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Holy Moly! Today is the last day of the sweet holidays.
Time flies huh. Still, we have to accept the fact.
I really afraid of the final exam & I don't know why.
Maybe it's just because of the previous exam.
Pressurize me more & more. Too badd..
Bahh.. I won't care about it first.. Enjoy!! Haha.
So dude don't ever mention it in front of me ya!
Or else I'll feel stress & chop you then~
Well, anyway Happy Independence Day!

I'm not happy actually. Feeling so lonely -.-
- Mummy went shopping & didn't ajak me also
- Daddy went gym but I lazy go Aeon again & again
- Pig went out & she is so so busy =(
Till now 4 o clock I haven't take my lunch yet. How sad.
Tak ape lar. I'm not hungry yet. I just finding something else to do
EXCEPT homeworks. lalala~

[I love holidays!]

Ohh , Today was my Jilyne Dear birthday !
Happy Birthday !!!!
Wish you all the best in life =)
Smile always, girl !!
Love ya.. Muackx!

Yooo! I'm going to update about the outing with
JieYing, Yik Soon, Aaron & DavE LAST Monday..
But anyhow I'm still lazy =/
So I wouldn't type out everything & Less pictures ..Lalala~

[ 24 of August ]
Yea. Four of us went out to Aeon on last Monday for the preparation to Genting.
Although I'm not going Genting but I just went there & see see. xD
Too bad the notti best buddy w.qian couldn't go =(

[Y.S is the most NOOB !!]


Skipped skipped --

After eating & buying all those thingy.. We jalan-jalaned & met Yen Tyng + her bf..
Woots! They were soo kind -- gave us 2 Greenbox coupons..
So we pun went to the capsule thingy but anyhow we waited for quite long..
Indeed we missed the chance to go in many times =/ Why?
Because the stupiak Yik Soon & Aaron kept playing with my bag..
Those guys tak pernah carry handbag so they jealous *laughs*
& So so we bodohly let others went in just like that !
While waiting & waiting, Yik Soon & I felt hungry so we went to eat DONUTS!

[Looks NICE right.. We're Choco Lovers!]

Then then then,
We finally dapat masuk into the capsule thingy..HAHAHA.
FYI, we memang syok sendiri all the time. ^o^
We sang till so damn high & stand up & shout like hell ~
*Like we forget we're in the cylinder*
So if we were in the room we could run like mad people = o Ohnoo!


Ohhyaaa..Not forget to mention the DavE mengkhianati us..
He did actually joined us half & went away when we were enjoying donuts..
He claimed that he wanna go find her gf but manatau SESAT after that..
Al0mak! o.O So he didn't follow us to sing~ Lalala..He missed the fun..Bleh =p

[sing sing sing~]
1 hour flies, the player stop to play any other song & I was like WHAT??!!!
My favourite song is next of it laaaaa T-T You're not alone~~ Wuuuuuuuu
Tak ape tak ape, Aaron played the song using his phone &
still I used the mic & sing *don't care* Muahaha.
Continued with Heal the World , Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson~~
After some session of SS , Noob Aaron can't tahan us & went out. Lolx
So we terpaksa go out after that. Boooohoooo...

My mummy called & said that she can't fetch me so early -.-
So we left the noob & emo Aaron alone..Dia ada FACE PROBLEM *We're bad*
JY & I went to walk walk around the mall.
Yea.. Yik Soon was a gentleman indeed.
We went to those beauty shop played with those nail polish thingy he pun follow sahaja..
Yess.. Without complaining.. Good good =)

Skip skip againn -

We went to PDI & Yik Soon found some cap..
He looks good with it & so dia pun SS juga..
Went to Roxy & the cap there also suits him xD
He was like : I look so handsome with these caps. I think next time I must wear cap d!
Zzz =.="
& finally we went to the " Ice cafe " o.o
We ordered 1 chocolate ice !! Me likeyyyy...
Generous Yik Soon treated us.. Wakaka. So kinddd..
Meanwhile JY went back followed by Me & Yik Soon.

Shopping time :
[My lovely Ferris Wheel T-T][Damn nice !! Love it]

[See yik soon noob face * act yeng *][Failed to act cool. Looks Noob! Haha]

While eating iceeee :[Yummyy!]

[JieYing][Yik Soon]

Humans that we met that day :

[JingWen dadi. She don't want to take picture.Hmph]

[Elaine. She was so shock when she saw us.xD]

Quite happiiee as I seldom go out with my school friends..
Haha.. I go dating more.. Jkjk..
O.o not badd I wrote quite long wert..
Bcox the pig is busy today & I'm aloneee..
Kies.. I stop here..Buaiii!

My post end with :Ohoh.. Andddd I failed to camwhore muchh as the other humans not very likeyy.. So my pictures all blur blur .. Aikx Aikx.
I wonder why my blog always giving me problems =.=
Stupiak ehh.. See my wonderful falling snowflakes before this GONE !
The having wat wat error now &
I can't find any other snowflakes as nice as THAT..
& so I have to replace another 1 which is 'so so' only..


Okayy. I changed it & I think this won't look too bad. *winkky*
Hmmm...I'm lazy to blog nowadays..
Actually wan post about outing on last monday..
But I gave up already.. Sorehh again..
Holidays going to over over..

I'd could make a wish right now.

Why humans always shout at people while they're angrying?
This is because their hearts were far apart while both of them are angrying.
Therefore, they tend to raise their voice to hide the far distance between it.
Anyhow people who shout will get more & more angry & so the distance is further & further..
That's why people often shout louder & louder..
On the other hand while couples were in love they talk softly instead of shouting because their hearts were together as one..
When the love goes deeper & deeper.. There's no need for a single word for them to know what was in each other mind..

Lastly, just a reminder that when fighting time, don't let the hearts between you & the other get further..Cool down firstt..

I'm trying my very best now =)
Reviewing the past..
I realized that I had blog since one year ago till now..
Many things changed as time grows..
Unpredictable case always happen in life..
& We humans changed from time to time..
This is just a matter of life..
It just depends on how people viewed it..
Life goes up & down..
Humans need the courage to overcome all the challenges though it's not easy..
Life is short..
Cherish every of the happy moments with your loved ones..

I am noone now.. I don't know what I thinking ..
I'm so gone..
Sorry isn't enough to solve everything and to bring us back to where we were from the start.
I'm lazy to blog nowadays =/
Haha.. Sorehhh...
Loveee Holidayyyyyssss.... Heeeehheehhh =)
So it's time for pig to "hibernate" ..

Ba0beii I really very miss u =) Heart u..Hehe.. muackxx.

New school semester:
user posted image

At the first week:
user posted image

At the second week:
user posted image

Before the mid-term test:
user posted image

During the mid-term test:

user posted image

After the mid-term test:
user posted image

Before the final exam:
user posted image

Once know the final exam schedule:
user posted image

7 days before final exam:
user posted image

6 days before final exam:
user posted image

5 days before final exam:
user posted image

4 days before final exam:
user posted image

3 days before final exam:
user posted image

2 days before final exam:
user posted image

1 day before final exam:
user posted image

A night before final exam:
user posted image

1 hour before final exam:
user posted image

During the final exam:
user posted image

Once walk out from the exam hall:
user posted image

After the final exam, during the holiday:
user posted image

Haha.. This is super duper triper CUTEEEEEE =)
It seems to be happen in everyone of us.
Tuesday *belated post*

Woah. Today is my second best buddy, JiaWei's big day.
Haha. 18 of August. Time flies huh.
First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY dude.
I'm sorry as I couldn't be the first few humans who wish u..
As u know, I'm pigg. Heehhs.

Skipped =)

Wish u all the best ,girl.
You'll achieve your goal if you put an effort on it.
FYI, she's a hardwoking one. Unlike me T-T
But still, I wanna apologize.

I knew that we weren't close like the past since Qian & I shifted. We could only meet during tuition. Yes. few hours -.- Andd sometimes, Qian & I would keep mention about school matters and you were like ' what u guys saying?' & u rather quit from the conservation. I'm really sorry. Sorry for the ignorance that we made. For sure, we not purposely doing that making you feeling sad. Or maybe depressed. We will try our best not to repeat our mistakes again. Plus, I seldom contact you or even concern about you.

Just to let you know, I still like to be your friend.
I still miss the laughter & joy last time.
You still my best buddy =p

Pictures :

[Vanice Jia Wei]

[Haha.. I remember both of us love to camwhore]

[When we sang till so HIGH..]

[EDited =0]

[3 of us waiting to perform on stage ^^]

[Dance post 1]

[Dance post 2]

[Dance post 3]

[JiaWei & Me= Nice matchiie]

[Qian & Jiawei = Cool matchiie]


[Our watchiie]

[JiaWei & I]

[Jia Wei the cute girl]

[Wei Qian]

[WinZhi = Vincci]

[Jia Wei]

[When three of us were YOUNG.xD]

Ohya. I still remember how Qian & I gave u surprise for your birthday last year during the canteen day.
But we couldn't celebrate like that this year.Sorry~
Love you.. Hehe.. Muackx!

Sorry cause late post it up~