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Holy Moly! Today is the last day of the sweet holidays.
Time flies huh. Still, we have to accept the fact.
I really afraid of the final exam & I don't know why.
Maybe it's just because of the previous exam.
Pressurize me more & more. Too badd..
Bahh.. I won't care about it first.. Enjoy!! Haha.
So dude don't ever mention it in front of me ya!
Or else I'll feel stress & chop you then~
Well, anyway Happy Independence Day!

I'm not happy actually. Feeling so lonely -.-
- Mummy went shopping & didn't ajak me also
- Daddy went gym but I lazy go Aeon again & again
- Pig went out & she is so so busy =(
Till now 4 o clock I haven't take my lunch yet. How sad.
Tak ape lar. I'm not hungry yet. I just finding something else to do
EXCEPT homeworks. lalala~

[I love holidays!]

Ohh , Today was my Jilyne Dear birthday !
Happy Birthday !!!!
Wish you all the best in life =)
Smile always, girl !!
Love ya.. Muackx!