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I hate LION!!!!!!!!!!
Stupid stupid stupid stupid..
I now telling you I'm seriously NOT gonna stop tuition..
You refused to fetch I WALK.. I DON'T CARE!
Can't you just use your brain & think?
Wth is in your mind? Getting angry like a crazy woman yelling here & there..
Woahh.. New method of yours is complained to all the relatives huh..
Let them feel like you're so pitiful & indeed scold me through the phone, too!
Ruined my life even more & more..
Don't you understand?
NO human will be perfect.. Everyone did mistakes..
But for sure people will learned from it.. So do I..
Can't you use your BIG eyes & see how hard am I trying to change?!!
& Yet, ONLY ONCEEEE ONCEEEE I repeated the same mistake
you so so so so angry for what????!!!
Yea. I admit I'm wrong too..
BUT, instead of punishing me in the more proper way,
you seems like prefer to blackmail me or do whatever..
YOU ARE SUPERB!!!!! Yaya.. I'm not a good daughter AS your kailuii..
You're failed as a MUM.. You don't even know how to teach your children..
You knew it..
You're the one who don't even touch one of my books since Standard 1..
& now what I get is all my effort !