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O.o jz back frm ICC...
International Cadet Camp...
Aiyayai...too lazy 2 type abt da camp...
It was fun ^^ but anyhow nt as fun as i expected..
kinda bored for sometimess...
as there're 2 many participants..
hmm....around 1000++..
glad to noe many frens..
spent great times v great friends ~
=) I miss them alot..
especially members frm green 1..
Hopefully v can keep in tOuch ^^
In short...I m so ooooooo damn DARK now..
sobs..4get abt it...Ahaha..

X'mas is nearer n nearer..
OH NO!!BAD NEWS...(nt badd actually)
23,24,25 of Dec...
Friends asking me out...
Anyhow no ans from me yet..
Afraid to seek for my parents permission..
Good luck to me then !!
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