Of course, one thing that I couldn't DON'T "praise" myself is how I studied for the test.
Just as what I can say, I don't touch the books until the eleventh hour.
OMG. Not two weeks before, not the day before, guess what,
IS THAT DAY ITSELF! O.O I will wake up early in the morning & "ganzheong",
imagine that before that I still could relax sitting doing nothing.
This is a so called SPM STUDENT. OMG.
MUST CHANGE!!!!! It's a MUST. =$

Ohoh. It seems I'm running out of the topic.
Well, I proclaim this year as a GO GREEN YEAR.
As we tend to save the trees, environment & bla blaa.
Global warming crisis is crashing our EARTH!
But it seems nobody will bother neither care about it =/
How sad. By the way, please take care our one & only Earth.
We don't want to approach the point of no return. =(
However, I have kinda mood & took half hour to camwhore around my house
garden. HAHA.
This is just a random post =D

Here comes pictures :

[Reflection on INNOVA.]

[Wheeeeeee.. =D]
[Looking looking =]



Yuuuhuuuuu! I'm finally backkkk, with smile =D
As I promised, I have alot to post & share about but anyhow,
I'm not sure whether I could list everything here =/
Blame the modem, I couldn't update blog for such a longgg period.
Sigh! Guess lots of humans didn't visit my blogs dy. =X

Hmmm.. Life had been pretty hectic but is quite meaningful too =)
I'm satisfy enough with it =D Yay!
So, lets review back what had I gone through in the previous month.

Firstly, I felt super duper happy as my group won the CHAMPION for the
explorase in Shahbandaraya. In such coincidence, Qun Yuan was in my
group too! So, all of us cooperate well & gain for it =P
HAHA. I had never thought of it because it's not only school level so basically
I would not pin high hopes to achieve anything =) I remember how we run
here & there & how each of us sweat & complete all the question in the
fastest speed! Woots! *claps*

Secondly, FYI it's my previous school before SMK Batu Unjur. With that, I'm
excited that I could go back & met my lovely friends! Awwwww.
Some teachers able to recognised me too =P I never thought they will! Hahax,
especially the "orbit" teacher, I remember I'll always be the victim when she
checks students hairstyle. LOL. Plus, I saw my EX fake WIFE, Christina Tham Chun Ying & my fake GIRLFRIEND too =*) Both of them pull me here & there.
So much complaints from them! Wakaka.
Felt quite lucky that I shifted school earlier =X Shhhhhh.
I met Tracy Tan Li Jig which shifted to Chung Hua too!
What she said to me when she saw me is : Spider u sure lose 1! Eleehh...
She is still cute & funny. =O
I met the convent-ians too. Yoke Leng, Sin Nee, Chia Sin & Yanye. Hahax, All
cute & pretty girls =P Took pictures with them too =)

Thirdly, it's about ET Mega Seminar. *The next day*
This is the very first time Mrs.Lee had this kind of seminar but anyhow I had
lots of fun there,too. =D On that day, I wore PINK, Qian PURPLE & Jiawei BLUE.
Perfect combinations!
Isshh.. All of us took lots of pictures & syok sendiri in Sunway College.
Especially Vivian babe & Batu Unjur-ians.
However, Sunway College is not as NICE as I thought.
Monash University seems nicer =/
HAHA. Again, Qian & I met our primary school friends.
It had been damn long time we didn't contact each other dy,
So we felt a lil wierd when talking to each other.
But still happy that they still remember us *winks*
I remember how close we are when we were "young".
Managed to take some pictures with them too!
Then then, after the seminar we BATU UNJUR-ians went to OLDTOWN to
yamcha.. Eventually all of us felt tired dy as we hyper for the noon time dy.
Hahax. Klar. I think thats all for this two significant event for me =D =D =D

Long overdue pictures!


[The special one =D Hahaha. With convent-ians !]
[Nice one. I love this!]
[3 specky girls!!]

[PURPLE. Qian, Synn, Jason LOO]
[PINKS. Yiksoon, Vincci (ME), Vivo, Aaron, ]
[Act COOL.]

[Act CUTE =p Jiawei FAILED!]


I'm lazy to post pictures here. Waste alot of time =/
Well for more pictures just view my facebook album. *winkyy*