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heeeeeeee... =)
The first monthly test was OVER..
Buaii buaii ^^
Although it's just a small test..
but it does bring stress to me too...(biasa larh)
Anyhow it came to the end today but..
i m not really HAPPY actually,
due to some problems...
i wonder why tears can roll off from my eyes so EASILY..

Besides, there's a NEW principal in sch..
hope hope hope hope hopefully....
she WILL approve St.John Ambulance.. harm rite?....*tears*

Plus, "GOOD news!"
I have to go to school EVERYDAY..
Oh my everyday.. people..
Monday, Tuesday yada yada.... till Sunday!!
Surprisingly, i'm already one of the BASKETBALL PLAYER
for SMK Batu Unjur..^^
(seriously I don't have any skill..geee)
That is why i have to wake up before 7am every Sun
to go to sch for basketball training!!

By the way, I'd hope that i can manage my time systemically..
-no abai-ing studies for sure!! -
i need time to rest...*tears*