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Yooo! I'm going to update about the outing with
JieYing, Yik Soon, Aaron & DavE LAST Monday..
But anyhow I'm still lazy =/
So I wouldn't type out everything & Less pictures ..Lalala~

[ 24 of August ]
Yea. Four of us went out to Aeon on last Monday for the preparation to Genting.
Although I'm not going Genting but I just went there & see see. xD
Too bad the notti best buddy w.qian couldn't go =(

[Y.S is the most NOOB !!]


Skipped skipped --

After eating & buying all those thingy.. We jalan-jalaned & met Yen Tyng + her bf..
Woots! They were soo kind -- gave us 2 Greenbox coupons..
So we pun went to the capsule thingy but anyhow we waited for quite long..
Indeed we missed the chance to go in many times =/ Why?
Because the stupiak Yik Soon & Aaron kept playing with my bag..
Those guys tak pernah carry handbag so they jealous *laughs*
& So so we bodohly let others went in just like that !
While waiting & waiting, Yik Soon & I felt hungry so we went to eat DONUTS!

[Looks NICE right.. We're Choco Lovers!]

Then then then,
We finally dapat masuk into the capsule thingy..HAHAHA.
FYI, we memang syok sendiri all the time. ^o^
We sang till so damn high & stand up & shout like hell ~
*Like we forget we're in the cylinder*
So if we were in the room we could run like mad people = o Ohnoo!


Ohhyaaa..Not forget to mention the DavE mengkhianati us..
He did actually joined us half & went away when we were enjoying donuts..
He claimed that he wanna go find her gf but manatau SESAT after that..
Al0mak! o.O So he didn't follow us to sing~ Lalala..He missed the fun..Bleh =p

[sing sing sing~]
1 hour flies, the player stop to play any other song & I was like WHAT??!!!
My favourite song is next of it laaaaa T-T You're not alone~~ Wuuuuuuuu
Tak ape tak ape, Aaron played the song using his phone &
still I used the mic & sing *don't care* Muahaha.
Continued with Heal the World , Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson~~
After some session of SS , Noob Aaron can't tahan us & went out. Lolx
So we terpaksa go out after that. Boooohoooo...

My mummy called & said that she can't fetch me so early -.-
So we left the noob & emo Aaron alone..Dia ada FACE PROBLEM *We're bad*
JY & I went to walk walk around the mall.
Yea.. Yik Soon was a gentleman indeed.
We went to those beauty shop played with those nail polish thingy he pun follow sahaja..
Yess.. Without complaining.. Good good =)

Skip skip againn -

We went to PDI & Yik Soon found some cap..
He looks good with it & so dia pun SS juga..
Went to Roxy & the cap there also suits him xD
He was like : I look so handsome with these caps. I think next time I must wear cap d!
Zzz =.="
& finally we went to the " Ice cafe " o.o
We ordered 1 chocolate ice !! Me likeyyyy...
Generous Yik Soon treated us.. Wakaka. So kinddd..
Meanwhile JY went back followed by Me & Yik Soon.

Shopping time :
[My lovely Ferris Wheel T-T][Damn nice !! Love it]

[See yik soon noob face * act yeng *][Failed to act cool. Looks Noob! Haha]

While eating iceeee :[Yummyy!]

[JieYing][Yik Soon]

Humans that we met that day :

[JingWen dadi. She don't want to take picture.Hmph]

[Elaine. She was so shock when she saw us.xD]

Quite happiiee as I seldom go out with my school friends..
Haha.. I go dating more.. Jkjk..
O.o not badd I wrote quite long wert..
Bcox the pig is busy today & I'm aloneee..
Kies.. I stop here..Buaiii!

My post end with :Ohoh.. Andddd I failed to camwhore muchh as the other humans not very likeyy.. So my pictures all blur blur .. Aikx Aikx.