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Shitty!! There's NO ST.JOHN in Batu Unjur..
Oh noooo...How sad..
Perhaps, it's considered as 98.88888888 % confirmation from KPS..
As Tuan Lim told me that he's goin to meet
our school pengetua personally..
so far just the penolong kanan said NO..
Argh! Hopefully there's a miracle..
Anyhow no hope from me anymore..
By the way..I am still under div 17 -shahbandaraya..
So...i'm still a st.john member~
Sigh! *tears*

We're not afraid, as we pledge to serve..
We shall yet prevail, the aim of serving life..
As we stand here together,we trust we'll not shatter..
As we stand firm in unity, we'll make a miracle..
Cause we're here to prove..
That we're here to serve..
To all our nations..

w00h00...St.John Rockxx..