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Yuhuuuuu...I'm back from Port Dickson =D
Although it's just a short trip to attend bla's wedding,
but I enjoyed too! Yayy~ =D =D
Point form will do, due to laziness. Bwahaha.

1. I took lots of pictures. Really ALOT. *camwhore mood came back!*
2. Sadly, my parents don't have any camera skill. Oleh itu, I can't get a nice picture of myself & the scenery over there.
3. We stayed in the water chalet- Avillion which is banyak banyak expensive.
4. The wedding was a special one. As it held on the beach =D Just a lil unfortunate for those who wearing high heels!
5. The couple was really loving, envy them lots. HAHA
6. I found out that peacock can actually fly! How stupid.
7. Invited by a group of humans at night time to play dat dat dunno call wat football thingy.
8. Went for a swim in the next morning.
9. I realized it had been a long time since the last swim =( I love swimming lots actually~ Lalala~

Long overdue photos :
Most of all is my syok sendiri 1 & so for your sake of vision,
you can ignore this part. XOXO. xD

[Dalam kereta xD BORED!]

[My donkey!! ]
[I brought Kei along too!! xD]
[Our chalet~~ Wooots!]
[Only can SS T.T]
[Put on sunglasses! Haha. Feel more "yeng"]
[Nice shot! Ahaha]
[I look so fair!! yeah!]
[Love this sky~]
[Me me me again!~]
[Oops..Wearing the same dinner dress! Haha.. takde $]
[I'm interested with the big V for Vincci!! SS~]
[Being crazy is my style! Haha]
[I love dis shot!! My kei so cute jiekk! Hahaha.]
[Lai lai~ I hug hug~ Haha]
[Being like ah pek!! Haha]
[Special feel~]
[Wahahaha! Is VINCCI's!!!! ]
[Me & My lovely kei]
[Being stupid pulaa]
[Obscene!! Say TAK NAK to smoking~]

[Nice nice nice nice shot!! Haha.. by Vincci]
[The wind is soooo stong!]
[Cant see my love lehhh T.T]
[Going to the crowd there =D]
[The only picture that taken by parents which I satisfy . HAHA!]
[Shock!! The peacock is IN FRONT of me!!!]
[& The peacock FLY up to the roof!!!]
[Cacated abit =P]
[Love~~~ is amazing. LOL!]
[Wedding ~~]
[Saw my name on the glass?? Nice jiekk]
[The couple~]
[Seeeeeee... It's quite special weii.]
[The seats~]
[Freaking nice~]

[After the wedding dinner..]
[This is the football thingy!! First tym i play with this!!]

[The green colour shirt guy bside me is SUPER geng! Haha]
[The group of humans! The right 1 is a SUPER LENGLUIII!!! ]
[Swimming time!!]
[SS firsttt~]
[The swimming pool!!]
[Going back jorr~]
["TUI CHAO" d.. ]
[Last pic in the chalet!!]
[Say BYE!!!! Hahaha.. Our luggage~]

Had lots of fun by taking pictures in this trip~
At least, I can put everything aside..
I'm now the crazy vincci again~
I'll try my very best to be happy ^^
At least, my holidays is not that bored anymore =)
Bought something for myself in these few days~
Anyway I'm going to Port Dickson soon. Haha..
Hope it would be fun =D =D
That's all for now.
Toodles !

Holiday is freaking bored.
Currently watching Beyond The Realm Of Conscience (宮心計).
It's the combination of two of my favourite dramas -
Jewel in the Palace & War and Beauty.
So, it's impossible for me not to fall in love with it =p
No doubt, the drama is awesome.
As usual, TVB dramas always is the best. *for me*
& its awesomeness even makes me feeling like
Really ehh.. No joking! =D =D
Anyhow in such reality there's no way for us to be like that.
It's a cruel world we living in.
Everybody knows.
If you being over kind-hearted, people may betray you or whatever.
So, I'll be but only to human that deserves it.
Stop here.
Signing off now. Going for tuition soon =)

Learn to give & take always.
I'm trying to.