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"LONG TYM NO C !!!! " * crazziee *

Aiyayai....sry ya.. Didn't get to update my bloggie for such a long tym..
Just imagine..the last post was posted in last year...!

awwww.....WELCUM 2009!!

New year New
Hope~ A
lthough my countdown on 31st of Dec for year 2009
is on my bed...! *tears*
Hope for everything goes smoothly in dis m00 m00 year..
Get to enjoy my new scho
ol environment..* winks *
Hold the close relationship btw my friends & "family" & I..

Satisfying results...!! EXCEL!

Save the earth!!

as well as the whole world ECONOMY...
lack of $$ nowadays...Argh!!
Geeeeee.....many many more...

Anyhow i'm still ME...a crazy gurl..i noe..~
^.^v Most importantly, feel happy with my new life..


30 Dec 2008~

Thanks god.. I gt STRAIGHT A's!!!!!!!!!!! W00h00....i'm HAPPY with it... Thx for those who always lend me a hand in studies.. Gratz to all my friends who get straight a's too.. Longing for friends to treat me eat... Wakakakaka..xD THANKS EVERYONE.. Loves~

[Vincci - Here i am..]

[I still love to PLAY..]

[I'm still CRAZY ]