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Birthday, I used to be excited for it,
longing for it, related everything to it.
I used to be happier on that day,
not because of presents received,
not because of wishes, I just don't know why.

But for this year, I'm not like that anymore.
I don't even want the day to come.
I feel even more unhappy, even more down.
Yet disappointed, hurting.

Anyhow, I wanted to say thanks to all my friend.
I was surprised =)
& sorry I was crying at that time.
Thanks for the cake. Thanks for all the sincere wishes.
Thanks for everything.

If only I can wish.. I wished to end my life now.
Can I?
I know... I shouldn't think this way.
But trust me, if you were me,
u wouldn't wanna face this miserable life,too.

I couldn't take this anymore.
I admit, I'm the best crier ever. You can't imagine it.
Yes. Cry is not a solution after all. So, I am THAT stupid.
I don't know how am I going to face all these.
But I still have to.
Well, I believe I can do it but takes time. Very long indeed.

This is the very first time I lost my hope towards exam.
Perhaps, it's not worth. I promise, I'll try my best.
Don't look down on me. Don't pity me.
If you think is that easy to overcome this situation.

Forgive me.
I'll appreciate my friends that care me always =D
I'm sorry & thank you.

Wat I can say is..
Sorry my friends,
I'm not as strong as what you guys think.
4give me.

Life is miserable
without u

Well, GIRLS having many hormones related to emotions.
For me, in this situation, my emotion is .__. now &
seriously, I can feel my body health being more & more weak.
My condition seems to getting worst day by day.
God, do you still feel unsatisfy torturing me until now?
I guess you can feel HOW I FEEL right?
Or maybe, that's my payback for what I pray.
If it is, I'm willing to.
Promise, k?
I'll overcome all these. I'll grow up.
Thank you Lord.
All the best for PMR candidates -^^-
I feeling so weak now .__.
Need a rest, long term rest.
Study? I won't see final as too important d.
Just try my best =)
Pray hard.

& for me.

You know what? I wished to get a hug from you on my birthday.
We still friends, right?

Don't worry about me, friends.
I'm okay.
I still able to take care of myself.
Exam is around the corner.
So, no update anymore I guess.
Stay tune till 6 of Nov.
Good Luck to everyone.
Don't let exam stress out yourself, don't be like me.
=) Smile always.

Qian, I told you I cannot listen to songs.
Especially that song. You made ppl cry again le la.
I hate you =p
You're my best best best buddy ever.
Thx 4 acc-ing me.. Geeeeee

..I love you.
Everything is OVER.
I'm feeling so not well.
I'm not in the mood to study.
But I have to.
Nobody will know my feelings.

Hope u happy always