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I just want to tell you ..
how much it means to have a friend like you.
If i need someone to talk to
or to laugh with or just to be there,
i can always count on you,
you're a very special person~

The beauty of life does not depend on how happy you are,
But on how happy others can be because of u~

I . Will . Appreciate . Eu . As . My . True . Fren~
[4eva .."eu"..~]


Special friends~

that how we've been,
and special friends we'll stay-
We share so much n care so much,
It's always been that way..
and no matter how much time goes by,
no matter what life sends,
I'm glad that we will always be
such very special friends.

The best of the best in my life.....^^ mwa~

[[Maii Best Buddy *BB*]]